University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, MN


MINUTES 2005-2006 Curriculum Committee Meeting # 3

November 10, 2005, 2:30 p.m. Prairie Lounge

Present:           John Schwaller, Michael Korth, Judy Kuechle, Tap Payne, Jooinn Lee, Van Gooch, Maggie Stewart, Jared Warren, Isaac Linehan-Clodfelter, Heather Michaelson, Jeri Mullin, Clare Strand and Matt Conner.


Absent:           Harold Hinds, Sara Haugen, Carol Marxen, Tom McRoberts, Nancy Helsper, and Ray Schultz.


Meeting was opened by John Schwaller at 2:30 


Approval of the minutes from November 3, 2005.


Motion: (Korth, Kuechle) to approve the minutes from meeting #2


VOTE: Motion passed (8–0­–0)


Courses for Approval:

fren1312. Morocco: History, Story, Myth (New course [same as Hum 1312])

hum 1312. Morocco: History, Story, Myth (New course [same as Fren1312])


Motion: ( Payne, Stewart) to approve both Fren 1312 and Hum 1312 since they are essentially the same study abroad courses, one in French and the other in English.


A member asked if these are May term courses or summer courses.  Another member thought they were May term since that is when most travel is done for a course. It was not specified, May term.  It was also questioned how a 3 week course could be worth 4 credits, also how the courses could be taken twice, or repeatable twice.  Schwaller brought it up, that if the topic were broader, for instance, France instead of Morocco it would be more feasibly repeated.  He said the committee can vote to strike the term (2 repetitions totaling up to 8.0 credits) from the form.

A member asked if the courses need to be approved now if they are May or summer courses.  Mullin answered that the May/Summer courses deadline for listing is December 6. So were seeking regular approval at this time.

Payne made a motion to substitute his previous motion with a motion to approve the two courses with the deletion of the term, “2 repetitions totaling up to 8.0 credits”, Stewart seconded the substitute motion.


VOTE: The substitute Motion passed (9–0–0) with the phrase, (2 repetitions totaling u to 8.0 credits) deleted


wss 2007. CE Sports Officiating (Course Change)


MOTION: (Linehan-Clodfelter, Stewart) to approve WSS 2007


After reconsideration from the division, it was decided to make this is a new course, Mullin explained.  There were too many changes being made so the course was assigned a new number, WSS 2311.  It was asked what clientele this course would have, or who would this course be aimed at. A member thought that it could be for those Education majors who also would like to coach.  Another member thought it would be aimed at community people who officiate, or would like to, or area coaches.  Strand asked if there would be a change in course endorsement, Kuechle said the old course was not part of the endorsement, she thought it was an outreach course for officiating. Another member thought it would be a good opportunity to expand skill levels for individuals in secondary education, who were also coaching.


VOTE: Motion passed (9– 0–0). New course with new number, WSS 2311



A member wished to address the question put forth earlier, as to how a three week course could be offered for 4 credits.  More than an hour a day was spent on classroom material in a May term course where the class was traveling abroad.  A member responded by saying a 4 credit class is supposed to have 180 student hours.  It was thought at the most there were 3 hours per day of class hours.  Strand asked if there had been a change in the Senate’s requirements for a 4 credit module by the UMM?  There was no further discussion.


Meeting was adjourned at 2:43 p.m.

Submitted by Judy Van Eps