2008-09 MEETING #2 Minutes

September 17, 2008, 8:00 a.m., Imholte 109

Present:  Cheryl Contant (chair), Brenda Boever, Mark Collier, Janet Ericksen, Van Gooch,

Michael Korth, Judy Kuechle, Pareena Lawrence, Axl McChesney, Alex Murphy, Gwen Rudney,

Dennis Stewart, Clare Strand, Nancy Helsper

Absent:   Sara Haugen, Donovan Hanson, and student to be named

Visiting:  Jeri Squier


In these minutes:  Division of Education catalog changes.



1.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES – September 10, 2008


MOTION by Rudney to approve the September 10, 2008 minutes.  No discussion.  Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.






Kuechle presented the changes for the Education Discipline.  The Education discipline is not a major.  It is intended for any student who wants to take courses across GenEd and is not limited to students pursuing licensure.  Proposed changes included removing German from the K-12 licensure, adding sentence “see Wellness and Sport Science (WSS) discipline for course listings,” beefing up the section titled “Leadership” which had not been clear, and the inactivation of two courses: Ed 1051-Comparative Education (IP; 4 cr), and Ed 3101-Ethics and Decision Making in Education (E/CR; 4 cr).


MOTION (Kuechle/Ericksen) to approve all catalog and course changes in the Education Discipline.

No discussion.

VOTE:   Motion passed (10-0-0)




Rudney presented the changes for Elementary Education.  There were three main types of changes.  One was to remove references to German and to do some minor clean-up.  Changes in the catalog are either made to align with another discipline’s changes, or to follow special licensure requirements.  A statement was added to the “Other requirements” section to clearly state the grading and GPA requirements for continued eligibility in the program.  Two changes were made to special licensure requirements.


MOTION (Rudney/Murphy) to approve all catalog and course changes in the Elementary Education Discipline.


Boever asked why under “Requirements for an Elementary Education Major” it lists a course followed by the same course designator with an 1xxx following.  For some areas there is only one course at the 1xxx level, but this infers that there are options.  Rudney answered that the intent was not to limit students to 1xxx-level courses.  A discussion of how it can be worded in PCAS resulted in a decision to have the Registrar’s office work with the Education Division to come up with a way to word it that makes the intent clear, and report back to the Curriculum Committee with the outcome so that it can be consistent if this comes up when discussing another division’s courses.


Collier stated that he had trouble understanding the changes by looking at the forms used and viewed on the screen.  A summary of the changes would have been helpful.  Helsper answered that it could be accomplished by using the Form A.  Kuechle explained that if you were seeing new courses, you would see ECAS forms.  In most cases, you are seeing a small change to a course name or description.  Most of the changes in Education for this catalog are not substantial.  Helsper asked how Campus Assembly will know what the changes are.  Contant replied that we rely on colleagues in this Committee to explain the changes, and Campus Assembly will be given a summary of changes.


McChesney asked why the new environmental studies courses are not listed under possible science courses.  Kuechle answered that as far as state licensure is concerned, environmental science is not considered a core area of study at this time.


VOTE:  Motion passed (10-0-0)




Kuechle presented the changes for the Secondary Education Discipline.  No substantial changes were proposed other than changes made as result of other disciplines changing their courses, for example, Speech Communication changed to Communication, Media, and Rhetoric.  Also, the licensure areas for chemistry 9-12 changed to align with what chemistry is doing (biochem had changed to intro to research).  Substantial changes to the French major are reflected.  Music made a few changes in the licensure area.  No changes were made in math or physics.  No substantial changes were made in the social sciences, and German will no longer be offered as a licensed area. The only other changes appear on ECAS forms for 8 methods courses that list coreqs to other SeEd courses.  Kuechle added that the division has traditionally been allowed to present clean-up changes at the last meeting dealing with the catalog, to reflect changes that might occur in other disciplines and will need to be incorporated in Education.


MOTION (Kuechle/Gooch) to approve all catalog and course changes in the Secondary Education Discipline.

No discussion.

VOTE:   Motion passed (10-0-0)




Kuechle presented the catalog changes in the Wellness and Sport Science program.  Changes include a statement added to the Sports Management section of the catalog, stating “Students are required to complete an Area of Concentration form.”  Two ECAS forms reflect the following changes:

            WSS 1101-First Aid.  The catalog description wording was not entirely clear to students.  A wording change from “National Security Council first aid and CPR certification is awarded upon successful completion of the course” to “Completion of the course will prepare students for National Safety Council First Aid and CPR Certification” is proposed.

         WSS-2102-Human Anatomy. The proposed course catalog description change is “two 65-min lect” instead of “one 100-min lect.”


MOTION (Kuechle/Collier) to approve all catalog and course changes in the Wellness and Sport Science Area of Concentration.


Strand stated that same-as courses are offered so students can register in another discipline without running the risk of exceeding the maximum number of credits in anther discipline.  She asked why WSS 2102 needs to be listed as the same as BIOL 2102.  Kuechle answered that there is no licensing reason for needing it.  Most students probably want it listed as a biology course.  However, if a student is in sports management, they probably want it listed as WSS.  Squier stated that she would like to see one of them go away because the registration form is a nightmare.  She has noticed that most students choose to list it as a biology course.  Strand suggested that the Committee look into double-listed courses in the next catalog year.  Contant answered that it could be dealt with this year, but after the catalog process is completed.  There are many more implications involved in removing “same as” courses, such as, budget responsibility, oversight of courses, course enrollment numbers, etc.


McChesney asked if it is common for an area of concentration to have a discipline title like WSS.  Helsper answered that it is uncommon, but it was done with anthropology before it became a major.  Kuechle stated that with no tenured faculty or tenure line faculty in this area, it would require another larger conversation for WSS to become a major.


VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)


Contant thanked Kuechle and Rudney for their presentation of the Education Division catalog changes.  The Division of Science and Mathematics will present their changes at the September 24 meeting.


Adjourned 8:50 a.m.

Submitted by Darla Peterson