2009-10 MEETING#11 Minutes

February 17, 2010, 8:00 a.m., Behmler 130


Present: Cheryl Contant (chair), Janet Ericksen, Mark Fohl, Nicholas Johnson, Michael Korth, Pareena Lawrence, Mike McBride, Dave Roberts, Jeri Squier, Dennis Stewart, Elizabeth Thoma, Tisha Turk

Absent: Clare Dingley, Talia Earle, Sara Haugen, Gwen Rudney

Visiting: Jayne Blodgett, Nancy Helsper, Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain


In these minutes: Discussion topics for the remainder of the semester


1.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES – February 10, 2010

MOTION: (McBride/Ericksen) to approve the February 10, 2010 minutes with a minor correction.  Motion passed by voice vote.




Contant informed the committee that the Executive Committee of the Campus Assembly met yesterday and agreed to place both of the proposed items on the March 3 Campus Assembly agenda: Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) and Intellectual Community (IC).




Contant shared a list of topics that need to be addressed during the remainder of the semester and asked for ideas from the committee as well.  Some were suggested to her by students and faculty:


          Review of Capstone Courses (lack of uniformity of requirements, guidance, student workload, faculty workload, etc.)

          Review of Directed Studies (criteria, workload, etc.)

          Review of Internships (expectations across the curriculum)

          Approval of Course Changes

          Discussion of Approval Process of New Courses and Modifications of Courses (clarifying what changes need to be brought forward for review by this committee and which of those changes need to be brought forward to the Campus Assembly)

          Review of General Education Program (preliminary review – not for the next catalog)

          Review of Languages

          Review of Areas of Concentration Requirements (capstone course, course levels)


The agenda for next week will include the capstone courses, directed studies, and internships, and the March 3 agenda will cover course approvals.  Contant asked members to forward to her any information about the topics that should be shared with the committee.


Adjourned 8:27 a.m.

Submitted by Darla Peterson