University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, MN



MINUTES 2005-2006 Curriculum Committee Meeting # 5

February 23, 2006 1:00 p.m. Moccasin Flower Room

Present:           John Schwaller, Michael Korth, Judy Kuechle, Tap Payne, Jooinn Lee, Carol Marxen, Ray Schultz, Harold Hinds, Van Gooch, Maggie Stewart, Alyssa Herzog, Clare Strand, Jeri Mullin, Nancy Helsper.


Absent:           Heather Michaelson, Sara Haugen and Tom McRoberts.


Meeting was opened by John Schwaller at 1:00



Approval of the minutes from February 2, 2006.


Motion: (Hinds, Korth) to approve the minutes from meeting #4


VOTE: Motion passed (11-0-0)


EDP Sub-committee for 2005-2006

Schwaller explained that the sub-committee usually includes a member from the previous year. This will not happen this year because Judy Kuechle is the only member from last year still on the Curriculum Committee and as she will be acting Dean cannot be on the EDP sub-committee.  He opened the floor for volunteers.  The following members volunteered to be on the EDP sub-committee:

Van Gooch

Maggie Stewart

Tap Payne


Courses for regular approval

ArtH 3112 Byzantine art

            Motion: (Kuechle, Lee) to approve ArtH 3112

There was a question about why some ECAS forms provide assessment and goals and others do not? Schwaller answered that the committee resolved this issue at an earlier meeting this academic year and it is no longer required.


Vote: Motion passed (11-0-0)


ArtH 3113 Islamic Art

            Motion: (Payne, Hinds) to approve ArtH 3113 Islamic Art


Vote: (11-0-0) Motion passed


ArtS 1003 Visual Studies for Non-Majors: Beginning Painting

            Motion: (Payne, Stewart)

            Vote: (11-0-0) Motion passed

A member suggested that we ask the discipline to add a statement “this course may not be used for major”. Tap Payne said the Discipline would not have a problem with the addition of the statement.




Engl 1002 Fundamentals of Writing II


            Motion: (Payne, Stewart) to approve Fundamentals of Writing II

Helsper mentioned that the title on Engl 1001 has to be changed on Fundamentals of Writing I as long as there is a Roman numeral course II there has to b a Roman numeral I.  This can be an editorial change. Mullin asked if this could be retroactive so it could be put into the ECAS concurrently.  A member asked if this implied that students need to take Fundamentals of Writing I and II, these two courses would be taken instead of College Writing, and so students would need a full year.


Vote: (10-1-0) Motion passed


Engl 3005 Understanding Writing


            Motion: (Payne, Herzog) to approve Engl 3005 Understanding Writing

Prerequisites were discussed; A member questioned the students’ need for instructors consent.  The member asked if instructors consent is typical for college writing classes.  The answer was that the instructor’s consent will be required for this writing course.    Kuechle mentioned that the benefits of this course for education students was not brought to her attention.


Vote: (11-0-0) Motion passed


Engl 3262 20th Century American Poetry: From Modern to Contemporary


Motion: (Payne, Schultz) to approve Engl 3262 20th Century American Poetry: From Modern to Contemporary

            A member asked if this course was to be offered in Fall of 2007; it is.


            Vote: (11-0-0) Motion passed


Engl 4022 Rhetoric and Narration


Motion: (Payne, Schultz) to approve Engl 4022 Rhetoric and Narration

A member commented that this is another course where instructor’s consent is required, and is this usual for a Senior Seminar course?  Another member asked if Senior Seminar courses need Instructor’s consent? One member answered that in most cases they do.


Vote: (11-0-0) Motion passed


Hum 1571 Contemporary Latin American Women Writers


            Motion: (Hinds, Payne) to approve Hum 1571 Contemporary Latin American Women Writers


This course was provisionally approved and the discipline is now requesting Regular approval from the Curriculum Committee. A member commented that this course is proposed by a temporary Faculty in a 2-year position.


Vote: (11-0-0)


IS 3720 Tutoring Writing across the Disciplines

Motion: (Payne, Schultz) to approve IS 3720


A member asked if the Co-Requisites apply to the first time the course is taken, and then not to the remaining allowable repeated courses?  The course is repeatable 6 times, and, yes, the co-requisites would not apply to the repeated course.

vote : (11-0-0) Motion passed


The Following courses are revisions:

A member asked if the Committee could approve the revisions for ArtS 3001 – 3008 as a group. The consensus of the committee was this could be done; the request is to change repeatability of these courses from not repeatable to repeatable 3 times for a total 9.0 credits.


Motion: (Payne, Marxen)

A member asked if this means there are students enrolled for the second time now.  If new requirements are put into action while a class is offered it will be allowed.


Vote: (11-0-0) Motion Passed


Spch 2071 Introduction to the Principles and Practices of Speech Communication

Discipline is asking to change the GER from HUM Communication, Language, Literature & Philosophy to E/CR Ethical & Civic Responsibility.


            Motion: (Payne, Marxen) to approve GER change

A member commented that this is being done retroactively, if a student is signed up for this course and is under the HUM should the effective date be changed? The change will become effective when the next catalog-Fall of 2007 comes out. The course instructor thought it was more appropriate for education; the tried to get provisional approval but was not able to do so.  A member asked if there were any other E/CR requirements.

It was added that the current students could petition for the GER change.  A member commented that the Scholastic Committee would be dealing with this course either way–E/CR to HUM or HUM to E/CR.  A student brought up the fact that most students look up of courses on line than using the catalog.


Motion: Korth made an amendment to the motion recommending that the Committee not change the GER retroactively but to change it when the course is next offered in F06.

Kuechle seconded this motion.


Vote: (11-0-0) amended motion passed


Hist 3209 Modern Germany


Motion: (Hinds, Lee) to approve the new title and new catalog description it will be more seminar than lecture

A member brought up that if a student had already taken Hist 3209 Germany Since 1871 (the old course name) they cannot take the course again under the new name-Modern Germany, this is true.  A member asked why this is being brought forward for revision now.  The Discipline wants to keep their curriculum up-to-date.

Vote: (11-0-0)


The revised direct study form indicating GER requirement.


Helsper suggested that the word “petitioning” be changed to “requesting” on the form.  The idea that the student has to choose to request the GER or not by checking one of the boxes is a good idea, otherwise they may forget to check one. Also, then the student cannot come back and say they intended to use the Directed Study as GER.  Another member said the explanation of not being allowed to petition after registering with the Directed Study was helpful, but could a student still petition the Scholastic Committee to do this?  Students always have the right to petition the Scholastic Committee.  Another member asked how many Directed Study forms are processed through the summer, most of them are done during the summer. There was concern that the length of time the student would have to wait for GER approval from the Curriculum Committee would be excessive.  There was also concern about the amount of paper work the CC is putting upon themselves.

The number of GER requests will go up when the students see the choice is there.

The sentences on the form should be changed to read “you should allow several weeks for a decision”. “Requests submitted after April 15, will be approved during the following fall term.”

A member noted that the date of revision on the form should be changed from 03/2004 to the current date, the committee concurred.

A member stated that the Directed Study form requires the Division Chair’s approval and the Discipline approval and should there be a line added on the separate form for the Division Chair to sign.  Since there are separate forms the directed study course could go on without the GER requested by the student.  The Division Chair and the Instructor should have the final say as to whether or not it needs to go to committee.  The credit for courses was discussed, namely 2 credit courses, it was mentioned that the art performance requirement can be fulfilled with a 1 credit course.  The new forms should be made effective immediately because they have been approved by Campus Assembly.


Motion: (Stewart, Herzog) to accept the forms with the revisions: “You should allow several weeks for a decision.  Requests submitted after April 15, will be approved during the following fall term.”  And the date of revision changed to the present date.


            Vote: (11-0-0)


Submitted by Judy Van Eps