University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, MN



MINUTES 2005-2006 Curriculum Committee Meeting # 1October 6, 2005, 2:30 p.m. Moccasin Flower Room


Present:           John Schwaller, Michael Korth, Judy Kuechle, Tap Payne, Jooinn Lee, Harold Hinds, Van Gooch, Isaac Linehan-Clodfelter, Maggie Stewart, Heather Michaelson, Jared Warren, Clare Strand, Jeri Mullin, Nancy Helsper, and Matt Conner.


Absent:           Carol Marxen, Ray Schultz, Sara Haugen and Tom McRoberts.


Meeting was opened by John Schwaller at 2:35. Introductions were made by everyone. 


Approval of the minutes from May 4, 2005.


Motion: (Korth, Hinds) to approve the minutes from meeting #17


VOTE: Motion passed (8–0­–0)



Regular approval of courses was discussed. Schwaller explained the difference between regular and provisional approval.  Regular approval is what is done at curriculum committee level; provisional approval requires the approval of the division and at least three of the division chairs. Provisional approval allows a new class to be taught on a temporary basis for the duration of the current catalog only.


 There was also some discussion as to why the assessment and goals area of the ecas are left blank. Nancy Helsper explained that there had been confusion with the terms.  Assessment meant to refer to assessment of student learning and was instead interpreted as how the instructor will evaluate individual students.  The category was supposed to be taken off the form by the end of August of this year but has not been deleted, according to Jeri Mullin.


Courses for Approval:

ArtS 1002 Visual Studies for Non-Majors: Digitally Assisted Design


Motion: (Hinds, Payne) to approve ArtS 1002


VOTE: Motion passed (10–0–0)

Discussion was held on how credits and hours of classes were determined; Mike Korth mentioned that they are determined by the Division.


Engl 3032 Creative Nonfiction


MOTION: (Payne, Linehan-Clodfelter) to approve Engl 3032


VOTE: Motion passed (10– 0–0).


Geog 3251 The Politics of Claiming and Reclaiming Space

There was discussion held on whether the course meets the requirement for education majors. Judy Kuechle raised concerns about the requirement for Secondary Education majors, and that the standards for this had to be looked into before she would agree to approve the course.  Clare Strand asked if it should be put into APAS once it goes to Campus Assembly, and could it be clarified and be re-evaluated if it did not fulfill the requirement.

            MOTION: (Linehan-Clodfelter, Hinds) to approve Geog 3251


MOTION: (Korth, Hinds) to table approval


VOTE: Motion to table passed (10-2)

This course is scheduled to be offered in F 2006


Hum 1552 CE: Literature & History of Jewish and Muslim Spain


MOTION: (Linehan-Clodfelter, Warren) to approve Hum 1552 CE


VOTE:            Motion passed (8–0)


IS 3011 English Language Teaching Assistant Program for Majors

Discussion was held. The reason for this class was questioned. It is offered because there is only a 2000 level course but a 3000 level is required for many majors or degrees.  Students need to find credits to take for their major.  The final paper will be written differently for this level than the 2000 level, because of their added experience.  The course description could be clarified to include this difference.  


MOTION: (Kuechle, Linehan-Clodfelter) to approve IS 3011


AMMENDED MOTION: (Van Gooch, Stewart) to send course back to Continuing Education for clarification


VOTE:            Motion passed (10 to 0)


IS 3810 Practicum in the Humanities


MOTION: (Hinds, Stewart) to approve IS 3810


The floor was opened for discussion.  The education value in TA experience was discussed.  Tap Payne explained that the students are non-work study eligible and there is no remuneration for these positions.  Therefore, the students would be able to earn credits. Maximum credits should be listed.


VOTE: Motion passed (10–0)


Hist 3708 European Women’s History, 1600–Present


MOTION: (Lee, Kuechle) to approve IS 3810


VOTE: Motion passed (10–0)

The GER designator of IP was questioned. There are similar courses with the same designator. Because of the social context of the course, it could be Human Diversity.  The list of IP courses includes the upper division modern languages.  An IP course is generally non-western.  A question was asked regarding who decides the designator of a course.  The divisions have the say as to where it fits, and past decisions have fit this GER.  Jooinn Lee suggested it would make better sense to be Human Diversity.  Isaac Linehan-Clodfelter responded there is no problem from the students’ perspective. 


Phil 2151 Philosophy of Mind


MOTION: (Linehan-Clodfelter, Stewart) to approve Phil 2151


AMMENDED MOTION: (Hinds, Stewart) to table the course for further editing.


VOTE: Motion to table passed (10–0)

It was brought up that there is no instructor or term designated. There was some concern for students being able to see this course and then it is not offered.  There is no urgency for this course; there are no old or new descriptions; we could wait for the new catalog to include it.  There was also some concern over the old and new description languages.


Phys 3003 Computer Modeling of Materials


MOTION: (Linehan-Clodfelter, Warren) to approve Phys 3003


VOTE: Motion passed (10–0)


Pol 4507 Pol, Violence, Terrorism, Peace


MOTION: (Lee, Hinds) to approve Pol 4507


VOTE: Motion passed (10–0)

 Rationale should be edited before it goes to Campus Assembly this is just a title change.


Th 3304 Art Direction for Film and TV


MOTION: (Payne, Korth) to approve Th 3304


Discussion was held as to why the division is seeking regular approval and not provisional, since topics courses frequently gain provisional approval first.


VOTE: Motion passed (10–0)


Provisional approval was given by the 4 Division Chairs for the courses that are scheduled to be offered spring 2006: ArtS 1002 Digitally Assisted Design; Engl 3032 Creative Nonfiction; Hist 3708 European Women’s History; Phys 3003 Computer Modeling of Materials; Th 3304 Art Direction for Film and TV.


The last two items on the agenda were tabled until next meeting, Nov. 3, due to lack of time.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.


Submitted by Judy Van Eps