University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, MN




December 3, 2003, 8:00 a.m. Behmler Conference Room



Present:         John Schwaller, Mike Korth, Judy Kuechle, Jenny Nellis, Jooinn Lee,

                        Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Chris DeVries, Tom Johnson, Dave Roberts,

                        Jackie Thorvaldson, Ruth Thielke, Dorothy DeJager, Nancy Helsper, and Matt Conner.


Absent:          Laura Burbank, Danielle Thibido, Joe Veilleux, Jeri Mullin,

Tom McRoberts, and Tammy Faux.




Schwaller asked for approval of minutes from October 15, 2003, November 5, 2003 and November 19, 2003. Schwaller noted there had been some e-mail discussion about revisions to the October 15th.


                        MOTION:        (Bezanson, Kuechle) To approve the minutes as revised via e-mail for

                        October 15, 2003, November 5, 2003 and November 15, 2003.


                        VOTE: Motion carried (8-0-0)




                  Chemistry Form B,

                  Chem 3901 Chemistry Seminar I

                  Chem 2302 Organic Chemistry II

                  Chem 3701 Inorganic Chemistry

                  Chem 3801 History of Chemistry

                  Chem 3811 Macromolecules

                  Chem 4351 Bioorganic Chemistry

                  Chem 4352 Synthesis

                  Chem 4551 Theoretical Chemistry

                  Chem 4552 Molecular Spectroscopy

                  Chem 4751 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

                  Chem 4901 Chemistry Seminar II

                  Chem 4902 Chemistry Seminar II


Korth explained that the Chemistry proposals have two major themes. Bioorganic Chemistry is added to the list of electives for the major and the minor requirements will now include Organic Chemistry. The course changes proposed are credit changes to stay within in the 40-credit limit. A member asked if the credits being added and dropped are roughly equivalent and Korth indicated that they were. Korth stated that these changes would be effective Fall 04. There was considerable discussion among the members regarding major and minor changes effective between catalog years.


                        MOTION:        (Johnson, Nellis) To approve all proposed changes in chemistry major

                        and minor requirements and course changes.


                        VOTE: Motion carried (9-0-0)



            Mgmt 4602 Advanced Corporate Finance I

            Mgmt 4603 Advanced Corporate Finance II


Schwaller reminded the committee that the titles on these courses would be changed, removing the “Variable Topics” wording as approved by CC at a previous meeting.


Lee explained that the courses were set-up as two half-semester courses to allow flexibility for the students. After some discussion among the members, the courses will be sent back to Management for clarification on the following issues: pre-reqs, when the courses will be offered, clarification on the description to match the intent of the course and the rationale for having two 2-credit courses instead of one 4-credit course.



Curriculum Committee will meet at the same time next semester, Wednesdays at 8 a.m. Sandy Olson-Loy and Nancy Helsper will be at the first meeting next semester to discuss the results of the NSSE survey. A member asked if a forum could be held for other campus members to attend to discuss the survey results. Schwaller agreed that a forum could be held, pending consultation with Sandy Olson-Loy.


Meeting adjourned.

9:00 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Karen Van Horn