2009-10 MEETING#10 Minutes

February 10, 2010, 8:00 a.m., Behmler 130


Present: Cheryl Contant (chair), Janet Ericksen, Mark Fohl, Michael Korth, Dave Roberts, Gwen Rudney, Jeri Squier, Dennis Stewart, Elizabeth Thoma, Tisha Turk

Absent: Clare Dingley, Talia Earle, Sara Haugen, Nicholas Johnson, Pareena Lawrence, Mike McBride

Visiting: Jayne Blodgett, Nancy Helsper, Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain


In these minutes: Intellectual Community (IC) course‑continued discussion


1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – February 3, 2010

MOTION: (Thoma/Ericksen) to approve the February 3, 2010 minutes with two corrections. Motion passed by voice vote.



Contant shared hand-outs showing the changes made at last week’s committee meeting to the earlier version that was approved by the Committee via email in December. Small changes were suggested, such as a need to state that enrollments in 3 or 4 credit courses would not be expected to exceed 25 students, and changing the word “units” to “credits.”


A clarification is needed on who is required to take this course. All new college students will be expected to take it, although students who have completed 12 credits or more at another institution could be exempt. Students who fail the IC course would still be required to satisfactorily complete the IC requirement.


Contant stated that for fall 2010, it may be necessary to approve these courses provisionally. This year a subcommittee will review them, the full committee will review them, and then they will be provisionally approved.


Ericksen asked if existing FYS courses will need to go through the process as well. Contant answered that they will need to provide answers to the questions on the form, and they will be assigned new course numbers. Roberts stated that the course approval process should be made explicit.


Ratliff-Crain stated that there would have to be a timeline for disciplines and divisions. Ericksen asked if she could share the proposal and process with her faculty prior to the Campus Assembly meeting, if it is approved by the Curriculum Committee at this meeting. Contant stated that she could do that and that Ratliff-Crain is drafting an email to go out to the campus to let them know what is coming. Contant added that, if approved, the proposal that will go forward to Campus Assembly will be put in final format and distributed to the Committee shortly after this meeting. At the same Campus Assembly meeting where this item will be on the agenda, we will also look at Student Learning Outcomes, which will specify intellectual and practical skills, so the criteria for these courses will make sense, and people will hopefully see the linkage.


Other changes and corrections were noted where appropriate, including a discussion regarding exemptions. Ericksen asked whether students who are exempt can still take it or would they not get credit for it. It should be made clear that they can take it. Squier answered that with FYS we have had to be careful to only allow students who were eligible and not exempt, because of space availability. Ratliff-Crain responded that he would really like to see people able to take it. Although, people who have to take it or retake it in the spring had better take precedence. What about PSEO students who become degree-seeking students? Ratliff-Crain stated that the subcommittee wanted them to be able to take it, but because of resources, they discussed who can or cannot take it.


Contant handed out a page of catalog changes that the would need to be made with the change to the IC course. Helsper noted that most of it is just editorial and does not need to go to the Campus Assembly for approval. The committee agreed on bringing forward only three items on the page to the Campus Assembly.


Roberts brought up a practical concern of not having enough courses to offer to first-year students. We have been talking all along that some of the existing FYS courses could be converted into IC courses. Ratliff-Crain answered that any existing courses will need to go through the process to identify the aspects on the proposal form.


Squier brought up that sections offered in the spring will be filled with international students who arrive in the spring, as well as students who failed to take it in the fall. What would prevent a student from taking the 12 credits in the fall and exempting out of IC in the spring? Ratliff-Crain answered that it is expected that they would complete it in their first semester. Squier added that she would like to see more than 2 sections offered in the spring because of scheduling difficulties. Ratliff-Crain agreed that we will probably have some folks who can’t take it in the fall and may need to wait until spring. Contant answered that first-year students should not have to wait until the spring to take the course.


MOTION: (Thoma/Rudney): to approve the proposal for intellectual community (IC) curricular component as modified.


VOTE: (7-1-0) Motion passed.


Adjourned 9:00 a.m.

Submitted by Darla Peterson