2009-10 MEETING#16 Minutes

April 7, 2010, 8:00 a.m., Behmler 130


Present: Cheryl Contant (chair), Clare Dingley, Janet Ericksen, Mark Fohl, Sara Haugen, Nicholas Johnson, Michael Korth, Pareena Lawrence, Mike McBride, Dave Roberts, Gwen Rudney, Jeri Squier, Dennis Stewart, Elizabeth Thoma

Absent: Talia Earle, Tisha Turk

Visiting: Jayne Blodgett, Dorothy De Jager, Nancy Helsper


In these minutes: Intellectual Community (IC) Course Approvals


1.  Approval of Minutes – March 10, 2010

MOTION: (Thoma/McBride) to approve the minutes of March 10, 2010 and March 31, 2010.  Motion passed by unanimous voice vote, with minor corrections on March 10 minutes.


Contant thanked Helsper for taking minutes for the March 31 meeting.



2.  Intellectual Community (IC) Course Approvals

Contant distributed a spreadsheet listing the proposed IC courses, including comments from the IC subcommittee about various courses and changes that need to be made to some of the courses.  She also included notes that she added if the course may need additional meeting times to be arranged.  An American Indian Studies course will not be available for the April 16 registration, because the instructor has not yet been hired. Two of the proposed courses wonÕt be offered until spring semester.  Twenty-six sections were proposed, enough sections to handle the 405 new high school students expected in the fall.  We will probably set class sizes low at first, to get students evenly distributed across the courses, and then incrementally increase the class sizes as the summer goes on.  The future plan is to have this process done in advance in order to send course lists and descriptions to all students before they come to Morris.  We will enroll everybody at about the same time then.


Roberts noted that the philosophy course got the most comments from the subcommittee, but no comments appear in the notes section.  The subcommittee was pleased with the idea, but the proposal wasnÕt well documented.  Ericksen stated that the instructor only provided minimum information and then later provided a more expanded, revised form.  Contant added that one or two other courses had minor revisions made to them as well.  Ericksen stated that one concern of the subcommittee was whether the course was any different from the regular Intro to Philosophy course.  ItÕs not different, but it meets all of the requirements and will increase the discussion comfort level first-year students have.  She had understood that existing courses can become IC courses if they met all the IC criteria.  Thoma asked if a student could count the course in their major if, after taking the course as a first-year student, they fell in love with Philosophy and decided to major in it. Ericksen answered that it would count toward the major.  However, to ensure that there is one session of all first-year students, students cannot get credit for both this and the regular Intro to Philosophy course.


Lawrence suggested that there might be a GenEd designator issue resulting from a course like that.  Does the existing course have a GenEd designator?  If so, does the same course have two GenEd designators?  Ericksen replied that it has two titles now.  De Jager asked if a note could be added to ECAS saying that no credit can be taken for this course if they have taken the other.  Squier replied that it could be done.  Contant added that similarly, there may be future courses that would be offered on a cycle: some years the courses would be offered for all students, and subsequent years the courses would be offered for first-year students.


Contant reminded the Committee that, in a normal year, IC courses will come through the regular course approval process, with ECAS forms coming to the full Curriculum Committee for approval, and then to Campus Assembly.  This year, given the time frame, the courses were qualitatively discussed and reviewed by a subcommittee.  The slate of courses was brought to this committee for approval, and the ECAS forms will be submitted to the Division Chairs for provisional approval.  The list of courses will go to the May 6 Campus Assembly for information.


Thoma commented that the students she talked to about the change to IC courses thought it was a great idea.  Contant added that this is a phenomenal list of courses, and she wished to thank everyone who played a part in the changes and improvements made to the curricular component of the first-year experience.


MOTION: (McBride/Thoma) to approve the slate of courses meeting the IC GenEd designator.


VOTE: (10-0-0)



2.  EDP Subcommittee

Contant announced that the EDP Subcommittee will meet April 14, in lieu of the full Committee meeting.  Rudney will chair the committee.  Thoma and Roberts had volunteered to serve as well.  Roberts will need to be replaced because his spouse is submitting a proposal.  Contant asked for a volunteer to replace Roberts.  Stewart volunteered.  Subcommittee members will receive their proposal packets later this afternoon.  The recommendation of the Subcommittee is due by April 16 and will be on the April 21 agenda of the Curriculum Committee.



Adjourned 8:26 a.m.

Submitted by Darla Peterson