University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, MN




October 14, 2004, 8:00 a.m. Behmler Conference Room



Present:           John Schwaller, Mike Korth, Judy Kuechle, Jooinn Lee, Jenny Nellis,

                        Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Harold Hinds, Carol Marxen, Dave Roberts, Sarah Black,

                        Jeri Mullin, Ruth Thielke, Nancy Helsper, Tom McRoberts and Sara Haugen.


Absent:           Blair Jasper, Chris Ervin, and Lee Thao.





            MOTION: (Hinds, Black) To approve minutes from September 30, 2004.         


            VOTE: Motion passed (8-0-0)




Kuechle presented the Education catalog changes Form A and Form B and noted that the course proposal of ED 2101 is the result of the practicum being split out as a separate course. This is in direct response to student comments. It is the intention that the courses 2101 and 2111 would be taken at the same time however there may be situations where they could be taken separately. A member noted that the co-reqs are missing from both courses on Form B. This will be corrected. Kuechle explained that ED 4101 is being proposed as an upper level course with no prereqs. They are looking to offer it for area educators, as a spring/summer offering.


            MOTION: (Bezanson, Black) To approve Education changes as amended.


            VOTE: Motion passed (9-0-0)



Kuechle presented Form A noting minor adjustments. Form B shows the addition of the Tutor-Aide Practicum and ED 3102 has had a title change but is not a new course. The remainder of the Form B shows changes aligning the program to the licensing requirements and course changes in other disciplines. Kuechle noted that they received approval last year from the state to license students in the World Languages specialty.


            MOTION: (Bezanson, Nellis) To approve Elementary Education changes.




A member asked if the wording of the Science Courses requirement could read “at least one with lab” as students misunderstand and think they have to have one with lab and one without lab when they could actually have two with a lab. Kuechle agreed with the friendly amendment to the Form B.


VOTE: Motion passed with friendly amendment (9-0-0)



Kuechle presented Form A and Form B for Secondary Education noting that since the licensure relies on courses from other disciplines this information may have to be changed to reflect the Humanities changes that have not yet been presented to CC. A question was raised about the requirements for the Communication Arts and Literature 5-12 and Kuechle will get verification from the English discipline. Again Kuechle reminded the committee that there may be some changes to reflect the Humanities changes that will go to CC next week. Kuechle also explained that the course numbers for the methods courses are being changed to eliminate the confusion students were having with these courses and the Secondary Ed courses with the same numbers.


            MOTION: (Hinds, Bezanson) To approve the Secondary Education Changes.


            VOTE: Motion passed (9-0-0)



Kuechle presented Form A and Form B noting some minor changes with wrestling no longer a sport at UMM. Kuechle also explained that in the last catalog there was a carry over of courses from the Athletic Training program and now the Sports Management program is being offered and the other courses can be eliminated. A member asked about the requirement of Speech 1052 or 2101 and noted that Speech 2101 does not have any speaking. It was suggested that if the intent is to have the students get experience with public speaking that Speech 2101 be taken out as a requirement. Kuechle agreed to make that change.


            MOTION: To approve Wellness and Sports Science Changes as amended.


            VOTE: Motion passed (9-0-0)


Meeting adjourned.

8:30 a.m.


Submitted by Karen Van Horn