MEETING # 1 Minutes

September 5, 2006, 10:00 a.m., Prairie Lounge

Present:     Judy Kuechle (chair), Michael Korth, Gwen Rudney, Jenny Nellis, Jooinn Lee, Ferolyn Angell, Van Gooch, Harold Hinds, Sara Haugen, Clare Strand, Nancy Helsper, and Jeri Mullin

Absent:      Isaac Linehan-Clodfelter, Theresa Otten

Visiting:    Brenda Boever, Tom McRoberts



Interim Dean Kuechle welcomed the committee and people introduced themselves.  Theresa OttenŐs teaching schedule conflicts with the meeting time. Jenny Nellis will consider recommendation of another faculty member to the Executive Committee for appointment.




Kuechle asked the committee to review the charge given it by the UMM Constitution Bylaws.  Strand noted that when the Constitution was written, the Registrar reported to Student Affairs, and now that office reports to Academic Affairs.  She asked how that might be changed.  Kuechle said that there were several members of the Constitutional Review Committee at this Curriculum Committee meeting who will make note of it.  McRoberts added that it will be placed onto a long list of changes compiled by the committee.


The following four adjunct committees report to the Curriculum Committee: 1) Teacher Education Committee, 2) Multi-Ethnic Experience Committee, 3) International Programs Committee, and 4) Academic Support Committee.  Kuechle stated that the Curriculum Committee requests a yearly report from the adjunct committees.


Kuechle reviewed the schedule of meetings and deadlines by which agenda items must be submitted to the DeanŐs Office.  The DeanŐs Office deadlines are scheduled a week in advance of each Curriculum Committee meeting.  She reminded the committee that the deadlines will be especially important because it is a Catalog year.  Kuechle also announced that Campus Assembly meetings have been set, with the last one of fall semester being November 28.  All Catalog changes must be completed by December 1.




Kuechle asked for approval of minutes from April 6, 2006.

         MOTION:    (Korth, Hinds) To approve the minutes from April 6, 2006.

         VOTE:         Motion passed (7-0-0)

Minimum GPA Requirements in Major/Minor/Licensure


Kuechle invited Clare Strand to speak to the committee.  Strand referred to page 63 of the Catalog.  Gooch requested that copies of the Catalog be available for committee members.  Kuechle agreed to bring copies to the next meeting.  Strand continued to read from #5 of page 63:

5. Quality of Work

A student must earn at least a C (2.00) average in all coursework that is applied to the B.A. degree and in the major or area of concentration.


Degree-related requirements that are monitored in APAS but are not explicit in the Catalog include minors requiring a minimum GPA of 2.0, and disciplines that allow D grades.  Strand asked if these requirements could be made explicit in the next Catalog, since they are now only found in APAS.


The statement does not mention that a 2.0 is required for the minor.  Perhaps because this was assumed, it was created into APAS.  If it is indeed a requirement, it should be clarified in the Catalog.  Along those lines, since weŐre moving toward using the Program and Curricular Approval System (PCAS), the narrative thatŐs stated for each major and minor should list the minimum GPA for each, as well as stating it on pg. 63 for the campus as a whole.  The way the Catalog is currently set up, itŐs understood that a 2.0 is required in the major unless special approval has been granted by the campus for a higher requirement (e.g., anthropology and teacher licensure).  Strand suggested it would be a good service to students to state the required GPA for the major, minor, and licensure.  Korth stated that there is a value in having a campus expectation of 2.0.  Hinds agreed that there seems to be an understanding that students assume the campus standard applies to majors and minors.


         MOTION:    (Korth/Hinds): To insert the word ŇminorÓ in the statement (on pg 63, #5 of

                              the Catalog)


Friendly amendment: (Angell): To also insert the words Ňor area of emphasisÓ


         VOTE:         (7-0-0)


This Catalog change will be forwarded to the Executive Committee as an agenda item for consideration at the next Campus Assembly.


Discussion: Disciplines are not consistent in the level of course grades they will accept in the major or minor requirements.  Biology (pg 78) states that up to 5 credits of D may be used if offset by an equivalent number of credits of A or B.  Studio Art (pg 75) states that courses with grades of D may not be used to meet major or minor requirements.  Strand said that she would like to ask each discipline to think of what the GPA requirement is and whether they allow D grades.  Lee stated that another inconsistency heŐs noticed is that some disciplines state what is allowed in a major, but are silent about the minor. Strand said that she is advocating more information throughout every major and minor.  Changes in the minor requirements must go through this committee and to the floor of the Assembly for approval.


F grades are currently included in the overall cumulative GPA calculation for majors/minors/licensure, for the most part.  In some disciplines, F grades are excluded in the electives.  Strand questioned whether F grades should count toward their GPA for electives in the major. (They will always be counted in the overall GPA).  F grades for required courses in a major arenŐt an issue because they are retaken.  The issue is only for elective courses in the major.  Helsper asked if there are any all-U standards that we have to follow in determining minimum GPA requirements, or whether we can make up our own minds discipline-by-discipline.  Strand replied that there are policies.  She will bring the relevant policy to the next meeting.


Korth stated that it shouldnŐt vary by discipline because we have enough complicated rules that vary.  Lee agreed.  Hinds stated that when some students get an F, it may have nothing to do with the studentŐs overall abilities.  Other students get an F because they just canŐt do it.  ThereŐs ambiguity as to why the grade was given in the first place.  A member asked where it is stated in the Catalog that F grades are part of your major GPA.  Korth said that pg 38, #8, gets close to discussing it.  The Senate wording on the top of page 39 states that ŇThe F carries 0.00 grade points and is included in GPA calculations...Ó


The discussion was tabled so that the committee could consider more information.  The topic will be discussed again at the next meeting.

Regular Approval of Courses:

Ed 1020 CE: English in the American University (new course)

         MOTION:    (Angel, Lee) To approve the proposed new course

Discussion:  A member asked that since the proposal is to allow up to two repetitions, would students be taking this course both fall and spring semesters?  McRoberts answered that we donŐt know what kind of progress the students will make this first semester.  Most of the new international students are taking it, but they are not required to take it.  Lee stated that international students are longing to come to UMM.  Enrollment-wise, we can count on them.  This course is essential to international students.

         VOTE:         (7-0-0)

Meeting adjourned at 10:58 a.m.

Submitted by Darla Peterson