2008-09 MEETING #3 Minutes

September 24, 2008, 8:00 a.m., Imholte 109

Present:  Cheryl Contant (chair), Brenda Boever, Mark Collier, Janet Ericksen, Van Gooch,

Donovan Hanson, Michael Korth, Judy Kuechle, Pareena Lawrence, Alex Murphy, Gwen Rudney,

Dennis Stewart, Clare Strand, Nancy Helsper

Absent:   Sara Haugen, Axl McChesney, and student to be named

Visiting:  Jeri Squier, Jayne Blodgett


In these minutes: Science and Mathematics catalog changes.



1.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES – September 17, 2008


MOTION by Ericksen to approve the September 17, 2008 minutes.

Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.







Korth presented the changes for the biology discipline.  The biology discipline changes include a request to move Chem 2302-Organic Chemistry II (SCI; 4cr) from the required courses in the major.  There are clarifications of prerequisites and the addition of two new courses:

         Biol 2103 Introduction to Human Physiology (SCI; 4 cr)

         Biol 4004-Principles of Public Health and Epidemiology (SCI; 4 cr)


MOTION by Korth to approve the biology discipline course changes.



A member asked if the language about D and D+ is the standard language used for all courses.  Another member answered that it used to read D, but D+ was added to avoid confusion.  Squier noted that she will delete the statement “no elective credit for biology majors or minors” from the “Course Prerequisites for Catalog” section of ECAS for Biol 2103, since it also appears in the “Additional course information” section.



VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)




Korth presented the changes for the chemistry discipline.  The changes in chemistry include a change in the discipline description where information about objectives was added as they start a different programmatic assessment.



MOTION by Korth to approve the chemistry discipline course changes.


A member stated that all majors should list objectives as clearly as chemistry.


VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)




Korth presented the changes for the computer science discipline.  Computer science has expanded the possible routes for entering the major by allowing students to begin with different courses.  The goal is to attract more majors and increase the appeal of computer science to a broader audience.  Other changes include decreasing the number of courses required for the major, leaving more choice of electives, and the addition of language restricting non-elective courses taken S/N counting toward the major unless S/N is the only option.


The computer science minor includes small changes including some course description tweaking and the timing of when some courses will be offered and prerequisite changes.  They are also proposing a new course:

         CSCI 1251-Computational Data Management and Manipulation (M/SR; 4 cr)


MOTION by Korth to approve the computer science discipline course changes.


Squire noted that some course listings are not alphabetically listed.  It was agreed that that she will ask Korth about each instance before changing them in case there is a reason for not listing them alpha order.


Strand stated that she would like to ask the Committee to revisit the process by which courses are reactivated to see if it could be streamlined.  The process was defined by the Committee in 2003 or 2004 and perhaps needs to be revisited.


VOTE:   Motion passed (10-0-0)




Korth presented the changes for the geology discipline.  The only change in geology consisted of the renaming of the Geol 2001 course from “Advanced Environmental Geology” to “Natural and Unnatural Geologic Hazards.”  The rationale for the change is to avoid the ambiguity of the use of the term “advanced.


MOTION by Rudney to approve the geology discipline course changes.


Contant asked what the term “unnatural” referred to.  Korth replied that it refers to human.


VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)




Korth presented the changes for the mathematics discipline.  The main change is the deletion of Math 1011-PreCalculus, resulting in splitting it into 2 new courses in order to give students more time to focus on algebra or trigonometry, if needed, and provide an easier path for some students.  The change affects the prerequisites for Math 1021-Survey of Calculus.

Korth stated that the resulting two new courses are:

         Math 1012-Precalculus I: Functions (4 cr)

         Math 1013-Precalculus II: Trigonometry (M/SR; 2 cr)


MOTION: (Rudney/Ericksen) to approve the mathematics discipline catalog changes.




Lawrence asked what is meant at the bottom of Form A by the statement in the section regarding financial implications for other disciplines: “enrollment in four 1xxx- level computer science courses should increase by 9 to 16 students . . .”  Korth answered that the statement is meant to alert the computer science discipline that the number of students in their sections might increase.  It does not mean that the number of sections will increase.


Rudney asked if a student might just take 1013 and not need 1012.  It states that Math 1101 is replaced by 1012 and 1013.  Strand answered that a student could test out of taking either of them and get placed in Calculus I without having to take any prerequisites.  It could say 1012 or 1013 or placement.  Korth stated that he would have to consult the mathematics discipline.  Korth stated that the reference to high school classes could be eliminated if the words or placement were added, but he again stated that he it should go back to the math discipline to discuss the change.  Boever stated that, from an advising perspective, it is a little misleading as it’s stated and would be difficult to explain to students.  She added that she would also like to see it go back to the math faculty for clarification.


Lawrence asked why there was no GenEd designator listed for Math 1012.  Korth answered that the M/SR designation requires that students construct proofs and the students will not be doing so in Math 1012.  Squier stated that the Scholastic Committee will look at the course and ask why it carries no GenEd designation.  She will add the explanation to the rationale to avoid that.


AMENDED MOTION: (Rudney/Ericksen) to approve the mathematics discipline catalog changes, with the exception of clarifying language about prerequisites that refer to high school equivalent and placement exams.


VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)




Korth presented the changes for the physics discipline.  Physics is changing the course number Phys 3301-Optics to Phys 2401-Optics.  It reflects the current course content and increases the number of students eligible to take the course.  This also affects the minor.  The prerequisite of 2101 is removed.


MOTION (Kuechle/Korth) to approve the physics discipline course changes.


No discussion.


VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)




Korth presented the changes for the statistics discipline.  The words “the environment” were added to the catalog description.  Some alterations in elective courses were made, and courses that were created since the last catalog have been added.


MOTION (Hanson/Korth) to approve the statistics discipline course changes.


Discussion:  Korth stated that the words “the environment” were added to the catalog description.  Some alterations in elective courses were made, and courses that were created since the last catalog have been added.


VOTE: Motion passed (10-0-0)


Contant asked the division chairs to thank their staff for the work they have done on preparing the forms, and she thanked Helsper for highlighting the changes and presenting the forms in electronic format for the Committee.  She reminded the Committee members that the course changes for the Social Sciences will be considered at the October 1 meeting, with the Humanities on October 8, and Interdisciplinary Studies (IS)/Continuing Education (CERP) on October 15.  She reported that WSS 1305 was returned to the Committee at the September 23 Campus Assembly meeting, so that will need to be revisited as well.


Adjourned 9:00 AM

Submitted by Darla Peterson