June 23, 2008


To:         Paula OÕLoughlin, vice chair, UMM Campus Assembly


From:     Roland Guyotte, chair, Curriculum Committee


Subject:  Report of the 2007-2008 Curriculum Committee


The UMM Curriculum Committee met 16 times during 2007-2008.  It approved and saw through to Campus Assembly the adoption of an Environmental Studies major and a removal of the 48-credit limit in a single discipline.  It approved an Environmental Science major, which is pending before the 2008-2009 Campus Assembly.  More than fifty courses also received Curriculum Committee approval.  The Committee discussed the existing Area of Concentration arrangement at UMM and chose not to alter it.  It also received and discussed a Writing Inventory prepared by the Division Chairs; heard presentations about the UMM Self-Study, the First Year Experience Task Force, on whose recommendations it took preliminary action; and began work on Learning Outcomes for UMM.  It approved the recommendations of its Educational Development Program subcommittee.  It also registered the name change of the Speech Communication discipline to Communication, Media, and Rhetoric.


Division Chairs serving on the Curriculum Committee included Janet Ericksen, Humanities (Fall 2007); Michael Korth, Science and Mathematics; Judy Kuechle, Education (Spring 2008); Pareena Lawrence, Social Sciences; Jenny Nellis, Humanities (Spring 2008); and Gwen Rudney, Education (Fall 2007).  Faculty and P&A members included Ferolyn Angell (dance and international student advising), Barbara Burke, speech communication (Fall 2007); Van Gooch, biology; Sara Haugen, Commission on Women; Harold Hinds, history; Jeri Squier, RegistrarÕs Office; and Clare Strand, RegistrarÕs Office.  Four student members included Escillia Allen, Nate Swanson, Laura Thoma, and Kim Ukura.  Excellent staff support came from Nancy Helsper and Darla Peterson.