MEETING # 11 Minutes

March 4, 2008, 3:00 p.m., Behmler 130

Present:     Roland Guyotte (chair), Escillia Allen, Van Gooch, Harold Hinds, Michael Korth,

Judy Kuechle, Pareena Lawrence, Jenny Nellis, Laura Thoma, Sara Haugen, Nancy Helsper,

Jeri Mullin, Clare Strand

Absent:     Ferolyn Angell, Gwen Rudney, Nate Swanson, Kim Ukura

Visiting:     Brenda Boever

In these minutes: Requests for GER designators on two directed studies, new courses in Science and Math


1.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES – January 29, 2008


Guyotte asked for approval of minutes from the January 29, 2008 meeting.


Amendments: Strand asked that the word limit be changed to 120-credit requirement on page 2, second line from the bottom.  Guyotte also asked that the word insane be changed to irrational on the same line.


         MOTION:  (Hinds/Lawrence) To approve the minutes from January 29, 2008, as amended.

         VOTE:         Motion passed unanimously


2.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES – February 26, 2008


Guyotte asked for approval of minutes from the February 26, 2008 meeting.


Amendment: Haugen stated that she was listed as present but was actually absent from that meeting.


         MOTION:  (Nellis/Thoma) To approve the minutes from February 26, 2008, as amended.

         VOTE:         Motion passed unanimously




         MOTION:   (Korth/Kuechle): To approve the proposed directed study GER designators,

         as requested.


ArtS 3993-Photography and the Environment. (ArtP)




Kuechle asked if ArtS 3993 is a continuing education course because Tom McRoberts had signed it as division chair.  Nellis answered that it is a regular directed study but the person approved by the studio art faculty to teach the continuing education photography class is a continuing education faculty member, Theresa Peper.  Strand stated that she believed the only thing the committee should be paying attention to is whether the requested GER designator fits the course.  She stated that she did not want the committee to be distracted by any other aspect and stated that she thought that the instructorÕs name should be removed from the forms in the future.  Korth replied that he saw no need to hide any more information from the committee.  He added that he was not happy to sit on a committee and be told what he was allowed to think about.  Strand asked if anyone wanted her to read the description of the GER category goal from the course catalog.  Korth replied that he was prepared to vote.


         VOTE:         Motion passed (8-0-0)


Mus 3993-Introduction to Scandinavian Folk Music and Scandinavian composers. (FA)




Lawrence asked Strand to read the description of the FA GER designator from the catalog.  Strand read from page 58 of the catalog: ŌFine Arts: To develop studentsÕ understanding, analysis, and appreciation of the arts.Ķ  Kuechle asked for clarification on whether any student going on the choir tour could apply for the two credits the student is requesting for the directed study, and if the distinction is that this student is asking for a GER designator as well.  Guyotte stated that it appears that students have one of three choices: to 1) go on the choir tour for no credit;, 2) go on the choir tour and receive credit for a directed study with additional work; or 3) go on the choir tour, receive credit for a directed study, and request a GER designator (as this student is doing.)


Nellis stated that she had a little bit of trouble comparing the quality of the type-written parts to the hand-written parts of the forms.  Strand answered that there is a template for the directed study, and a separate page for the request for the GER designator.  The template is often used when students do a directed study as group.  Nellis answered that she understood the distinction but found the quality of the hand-written parts on both pages troubling.  Guyotte mentioned that the fact that the student misspelled the word Norwegian was an example of the lack of quality writing.


         VOTE:         Motion passed (8-0-0)



4.  Regular Approval of Courses

Biol 4221-Genomics of Host-Pathogen Interactions. (Sci; 4.0 cr)

         MOTION:   (Kuechle/Nellis): To approve the new course, Biol 4221

         VOTE:         Motion passed (8-0-0)

Discussion: There was no discussion.


Chem 2321-Introduction to Research I. (1 cr)

Chem 2322-Introduction to Research II. (1 cr)


         MOTION:   (understood): To approve the new courses, Chem 2321 and Chem 2322

         VOTE:         Motion passed (8-0-0)



Korth stated that this is a revised course.  Helsper added that it has a new title and a change in the number of credits.  Thoma asked why there was no GER designator listed for this course.  Korth answered that the course will have only one credit, which makes it ineligible to have a GER designator.  Thoma asked why there was no lab designator attached to this course.  Korth explained that the original two-credit course, Chem 2321-Introduction to Research, had two parts to it, one (in the early part of the semester) in which the students explore different available areas of research; and a second part (in the latter part of the semester) when the students split into groups to work with faculty members in specific areas of research.  This is a proposal to split the original course into two separate courses, Chem 2321 an Chem 2322.  What it does is split the original two-credit course into two courses of one credit each.  They will both be offered in spring semester.  The intention is for the students to have a clearer sense of the two parts of the course.  It will also help to clarify better the instructor responsibility.  There will be multiple sections in Chem 2322.


Strand asked if the two components will be graded separately.  Korth answered that they would be graded as separate courses.  Strand asked if a student can complete Chem 2321 and not complete 2321.  She added that it wasnÕt clear whether the intent was for the two courses to be entered as dependent.  Chem 2321 is listed as a prerequisite of Chem 2322.  Korth added that the prerequisite is listed as advisory to students that they should complete the first course before taking the second course.  ItÕs the correct advice to students but itÕs not enforced.  Nellis asked if students should be co-registering for the two courses.  Strand answered that they are both co-semester courses.  Chem 2322 doesnÕt start until later in the semester, but students should not attempt to register for the second course after the semesterÕs registration deadline.


CSci 1101-Dynamic Web Programming. (M/SR; 2 cr)

         MOTION:   (Kuechle/Nellis): To approve the new course, CSci 1101

         VOTE:         Motion passed (8-0-0)

Discussion: Korth stated that this is a request to add a prerequisite to an existing course because they found that students were coming in to the course not prepared to deal with the content.  Also, the last sentence should be deleted from course description: ŌNo previous knowledge required.Ķ


CSci 4457-Ubiquitous Computing. (M/SR; 4 cr)

         MOTION:   (Kuechle/Nellis): To approve the new course, CSci 4457

         VOTE:         Motion passed (8-0-0)

Discussion: Korth stated that this is a new course.  Lawrence asked for a clarification of the meaning of Ōubiquitous computing.Ķ  The description used the words in its description, which does not help one understand its meaning.  Guyotte stated that the assumption is that in the field of computer science, the students will understand the terminology.  Korth answered that it has to do with the ability for computing to move around and be mobile, resulting in computing appearing to be everywhere.


Geol 3011-Earth Resources. (Envt; 4 cr)

         MOTION:   (Kuechle/Thoma): To approve the new course, Geol 3011

         VOTE:         Motion passed (8-0-0)

Discussion: Korth reminded the committee that the GER designator for this course is Envt. [It had been inadvertently omitted from the form in the materials the committee received.]


Stat 3501-Survey Sampling. (M/SR; 4 cr)

         MOTION:   (Kuechle/Nellis): To approve the new course, Stat 3501

         VOTE:         Motion passed (8-0-0)

Discussion: Kuechle asked if courses that are only offered in the summer are listed in the course catalog.  Korth replied that this is being offered as a May term course.  There isnÕt an entry in the system for May term, so he chose summer.  Strand stated that there is no May term listed because May session is part of the summer term.  Lawrence mentioned that the Social Sciences Division would be interested in the course if it were offered regularly.  Korth suggested that Lawrence pass that information onto to the statistics discipline.


Meeting adjourned at 3:34 p.m.

Submitted by Darla Peterson