University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, MN





April 7, 2004, 8:00 a.m. Behmler Conference Room


Present:         John Schwaller, Mike Korth, Judy Kuechle, Jooinn Lee, Jenny Nellis, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Chris DeVries, Dave Roberts, Jackie Thorvaldson, Dorothy DeJager, Tom McRoberts, Matt Conner and Nancy Helsper.


Absent:          Tom Johnson, Laura Burbank, Danielle Thibido, Joe Veilleux,

Ruth Thielke, Jeri Mullin, and Tammy Faux.


Visiting:          Tap Payne and Ferolyn Angell



Schwaller asked for approval of minutes from March 24, 2004.


            MOTION:        (Bezanson, DeVries) To approve the minutes for March 24, 2004.



Korth expressed concern that the minutes were too brief and didn’t contain enough detail. Schwaller explained that the minutes were prepared and reviewed with discretion and if any committee member has revisions or suggestions they will be accepted. Korth also noted that the minutes were not distributed to the members with enough advanced notice to make revisions at this time.




Another member also raised the issue that agenda items were distributed to the committee members only yesterday, which didn’t allow sufficient time for review. Van Horn explained that items are collected and distributed all at once and sent out at the earliest possible date. However in this case items were delayed because she was waiting for the EDP Recommendations, which had to be acted on by Curriculum Committee today, and they were not received until yesterday morning. Schwaller suggested that the Dean’s office could certainly send out agenda items as they are received instead of holding them to be distributed all at once.



Nellis reviewed the proposals for the committee explaining that again this year more proposals were received than there were dollars available to fund all of them. The sub-committee chose not to fund one project, as the principal investigator will be leaving campus. There were not enough funds to fund every project at the level requested.


            MOTION:        Proposal from the sub-committee Nellis, Roberts and Thorvaldson


We the EDP Subcommittee, Jenny Nellis, Dave Roberts and Jackie Thorvaldson, reviewed seven proposals submitted for funding by the EDP program. The total amount requested was $21,144.


The Sub Committee reviewed the seven proposals submitted and recommends approval of six proposals based on the criteria set forth by the Curriculum Committee. Four of the proposals we recommend funding at the level requested and two proposals we recommend funding at a lower level than requested. This would bring the total funding to $12,000. One proposal we recommend not funding.


We, the Subcommittee make a motion to the Curriculum Committee to approve the recommended EDP Grant Proposals.




A member questioned why two projects were funded above the suggested $2000 and two below the suggested $2000. Roberts explained that the guidelines for the $2000 amount are ambiguous and one proposal awarded above the suggested $2000 amount included more than one faculty member and an additional student.


            VOTE:             (7-0-1) Motion passed.


Proposal to Move Dance Courses to Division of Humanities:

Nellis explained that this proposal comes after many years of discussion and work. All areas involved are happy with this plan. Students who want teacher licensure in Theater need Dance courses. Dance has wanted a designator of its own and while under WSS the courses do not fit exactly, especially with students who are taking dance seriously. With change in licensure, Judy Kuechle, Tom McRoberts, Ferolyn Angell and Tap Payne, tried to figure out how to change the way a UMM handles Dance courses by remaining financially neutral. They recommend approval as soon as possible to show Dance and not Sports on the students APAS and transcript. Kuechle asked for Devries’ response since she had not heard from WSS about how it would affect their area because it would release courses from that Discipline. DeVries indicated it would not affect WSS because the courses were just housed there. A member asked if the Tap Dance course has been offered yet, if there is indication that it would be increased to one credit from a half a credit, and if so would an ArtP designator be added? Angell stated that the course has been offered and it does look like it could possibly go to one credit. Nellis indicated that if it were to become a one-credit course ArtP would be added as the GER.


McRoberts explained that the process is actually two parts. The first part is to move the Dance courses to Humanities from WSS with a Dance designator. The courses would not actually move until the next catalog. Right now they are asking to approve the move and create the designator.


A member questioned if there has been any thought as to what designator would be given. Helsper explained that the Twin Cities uses DNCE and Duluth uses DN and she recommends that UMM use the same designator as the Twin Cities, DNCE. Angell explained that Dance is typically related to Theater. Nellis also pointed out that for some time now Angell has been meeting with the Theater faculty. A member raised concern how Theater courses would be listed in the catalog to be clear to students. A member pointed out that all these issues would be catalog changes for next fall. Another member stated it seemed peculiar to list the Dance courses only under Theater. Schwaller also reminded committee members that these are items for discussion for the catalog in the fall and right now the committee has been asked to approve the move.


Helsper made a point of clarification that the catalog becomes effective Fall of 2005 and that it is understood that McRoberts is asking for these courses to be effective immediately after Campus Assembly approval in Fall 2004 for Spring 2005 instead of waiting for Fall 2005 when the new catalog is effective. When we do the new catalog we often have a mixture of effective dates of courses similar to this.


A member asked why these courses were Continuing Education courses and Schwaller explained that these courses are offered through Continuing Education because we lack funding to offer the courses through regular means.


            MOTION:        Proposal from Tom McRoberts, Jenny Nellis,

                                    Judy Kuechle and Ferolyn Angell


Proposal:  Move dance courses from the Division of Education to the Division of Humanities and assign them a new dance designator.



A member stated that to propose assigning these courses a designator is premature but it is in this motion. McRoberts stated that the intent is that the courses will have a Dance designator. The member stated that it was noted that no catalog changes would be discussed at this time and this is clearly a catalog issue. Tap Payne stated that the designator is significant and that it not be Theater is important for the major credit limits and licensure requirements. Helsper explained that since we do not have a Dance designator one will have to be created and lead-time would be needed. Tap Payne stated that it is not significant whether it is DNCE or DN but that it NOT be TH.


            VOTE:             Motion passed (8-0-0)


A member asked if Executive Committee had decided if they would bring the Variable Topics Course issue to Campus Assembly for a vote. Schwaller stated that Chancellor Schuman had indicated that the Parliamentarian for Campus Assembly had suggested that is should go for vote and Executive Committee would be meeting Thursday, April 8th and that item was on their agenda.


Meeting adjourned.

8:40 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Karen Van Horn