University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, MN




November 5, 2003, 8:00 a.m. Behmler Conference Room


Present:         John Schwaller, Judy Kuechle, Jooinn Lee, Mike Korth, Jenny Nellis,

Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Chris DeVries, Tom Johnson, Dave Roberts,

Laura Burbank, Jackie Thorvaldson, Ruth Thielke, Dorothy DeJager,

Nancy Helsper, Jeri Mullin, Matt Conner, and Tammy Faux.


Absent:           Danielle Thibido, and Joe Veilleux, Tom McRoberts



Korth noted a correction in the minutes from meeting #2, September 17th, that the vote count on the motion to approve the report from the Teacher Education Committee and reject the committee’s recommendation to abolish the committee should have read 8-1-1 not 9-1-0. Schwaller indicated this would be changed to reflect the correct count.



Edu 1201 Perspectives on Young Adult Literature: Schooling, Society, and Culture

Kuechle presented the course for approval and noted that it is not a required course but is a good option for students. A member asked if this course is to fill a hole in communication arts and Kuechle responded that this course is not a substitution for another course. There was discussion among the members regarding the number level of the course. Kuechle noted that the discipline had gone back and forth regarding the number level of the course and even though it is presented as a 1xxx level course the faculty sponsor would not be opposed to moving the course to a 2xxx level.


            Motion (DeVries, Bezanson) To move the course from the 1xxx level

to the 2xxx level.


                        Vote: Motion carried (9-0-0).


                        Motion: (understood) To approve the course Edu 2201.


                        Vote: Motion carried (9-0-0).


ArtH 4901 Capstone Assessment of Student Experience in Art History


                        Motion (Bezanson, Johnson) To approve ArtH 4901


Discussion: A member questioned the description that states it is a directed study. Helsper indicated that statement would be edited out. A member questioned if this course will become a requirement for the major with the new catalog. A member stated that now it is an elective but it will set the stage for the catalog. Another member stated that from the description it matches a senior seminar in science and questioned having uniformity across the divisions. A member stated some are driven by assessment and some are driven by a seminar and this would account for the difference in titles.


                        Vote: Motion carried (9-0-0)


Music 1045 Class Guitar

Nellis explained that there was a small change in the catalog description.


                        Motion: (Bezanson, Korth) To approve Mus 1045 Class Guitar


Discussion: A member questioned if the object of the course is for students to learn to play better? Nellis explained that the change is to accommodate the instructor’s concerns that this course works with a group of students as a whole. There are other guitar classes available for individual instruction for those with previous experience.


                        Vote: Motion carried (9-0-0)


Mus 1300 Concert Band, Mus 1310 University Choir, Mus 1320 Concert Choir,

Mus 1330 Jazz Ensemble, and Mus 1340 Orchestra.

Nellis explained that this group of courses has had the grading option changed from S-N to Student Option. Schwaller reminded the committee that this is the result of a request by CC last spring to have the grading changed to Student Option on these courses.


                        Motion: (DeVries, Bezanson) To approve the changes for the Series of

courses Mus 1300, 1310, 1320, 1330, 1340.


Vote: Motion carried (9-0-0)


Mus 1401 English, Italian, German, and French Diction for Singers

Nellis explained that this had originally started as two courses and was combined to one. A member stated that vocal performance will be used and the GER should be ArtP. Nellis stated she would accept the friendly amendment to add ArtP.


                        Motion: (Bezanson, Korth) To approve Mus 1401 as amended.


                        Vote: Motion carried (9-0-0)


Span 1052 Variable Topics in Associated Languages: Beginning Nahuatl I and

Span 1053 Variable Topics in Associated Languages: Beginning Nahuatl II

Schwaller explained the title change for 1052 and the addition of 1053 to add another course to provide another option for the FL requirement. Currently Span 1052 had a GER of IP and a member questioned if this would cause an issue for those students currently enrolled in Span 1052. Schwaller explained that he has discussed the issue with his current students and all of them have already met the FL requirement so there would be no issue with the FL designator.


                        Motion: (Bezanson, Kuechle) To approve Span 1052 and Span 1053


                        Vote: Motion carried (9-0-0)


Th 1060 Production Experience and Th 1070 Performance Experience

Nellis explained that these course titles and descriptions are changing to better reflect what is happening in the class. There was discussion among the members about the concern that Th 1060 does not have an ArtP designator. A member stated they would like to see more of a reason why this course does not have an ArtP designator. A member also stated that to avoid confusion the Th 1060 should have a statement such as “participation in other than performing” added to the description.


                        Motion: To approve Th 1070 Performance Experience and send Th 1060

back to the disciplinefor clarification on the GER, concurrent registration

or co-req, addition of statement to the description “participation in other

than performing” and assessment information.


                        Vote: Motion carried (9-0-0)


Geog 2001 Problems in Geography

Lee explained that the change is regarding the statement CC added to the course description at the last meeting, “Designed for students seeking secondary education teacher licensure”. Since the course is changed to a 2xxx level course upper level students requiring this for licensure are accommodated and Heyman has agreed to accommodate all students interested in taking the course.


                        Motion: (DeVries, Bezanson) To approve Geog 2001 Problems in Geography


                        Vote: Motion carried (9-0-0)


Schwaller reminded the committee members that the next meeting on November 19th would be in the Prairie Lounge.


Meeting adjourned 9:00


Respectfully submitted,

Karen Van Horn