2010-11 MEETING #2 Minutes

September 16, 2010, 12:00 p.m., 2200 Science


Present:       Cheryl Contant (chair), Janet Ericksen, Tara Greiman, Michael Korth, Leslie Meek, Ian Patterson, David Roberts, Gwen Rudney, Jeri Squier, Elizabeth Thoma, Tisha Turk

Absent:       Clare Dingley, Mark Fohl, Sara Haugen, Pareena Lawrence

Visiting:       Nancy Helsper, Heather James, Jeff Ratliff-Crain


In these minutes: Science and Mathematics Division catalog changes.


1.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES – September 9, 2010


MOTION (Thoma/Patterson) to approve the September 9, 2010 minutes.  Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.






MOTION (Turk/Ericksen) to approve the biology discipline course changes.


Korth presented the changes for the biology discipline.  Most of the changes involve modifications of course descriptions.  Two courses are being inactivated:


                  Biol 1001-Biological Rhythms (SCI-L; 4 cr)

                  Biol 4221-Genomics: Host & Pathogens (SCI; 4 cr)


Rudney asked about the impact of these changes on course offerings for non-majors.  Korth explained that Biol 1001 was a very specialized course taught by someone who has retired, and Biol 4221 is no longer being taught because the faculty member who taught it is now teaching other courses.


The following new course is an elective offered in the summer:


                  Bio 4071-Flora of Minnesota (SCI-L; 4 cr)


Motion passed (9-0-0)




MOTION (Patterson/Thoma) to approve the chemistry discipline course changes.


Korth presented the changes for the chemistry discipline.


Two new courses include a lab offered along with the existing Poly Chem course, and a double-listed elective course:


                  Chem 3411-Polymer Chemistry Lab (1 cr)

                  Chem/ESci 3401Polymer Chemistry and the Environment (SCI; 3 cr)


The most significant change is the creation of three new courses and activation of an old course (4994) with a title change in the directed research category:


                  Chem 1994-Directed Research (SCI; 1-5 cr)

                  Chem 2994-Directed Research (SCI; 1-5 cr)

                  Chem 3994-Directed Research (SCI; 1-5 cr)

                  Chem 4994-Directed Research (1-5 cr)


The courses parallel directed studies but are called directed research.  These changes would make the distinction between directed study and directed research, and have the research more recognized on a studentís academic record.  A new form for the directed research will be proposed for approval later.

Ratliff-Crain stated that psychology will also propose an additional course for the same reasons, although the course title may be different.  He asked whether the Curriculum Committee should consider some consistency on how directed or independent research courses are named.  Korth replied that xx94 is the universityís designated number for directed research.  It might be good for other disciplines to sign onto it.  Helsper voiced a concern that 4994 has been used for senior honors projects.  She asked if there was any chance senior honors projects will be reestablished.  Korth stated that honors projects have moved to the IS course designator and he didnít see it changing back to discipline designators in the near future.


Ericksen asked if the distinction between directed study and research study exists on the Twin Cities campus. Korth answered that it exists in their numbering system.  Helsper added that xx93 is set aside for directed study and xx94 for directed research.  She will look up how itís defined and share it with the committee.  Ericksen asked what the difference is between studying a topic and researching a topic.  Korth answered that directed studies involve studying something that is known.  Research involves looking at an unknown and researching it.  Ericksen stated that however you conceptualize it, the students will prefer to have the directed research appear on their transcripts.


Korth added that other small changes include the frequency of course offerings and changes to prerequisites.


One course will be inactivated because another course will replace it:


                  Chem 3811-Macromolecules (SCI; 3 cr)


Motion passed (9-0-0)




MOTION (Thoma/Rudney) to approve the computer science discipline course changes.


Korth presented the changes for the computer science discipline.  Three courses are being inactivated:


                  CSci 1021-Introduction to Data Visualization (M/SR; 2 cr)

                  CSci 2601-Interactive Computer Graphics (M/SR; 4 cr)

                  CSci 2901-Seminar I (1 cr)


CSci 1021 is being inactivated because the faculty member who taught this class is no longer at UMM.  The instructor who taught CSci 2601 is no longer at UMM.  The required CSci 2901 will be replaced by IS 1091 (E/CR; 2 cr) due to staffing limitations.  The former Seminar II will be renamed Senior Seminar since Seminar I is being inactivated.


Squier asked if there will be more sections of IS 1091 offered for non-majors.  Korth answered that there is an awareness of the need and they are keeping an eye on the enrollment.


Motion passed (9-0-0)


Environmental Science (ESci)


MOTION (Rudney/Thoma) to approve the environmental science discipline course changes.


Korth presented the changes for the environmental science discipline.  Two changes were made in environmental science.  Instead of requiring only Stat 2601, students can choose 1601 or 2601.  One new course is being added to list of electives:


                  ESci/Chem 3401-Polymer Chemistry and the Environment (SCI; 3 cr)


Contant noted that ESci 3401 is not listed in PCAS as a possible elective.  Korth replied that it was inadvertently left out and will be brought to the committee later for revision.


Motion passed (9-0-0)




MOTION (Thoma/Korth) to approve the geology discipline course changes.


Korth presented the changes for the geology discipline.  Two changes were made. The first is to allow students to choose Math 1101-Calculus 1 or Math 1021-Survey of Calculus (the previous requirement was Calculus1).  For students taking only one calculus course in their college career, Survey of Calculus has the advantage of covering more subjects than Calculus 1.


The other change is to inactivate the following course:


                  Geol 3196-Geology Field Camp (SCI; 6 cr)


The geology discipline is no longer affiliated with the field camp consortium that offered Geol 3196.  Since students are still required to take a field camp, dropping Geol 3196 will simplify the transfer of credits from other institutions that offer field camp.


Motion passed (9-0-0)




MOTION (Thoma/Patterson) to approve the mathematics discipline course changes.


Korth presented the changes for the mathematics discipline.  The following course was added and is intended for PSEO students who do not have access to a quality pre-calculus course in their high school. The course will be offered online.


                  Math 1014-Intensive Pre-Calculus (M/SR; 4 cr)


A physics course is removed from the list of electives because it is being inactivated, and the term offered is changed in Math 1021.


Motion passed (9-0-0)




MOTION (Thoma/Patterson) to approve the physics discipline course changes.


Korth presented the changes for the physics discipline.  Three courses are being inactivated.


                  Phys 1062-Light and Color (CSI; 4 cr)

                  Phys 3001-Astrophysics (CSCI; 4 cr)

                  Phys 3201-Mathematical Methods in Physics (CSCI; 4 cr)


Rudney asked if the classes were full.  Korth answered that they had reasonable enrollment, but the reason for inactivating them was that all the courses could not be offered and choices had to be made.  Phys 1062 has not been offered in quite some time, because it isnít popular.  Physics of weather and a couple of new environment-orientated courses are now being taught instead.


Motion passed (9-0-0)




MOTION (Thoma/Patterson) to approve the statistics discipline course changes.


Korth stated that there were no course changes in the statistics discipline.  PCAS forms were submitted because courses from other disciplines that were listed as electives have ceased to exist.


Motion passed (9-0-0)




Contact stated that Committee members who are interested in serving on the general education subcommittee should let her know.  She would like to get the group going as early as next week.


Adjourned 12:51

Submitted by Darla Peterson