University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, MN





March 24, 2004, 8:00 a.m. Behmler Conference Room


Present:         John Schwaller, Mike Korth, Judy Kuechle, Jenny Nellis, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Chris DeVries, Tom Johnson, Dave Roberts, Jackie Thorvaldson, Dorothy DeJager, Tom McRoberts, Ruth Thielke, Jeri Mullin, Nancy Helsper, and Tammy Faux.


Absent:          Jooinn Lee Laura Burbank, Danielle Thibido, Joe Veilleux,

and Matt Conner.


Visiting:          Karla Klinger, Leslie Meek



Schwaller asked for approval of minutes from February 25, 2004.


            MOTION:        (Bezanson, Korth) To approve the minutes for February 25, 2004.


            VOTE:             (7-0-0) Motion passed.


Informational Item:

Schwaller explained that the next item of Residential Credit for Study Abroad is an informational item that has been heard by the Scholastic Committee and is going forward to Campus Assembly. The Scholastic Committee is asking for Curriculum Committee’s endorsement. A member of Curriculum Committee asked for clarification of what is expected of CC in this matter. Some members felt that the item should fall under Curriculum Committee jurisdiction because it is a change in degree requirements. After considerable discussion, Schwaller explained that CC could make a motion to endorse the recommendation from Scholastic Committee before they forward it on to Campus Assembly.


Karla Klinger explained that she is here for Scholastic Committee with Leslie Meek and Tom McRoberts. She comes with the unanimous endorsement from the Scholastic Committee on this matter and is asking for endorsement from the Curriculum Committee. International Programs Committee has also given their approval and endorsement of this change to the residential credit policy with regard to our Study Abroad programs. Klinger read the current policy and explained that the Scholastic Committee has listened to all the arguments for and against this change and have been convinced by the rationale. She also stated that all Study Abroad programs that this change will apply to have been reviewed and approved by U of M.


Thielke explained that it is very difficult to get transcripts from foreign institutions and this will partially take care of that issue because the great majority of travel abroad courses will be UMM or U of M courses. Klinger explained that other colleges are doing this including the Big 10 and many private liberal arts schools. This is also an all University Policy and large parts of it cannot be changed without going through SCEP. Faculty will continue to have control of majors, minors and critical courses, and as such going this way will not dilute the programs.


Schwaller explained that it would be a good step for CC to endorse this before it goes to Campus Assembly. A member raised concern about the issue of residency requirements and the need for them. One member suggested that, instead of changing the meaning of "resident credit" to include courses taken thousands of miles away, the concept and purpose of a residential requirement ought to be reconsidered. Another member stated that she believed students and parents do not understand what UMM means by residency credit. Schwaller explained that residency credit is a “term of art” and has a specialized meaning beyond the literal meaning.


MOTION:        (Bezanson, Kuechle) to Endorse the Scholastic Committee’s Recommendation of Resident Credit for Study Abroad Programs.



There was discussion among CC members where this information would be available and it was agreed that it would be in the catalog, study abroad materials and admissions counselor materials. A member questioned if endorsing this prevented CC from deciding what graduation requirements would be and noted that it would not affect the percent of work requirement done on campus.


Klinger explained that what we are talking about is “does what the student take represent a UMM degree?”. That becomes the true definition; it is qualitative, not a numbers game. Tom McRoberts also explained that most disciplines would discuss the ways that study abroad will be interwoven into their program. He also explained that the institutions and programs have been reviewed and approved by U of M/UMM.


            VOTE:             (6-1-1) Motion passed



Psy 3541 Cultural and Cross-Cultural Psychology

Course was held over from previous meeting. Questions have been clarified.


MOTION:        (Bezanson, Johnson) to Approved Psy 3541 Cultural and

Cross-Cultural Psychology


            VOTE:             (8-0-0) Motion passed


TH 2111Creative Drama with Children

A member stated that this change affects ELED majors and students are being caught in the switch. Although she is not opposed to Theater changing the GER to be the correct one for their class she would suggest possibly a year for allowing students to plan accordingly. Schwaller noted that one problem is that it was published as FA and now went to ArtP. A member asked if Theater could be asked to wait to make the change until the next catalog. Members asked if Scholastic Committee could issue an edict for this situation.


            MOTION:        (DeVries, Nellis) to Approve Th 2111 Creative Drama with Children



A member noted the form was not filled out correctly and the information in the history section should be in the editor comments section.


            VOTE:             (8-0-0) Motion passed


Kuechle stated ELED faculty advises all ELED students and she will discuss the situation with the faculty and advise them to work with the students and the Scholastic Committee.


A member raised a question about Math 1011 not having a GER. Korth explained that it does not meet the MS/R requirements. Schwaller explained that after the project last year that Ruth Thielke did with the Divisions there were still a few courses that did not have GERs and this is the understanding of the CC.


Meeting adjourned.

9:00 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Karen Van Horn