UMM Curriculum Committee

Meeting #7 Minutes

April 6, 2006, 1:00 p.m., Moccasin Flower Room


Present:  Judy Kuechle, Michael Korth, Tap Payne, Jooinn Lee, Carol Marxen, Ray Schultz, Harold Hinds, Maggie Stewart, Isaac Linehan-Clodfelter, Jeri Mullin, Nancy Helsper, Tom McRoberts

Absent:   Heather Michaelson, Alyssa Herzog, Van Gooch, Sara Haugen, and Clare Strand




Judy Kuechle opened the meeting at 1:00 p.m.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES from March 2, 2006:


         MOTION:    (Korth, Hinds) to approve the minutes from meeting #6

         VOTE:         Motion passed (8-0-0)




1105 CE Italian Cinema

         MOTION:    (Payne, Stewart) to approve HUM 1105: CE Italian Cinema

         VOTE:         Motion passed (8-0-0)


IS 1038 CE: Talking about a Revolution: Dissent and Freedom of Expression in Today’s World

MOTION:    (Stewart, Marxen) to approve IS 1038 CE: Talking about a Revolution: Dissent and Freedom of Expression in Today’s World


Discussion: The grading basis was discussed; a member asked if the S-N only was a normal grading option. The course is for Summer Scholars and so it is only offered S-N.


         VOTE:         (8-0-0) Motion passed


MGMT 2301 CE: Legal Environment of Business


         MOTION:    (Lee, Linehan-Clodfelter)


Discussion: This course is targeting groups outside the University, such as high-school students and members of the community.  The course number is a 2000 level, there was concern expressed regarding the level of the course for students taking the PSEO option, it should possibly be a 1000 level, or introductory level course.  Tom McRoberts answered that there are students who have a broader background and should not be in an introductory level course.  There is a prerequisite of high school civics, so they should have some background.  Lee mentioned that management does not have any 1000 level courses as long as students have taken Econ 1000.  One member asked if the proposal could be sent back to the division for more information on this course.  There is not another Curriculum Committee meeting before the Campus Assembly meets again.  The course is not offered until spring 07, so it could wait.  A member thought it would be wise not to put in too many hurdles if we are recruiting high-school students.  Another member said that Civics is like a 9th grade course, and a 2000 level would not keep the students from taking the course.


McRoberts stated that if the committee would like some explanation from the discipline as to how it fits in their curriculum, he could get more information and bring the course back.  Another member said we could approve the course with conditions and he will find out the rationale.  This course was originally proposed as a 3000 level, their main concern then was that it overlapped with another legal course.  He mentioned that accounting has 2000 level courses.


A member brought up the fact that the first number of a course number indicates level or years in college, for instance a 1000 level was for the first year student, and a 2000 level course was for the second year student, etc.  A member said that she did not look at the level of the course, but whether she could do the work and could finish the class with success.  It was proposed by Lee to approve it as a different course number.


Lee made a friendly amendment to his motion, approve the proposed course as Management 1301, he said it is not how the students perceive the course but the instructor.  It is an introductory course.


         VOTE:         (8-0-0) Motion passed to approve the class as Management 1301




Kuechle called on Tap Payne, chair of the EDP sub committee, to report on the proposals funded.  Tap said that the sub-committee decided to fund 5 proposals:


            Jamey Jones:               $2,138.00 fully funded

            Nic McPhee:               $1,234.50 fully funded

            Ted Pappenfus:           $2,138.00 fully funded

            Pareena Lawrence:      $1,253.00 partially funded

            Timna Wyckoff:          $1,236.50 partially funded

            Total:                           $8,000.00


Two of the projects were partially funded because the committee found them to be worthy projects and decided to divide the remaining funds between these two with the hope that it would help the faculty involved to complete their projects.  There were 9 projects proposed.  The committee took into consideration the number of students, the level of the students, and the broadness of the student base the projects affected.  They individually went through the projects and ranked them.  When they met as a committee they took the ones they agreed upon and discussed the ones they had not agreed upon.


MOTION:    (Korth, Schultz) to approve the funding for the projects chosen by the sub-committee

         VOTE:         (8-0-0) Motion passed




Courses in the Continuing Education brochure


There was some discussion on the inclusion of inactive courses, wrong course names, and wrong descriptions in the brochure for May Session and Summer Sessions.  It was asked of the committee (for the purpose of record keeping) what we do about the students who are trying to register for these courses, only to find out it is not possible.  A question was asked if the courses are correct when looked at on the Web and APAS.  The answer was yes.  A member mentioned that students mainly look at what is on the website; rarely do they look at the brochure publication.  The Scholastic committee has already had a student come forward where he needed them to allow a GER change.  A member said we should not advertise the Gen Ed designator until it has gone through Campus Assembly, but that it should be advertised as pending Campus Assembly approval.  The CE staff could work with Jeri Mullen when putting the brochure together.  It was asked by a member if this was something the Curriculum Committee and Scholastic committee should be dealing with, since it seems more administrative than academic, and can we avoid this in the future? Even though the number of students affected is low, it should not be occurring.


Discussion was held on what to do with the some of the courses that were not listed correctly:

         IS Brunneburg and Beyond has a HUM designator and should be IP

         The students will have to petition the Scholastic committee to get changed.

         Nsci 2100 The Natural History of the Italian Alps is an inactive course and is listed as a variable topics: Field Experience in Natural History.

         The course will have to be made active by going through the Curriculum Committee

         Geol 4130 Geomorphology of the Italian Alps is Advanced Geomorphology (Sci; prereq 2131) on the ECAS form.

The title and description could be changed and given provisional approval.  There are students signed up for these programs, they are not registered yet.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:38 p.m. by Judy Kuechle


Submitted by Judy Van Eps