Annual Report of Curriculum Committee



The Curriculum Committee had a very active year this year, with topics ranging from student learning outcomes to academic program review.  We met weekly throughout the year and, for several weeks, broke up into subcommittees to conduct our work in smaller groups.


Topics Addressed During AY09-10:


          Study abroad course proposal process

          Discussion and inventory of capstone courses

          Review of internship requirement and approval of new form

          Review of directed studies purpose and approval of new form

          Revision of first year curricular component and approval of intellectual community requirement

          Review and approval of course changes from all four divisions

          Educational development program grant review and approvals

          Seeking campus input on student learning outcomes

          Approval of student learning outcomes

          Academic program review process and procedures


Issues for AY10-11


          Catalog Changes for all Academic Divisions

          Review and Proposal for Changes to General Education Requirements at UMM


We anticipate a very busy AY10-11.