MEETING # 11 Minutes

November 28, 2006, 10:00 a.m., Prairie Lounge

Present: Judy Kuechle (chair), Michael Korth, Jooinn Lee, Jenny Nellis, Gwen Rudney, Ferolyn Angell, Harold Hinds, Escillia Allen, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Van Gooch, Amanda Jasken, Nancy Helsper, Jeri Mullin, Sara Haugen, Clare Strand

Absent:   Isaac Linehan-Clodfelter, and one student yet to be named

Visiting: Tom McRoberts, Brenda Boever, Dorothy DeJager



Kuechle opened the meeting.


Approval of Minutes from NOVEMBER 14, 2006

Kuechle asked for approval of minutes from the November 14, 2006 meeting.


         MOTION (Bezanson/Hinds) to approve the minutes of November 14, 2006.

         VOTE:      Motion passed unanimously.




A Directed Study Form titled “Form and Structure in Poetry” has come before the Curriculum Committee for approval.  Kuechle explained that last year the Curriculum Committee became the approver of the use of directed studies to fulfill General Education Requirements. The Directed Study form was revised to allow for a GER to be listed. The student and faculty member outline how the proposed directed study will satisfy the goals and objectives indicated for the GER.  The form, with requested GER designated, is approved by the division chair of the division in which the faculty member is assigned, and then forwarded to the Curriculum Committee for approval.  This is the first request for a GER on a directed study that has come before the Curriculum Committee.


Bezanson expressed surprise that the Curriculum Committee would look at all directed studies.  Kuechle stated that this is the first one that has come before the committee since the change was made, and few are expected.  Bezanson asked if the committee was expected to approve the designator only, or the entire Directed Study form.  Kuechle responded that only the designator should be considered by the committee.


         MOTION (Bezanson/Angell) to approve the Directed Study designator as Hum.

         VOTE:      Motion passed (10-0-0)

[The following was brought up at the end of the meeting but is being inserted here for purposes of continuity.]


The Directed Study form requires a signature from the Curriculum Committee.  Mullin asked if the signer could be the registrar.


         MOTION (Hinds/Bezanson) to approve the registrar (a member of the Curriculum Committee) as the designated signer for the committee on the Directed Study GER forms.

         VOTE:      Motion passed (9-1-0)




Ed 2211-Issues and Current Trends in Literacy & Language Education


Rudney explained that the instructor, Pam Solvie, thought it would be more appropriate to change the course from a 4xxx-level course (4101) to a 2xxx-level course.  Strand asked if it needs to state that a student cannot receive credit for 2211 if they have taken 4101 already.  Hinds suggested to list as equivalent.  Bezanson asked why the course was changing levels.  Kuechle explained that students are more likely to take lower level GenEd courses in the summer than a 4xxx-level course in their major.  The course content will change to reflect the lower 2xxx-level.  Bezanson asked why the history section reads as though Ed 4101 will be offered.  Mullin responded that it looked as though the information in the history section had been pasted from old information.  Bezanson stated that it could be confusing.  Mullin agreed that it should have been deleted and will remove it from that section.


         MOTION (Bezanson/Nellis) to approve course changes resulting in Ed 2211.

         VOTE:      Motion passed (10-0-0)





Kuechle stated that it is time to schedule the spring semester curriculum committee meetings.  For committee members not using UMCal, there is a green schedule attached to today’s agenda, for people to fill out and return to Darla.  The Curriculum Committee will meet for an hour, on a weekly basis, during spring semester.  There will not be a meeting during finals week, but it is possible that there will be meetings the next two weeks, depending upon whether agenda items are submitted.





Campus Assembly


Kuechle shared with the committee information about the upcoming Campus Assembly.  The chancellor will ask Kuechle to present the curriculum, which is the procedure used at past Campus Assembly meetings.  She asked that each division chair make a motion regarding their packet of curriculum items for vote.  Any item may be pulled out, discussed, and voted on separately.  Nellis asked if anyone saw any particular curriculum item they plan to object to at the Campus Assembly.  Strand stated that she plans to make a statement at the Assembly to be sure people understand what a huge change has been made in the way we track degree requirements.  Transfer courses will be excluded from the GPA calculations in the major or minor.  Bezanson noted that Strand’s presumption, that by bringing it to the assembly’s attention will ensure that people will be aware of it, is a teaching strategy she does not necessarily accept.


Future suggested agenda items


Bezanson suggested that the committee take up the issue of Continuing Education courses being presented by Continuing Education rather than by the division that owns them.


Angell reminded the committee that Bezanson had also suggested the committee discuss Areas of Concentration at a future meeting.


Nellis added that she would like to revisit the issue of having multiple GenEd designators for a single course.


Helsper announced that Friday, December 1, is the last day for any last-minute catalog changes.


Meeting adjourned at 10:25 a.m.

Submitted by Darla Peterson