University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, MN




October 7, 2004, 8:00 a.m. Behmler Conference Room


Present:           John Schwaller, Mike Korth, Judy Kuechle, Jooinn Lee, Pieranna Garavaso in

for Jenny Nellis, James Wojtaszek in for Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Harold Hinds,

Carol Marxen, Sarah Black, Blair Jasper, Ruth Thielke, Nancy Helsper

Tom McRoberts and Jeri Mullin.


Absent:           Dave Roberts, Chris Ervin, Lee Thao, and Sara Haugen.





            MOTION: (Hinds, Black) To approve minutes from September 23, 2004.         


            VOTE: Motion passed (6-0-0)





Lee explained to CC that all IS majors and the Social Science major will be presented at the October 28, 2004 meeting, this would include LAAS, LAHS and Women’s Studies.



Lee presented Form A and Form B with a minor correction on Form B and a new course Anth 3204.


            MOTION: (Marxen, Black) To approve the Anthropology changes.


            VOTE: Motion approved (7-0-0)



Lee presented Form A and Form B and explained that Econ 4900 is being replaced with Econ 4501 which is repeatable to 4 cr. The ECAS form will be updated to reflect this correction.


MOTION: (Korth, Black) to approve Economics changes


VOTE: Motion passed (7-0-0)



Lee stated there were many changes in History because of the elimination of Topics Courses. A revised copy of the cluster heading information was distributed this week to the members. Lee presented Form A and Form B. A member questioned if the GER designator for Hist 1402 could be HDIV instead of HIST.  Lee explained that the GER is a judgment call by the faculty member proposing the course. The committee discussed the Hist designator and it was indicated that the designator can be changed at a later time. Lee indicated the courses Hist 3554, 3606 and 3707 should be corrected to read offered odd years. The GER for Hist 3707 was reviewed and it was suggested that it be changed to IP. Schwaller indicated that CC cannot change the GER; however the committee could approve the course with the suggestion that the GER for the course be changed to IP.  Schwaller also pointed out to the committee that History was not able to follow the suggested procedure for creating cluster headings with an identifier for course titles.


            MOTION: (Kuechle, Korth) To approve History changes with a suggestion to have the

GER for Hist 1402 changed to HDiv and the GER for Hist 3707 changed to IP.


            VOTE: Motion passed (7-0-0)



Lee presented Form A and Form B and one new course Mgmt 4602 which had received provisional approval earlier. Schwaller asked how common it was for individual majors to have residency requirements. A member stated that it was odd. There was discussion among the members about the residency requirement on the Management Form B. Lee indicated he would bring the committee’s concerns to the discipline. It was suggested that the form B not be approved at this time. The committee continued with course approvals.


            MOTION: (Kuechle/Hinds) To approve Management changes with the exception of the

residency statement on Form B. If the discipline insists on keeping the statement it will

come back to CC separately.


            VOTE: Motion passed (7-0-0)



Lee presented Form A and Form B indicating only minor changes proposed by the discipline.


            MOTION: (Black, Jasper) To approve Political Science changes.


            VOTE: Motion passed (7-0-0)



Lee presented Form A and Form B noting the minor changes in Psychology. A member asked if the titles for Psy 4620 and Psy 4720 could be changed to take out “Psychology I” and “Psychology II” after Biological to make the title read easier. A member explained that he had e-mailed a member of the Psychology discipline and they approved this title change.


            MOTION: (Marxen/Black) To approve Psychology changes.


            VOTE: Motion passed (7-0-0)


A member suggested sending back Soc 3301 for clarification on the rationale. Lee presented Form A and Form B.


            MOTION: (Black/Jasper) To approve Sociology changes with the exception of Soc 3301.



Lee presented the Geography changes and was happy to announce that they now have an instructor with a PhD in Geography. A member suggested dropping some history courses and creating some more geography courses. Lee stated that with the permission of Humanities he would very much like to increase the number of Geography courses as the instructor is also an English professor. A member stated that the whole campus would benefit from an increase in Geography courses.


            MOTION: (Hinds/Black) To approve Geography changes.


            VOTE: Motion passed (7-0-0)


Meeting adjourned.

9:10 a.m.


Submitted by Karen Van Horn