2008-09 MEETING #1 Minutes

September 10, 2008, 8:00 a.m., Imholte 109

Present:  Cheryl Contant (chair), Brenda Boever, Janet Ericksen, Van Gooch, Donovan Hanson,

Sara Haugen, Michael Korth, Judy Kuechle, Pareena Lawrence, Axl McChesney, Alex Murphy,

Gwen Rudney, Dennis Stewart, Clare Strand, Nancy Helsper

Absent:   Humanities faculty member and student to be named

Visiting:  Jayne Blodgett, Jayne Hacker, Jeri Squier


In these minutes:  Introductions and discussion of the committeeŐs charge and process, three requests for general education designators on directed studies.





Contant welcomed the members of the Committee, described its membership make-up and asked members to introduce themselves.  Contant read the CommitteeŐs charge as defined in the Campus bylaws, and listed the adjunct committees that report to the Curriculum Committee.  Contant noted that the Committee has a broad charge, but the course catalog will define the work of the Committee for much of the fall semester.  Severe deadlines have to be met in order to get text ready for the course catalog.  Contant reminded members that agenda materials will be due in the DeanŐs Office by 8:00 a.m. on the Thursday preceding a Curriculum Committee meeting.  The agenda and materials will be distributed to the members by Friday.  The Curriculum Committee will not meet October 22.





Contant announced that this will be a transition year.  In past years Committee members received materials in hard copy format.  She stated that she would like to see a move toward electronic forms and suggested that the Education Division be used as an example of a preferred format to present to the Committee. Documents should be sent to Darla as a Word document or PDF file that she will distribute to Committee members for review.  The materials will be displayed on a screen at Committee meetings.  Anyone who would like to receive a hard copy should let Darla know, but in future years hard copies will not be provided.


The old forms (A, B, and Multiple Course Revision Form) can be submitted this year, since some divisions have already prepared them.  They will be phased out after this course catalog process.  In two years only ECAS and PCAS will be used.



3.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES – May 6, 2008


MOTION by Rudney to approve the May 6, 2008 minutes.  No discussion.  Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.




Anth 2993-Historical Perspectives. (Hist)

Music 3993-Fine Arts. (FA)

Hist 3993-Historical Perspectives. (Hist)


MOTION by Ericksen to approve the three proposed directed study GER designators, as requested.  Seconded.




Contant stated that a directed study course does not have an assigned GenEd designator unless it is requested.  Approved directed study forms are forwarded to the Curriculum Committee for approval of the requested GenEd designator.


A member voiced a concern that two of the directed studies were for summer 2008 and were coming already completed.  That puts pressure on the Committee to accept them.  Another member stated that it was anticipated that GenEd requests would come in at times when the Curriculum Committee would not be able to act on them.  The third bullet on the form mentions that if it is submitted after April 15 it will not be acted on until the fall.


Concerns were voiced that the forms were not completed in a way to give the Committee enough information to justify the GenEd requests.  A member stated that GenEd requirements say that courses must fulfill the spirit of the subject.  Some of these seem to barely squeak by.  The Curriculum Committee would like to see greater attention paid to the questions on the form.  Instructors and advisors should be required to give more detail about what will be studied, how it will be evaluated, and how it addresses the goals of the GenEd category requested.


Motion passed with voice vote, with one nay.

Meeting adjourned.

9:00 a.m.

Submitted by Darla Peterson