University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, MN




September 23, 2004, 8:00 a.m. Behmler Conference Room


Present:           John Schwaller, Mike Korth, Judy Kuechle, Tom Johnson for Jooinn Lee,

James Wojtaszek for Jenny Nellis, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Harold Hinds,

Dave Roberts, Sarah Black, Blair Jasper, Lee Thao, Ruth Thielke, Sarah Haugen,

Nancy Helsper and Jeri Mullin.


Absent:           Jooinn Lee, Jenny Nellis, Carol Marxen and Chris Ervin,



Schwaller asked for approval of the minutes from September 9, 2004.


            MOTION: Bezanson, Korth to approve the minutes.

            VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)



Schwaller explained that the Humanities course approvals that were being presented for approval were sent forward last spring and the Division was asked to bring them for approval this fall along with the other catalog changes.


ARTH 3142 Art of the Italian Renaissance 1200-1520

There was clarification that “offered when feasible” would be listed as “other” under the Years Most Frequently offered. A member asked if CC was expecting the assessment and goals section to be completed. Schwaller stated that it is a part of the course proposal that should be looked at by CC.


            MOTION: (Bezanson, Hinds) To approve ArtH 3142

            VOTE:  Motion passed (10-0-0)


ARTS 3011 Collecting and Display in Art

A member made a recommendation to return ArtS 3011 to the discipline for clarification. Another member agreed and stated that it didn’t seem clear by the course description that this was a sculpture course.


MOTION: (Hinds, Korth) To return the course to the discipline for clarification as

information is missing.


There was some discussion among the members regarding the placement of the rationale and assessment information and wording in fields of the ECAS program. A member stated that it was his understanding in the old ECAS system that the rationale and assessment were listed under the Editor’s Comments and History section. That was the case under the old system but with the change to the new ECAS system there are now specific sections for the rationale and assessment. A member questioned the wording in ECAS in the section “Rationale for Changes or Exceptions” stating that the wording gives the impression that a rationale is not needed for new courses. Another member explained that adding a new course is a change in the curriculum and therefore the section should be completed. There was discussion about the wording “for changes or exceptions” being removed so the section would only say “rationale”. Schwaller stated that we would have to check with the Twin Cities about such changes.


            VOTE:  Motion passed (10-0-0)


A member asked where the form indicates a new course or revised course. Currently the  type of course proposal is not listed but it has been requested that the information be added.


ENGL 2106 The Environmental Imagination

A member pointed out that the assessment information is in the rationale section. Another member reminded CC that when a new system is in place everyone will experience adjustments and changes. All staff members involved with this program have worked very hard and we are all on the same team. A member stated that the course could be approved with the information being moved to the right section.


MOTION: (Bezanson, Korth) to approved Engl 2106 with the assessment information being moved to the assessment and goals section.



A member questioned the rationale listed for this course and stated he did not understand how the committee could vote on courses without the proper information. A member stated it would be good to have that discussion in general but not in relation to just this one course.

Schwaller stated that CC could postpone approval of these courses and have the general discussion however, questions will come up course by course as we look at the information and we should let faculty know the committee’s decision before they submit their courses. Another member agreed.


A member stated that the assessment information is needed for review of the course. The members discussed the assessment information, instructions and examples.


MOTION: (Johnson, Bezanson) to send Engl 2106 back for a rationale with an amendment to increase specificity of assessment as well.



Johnson stated that the motion he made was only for the rationale as he felt the assessment was sufficient. Another member agreed. Schwaller indicated that the committee has asked for specificity. A member agreed and indicated that faculty just want to know how to do it correctly. Helsper explained that her understanding of the information requested for the assessment section is to show how the course will meet the goals of the course. A member stated that is an important point and shows that what this committee and Campus Assembly want as assessment are not the same as outside agencies.


A member clarified that the only reason this course is being sent back is for the rationale, although she is ready to approve this course as it stands and doesn’t believe CC needs to send it back only for the rationale. Schwaller explained that if CC were to approve this course without requesting the required rationale information it would create a problem for future courses coming for CC approval because of inconsistency.


The rationale information from the instructions on the web was read to the committee to clarify what information is requested in the rationale section.


            AMMENDED MOTION: (Understood) To return Engl 2106 for rationale.


At this time Schwaller took a consensus of where the committee stands on approving this course.


VOTE: Counts on the three motions on the table are as follows:


Motion to send back for rationale (5-0-0)


Motion to send back for rationale and assessment specificity (4-0-0)


Motion to approve as is (1-0-0)


Motion to send back for rationale passed.



ENGL 3010 Practicum in Writing Tutoring


MOTION: (Bezanson, Black) To approve with Assessment and Goals and Rationale

moved to the proper section.

            VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)


ENGL 4018 American Postmodern Lit

ENGL 4019 Re-Writing Shakespeare for Film and Stage

ENGL  4020 British Literature of the Fin de Siecle


            MOTION: (Bezanson, Korth) To approval all three courses.



A member stated that these courses are being offered Spring 2005 and will be changing for the next catalog as they currently fall under the Engl 4000 Topic Umbrella.


            VOTE:  Motion passed (10-0-0)




            MOTION: (Bezanson, Hinds) to approve Hum 3051



A member questioned the A-F only grading option, as this may keep students from taking this course. Schwaller stated that since it may be an error the committee can approve the course with the understanding that the instructor will be contacted about the grading option and if it is not an error the course will be held for consideration.


MOTION: (Understood)  To approve the course with the understanding that the

grading option will be verified and if it was intended to be A-F only the course will be

held over for consideration.

            VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)





A member asked if these are private lessons that would require an additional fee, as it is not listed anywhere in the course information. A member stated that the course is a requirement for the major and could not require an additional fee. There was some discussion among the members as to how the course is going to used and Schwaller explained that the course is going to be used as a means of placement.


            MOTION: (Understood) to approve Mus 1046

            VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)



MUS 1101 Core Studies I: Music Studies I

MUS 1102 Core Studies I: Music Studies II

MUS 2101 Core Studies II: Music Studies III

MUS 2102 Core Studies II: Music Studies IV


            MOTION: To return all courses for assessment and rationale information.



A member stated that the effective term is incorrect and should be changed to Spring 06 as students are already enrolled in these courses for this year and can not abide by these changes mid-year. There was discussion among the members about the missing assessment and rationale. Because it is a current catalog can the prior assessment information be pulled from old forms. A member stated that there probably wasn’t any information with the original proposal. Discussion among the members again went back to the fact that CC stated last year that this information should be completed. A member asked if all changes will need to have assessment and goals and rationale completed, even for those changing from Variable Topics.


Schwaller stated that this raises the issue of editorial changes, for example removing the “Variable Topics in” from the course title with the change in topics courses. A decision needs to be made by CC whether the committee wants to see all changes, editorial included.  In the past editorial changes were not approved by CC.  The members agreed that editorial changes would not need CC approval.


            VOTE: To send back for rationale (10-0-0)


                        To send back for rationale and assessment (1-0-0)


Motion passed to send back for rationale.



Schwaller asked the members if they would allow course changes for the catalog to come to the committee on the Multiple Course Revision form or if they would like to have full printouts of all course proposals?


            MOTION (Understood) To approve use of the Multiple Course Revision Form

            VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)


MUS 1223 Composition

MUS 3223 Composition


Schwaller questioned the assessment information which is now the same as MUS 3500. A member stated that these are changed to individual performance courses with a fee and will make a substantial change in the assessment.


MOTION: (Hinds, Black) To send back Mus 1223 and Mus 3223 for rational, assessment

and required fee in additional course information.

            VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)


SPAN 3505 Sex, Love and Marriage in the Golden Age Spanish Literature


            MOTION: (Bezanson, Hinds) To approved Span 3505

            VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)


TH 1060 Production Experience


CC returned this course on 11/5/03 for clarification of the GER, concurrent or co-req, assessment information and an additional statement added to the description. The course was provisionally approved on 3/5/04.


            MOTION: (Bezanson, Johnson) To approve TH 1060




A member noted that the rationale is in the wrong place and the assessment information is still missing.  A member stated she understood assessment was only required for courses that are part of the major. Clarification was made that this is not the case, assessment is required on all courses. A member also stated that the concurrent or co-req clarification is also missing.




MOTION: (Understood) To send TH 1060 back for assessment and concurrent or co-req


            VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)



TH 2111 Creative Drama with Children


This is a GER change.


MOTION: (Understood) To approve TH 2111 with the rationale moved to the proper


            VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)




TH 3101 World Theater: History and Literature I

TH 3102 World Theater: History and Literature II


Both courses have prerequisites and GER changes.


            MOTION: (Bezanson, Black) To approve Th 3101 and Th 3102

            VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)


TH 3201 Advanced Acting

TH 3202 Advanced Directing


Both courses have title and description changes.


MOTION: (Bezanson, Black) To approve Th 3201 and 3202 with the rationale moved to

the proper section.

            VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)



Schwaller read Provision V of the GER in the catalog and asked if CC wants to include the statements on writing and computer skills in the new catalog. The only current statements on file are from Biology and Psychology and they were not put in the last catalog. Helsper has statements from most of the disciplines from 1998, they would need to be updated if they are included in the catalog. If they are not included the statements will be kept on file in the Dean’s Office. A member asked if there would be any consequences for not having them in the catalog, such as with NSSE. Schwaller explained that there would be none as NSSE is a survey. Helsper noted that in response to the NSSE survey most students don’t know they are getting the writing if it is not in the catalog. A member stated that students should know this by taking the class, it is being done the students aren’t recognizing it. While students use the catalog for major information they probably would not remember this information when it came time to take the survey.


            MOTION: (Roberts, Korth) To remove Provision V.



A member questioned if this would remove the writing and computing requirements from the General Education requirements and Schwaller stated it would and it would need to be approved by Campus Assembly.


            VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)


A member asked for clarification on Honors courses. Helsper explained that all Honors courses are being inactivated and will be done globally by the Dean’s Office.



Meeting adjourned.

9:40 a.m.


Submitted by Karen Van Horn