2010-11 MEETING #5 Minutes

October 11, 2010, 12:00 p.m., 2200 Science


Present:       Cheryl Contant (chair), Janet Ericksen, Mark Fohl, Tara Greiman, Sara Haugen, Michael Korth, Pareena Lawrence, Leslie Meek, Ian Patterson, Gwen Rudney, Jeri Squier, Elizabeth Thoma, Tisha Turk

Absent:       Clare Dingley, Molly Donovan, David Roberts

Visiting:       Nancy Helsper, Heather James, Jeff Ratliff-Crain


In these minutes: Education Division catalog changes.


1.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES – September 27, 2010


MOTION (Thoma/Patterson) to approve the September 27, 2010 minutes.  Motion passed with corrections by voice vote, with one dissent.


2.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES – September 30, 2010


MOTION (Thoma/Patterson) to approve the September 30, 2010 minutes.  Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.






MOTION (Thoma/Patterson) to approve the education discipline course changes.


Rudney presented the changes for the education discipline.  Much of changes involve word changes.  Specialty licensures will be changed to endorsement areas.  Three courses related to deaf education, which were offered under continuing education in the past, are being deactivated.  The FL designator is being removed from Ed 1011; a deaf education course is being revised.  Two former CE courses are being revised. The IC course has provisional approval and requires regular approval.  A new course (Ed 4903-Kindergarten Education) is requested.  It has been offered as a directed study and is being proposed as a regular course.  It will provide another option for students pursuing preprimary endorsement.

Lawrence asked why Ed 1011 was remaining at 3 credits and not being changed to 4 credits to fit the other courses.  Rudney replied that the division considered it but was not ready to make the change at this time.


Motion passed (10-0-0)




MOTION (Thoma/Patterson) to approve the elementary education major and course changes.


Rudney explained that the changes in elementary education are related to the new licensure structure.  Instead of specialty, there is an optional endorsement.  Other changes have to do with language updates and changes that have been made across campus that affect the education curriculum.  One credit in math has been added to the requirements, which was long overdue.  There havenít been enough credits to meet the requirement for first-year teachers.  The required GPA was raised from 2.5 to 2.75.  Itís still at 2.5 overall in the elementary education program but was raised to 2.75 in the major and licensure areas.  No students would have been adversely affected by the change because only one student in the program was lower than 2.5 and only 1 of 120 students in the major fell below 2.75.  Students will have more success being placed with this requirement in our catalog.  Some schools are reluctant to admit student teachers from schools with lower GPA requirements.


Motion passed (10-0-0)




MOTION (Thoma/Patterson) to approve the secondary education course changes.


Rudney stated that changes in secondary education are similar to those in ElEd: language has been changed regarding test requirements, and the GPA is raised.  Also some credit changes have been made to courses due to new prerequisites.  A new 2-credit course, Ed 4121 was added, and SeEd 4102 has reduced from 4 to 2 credits.  The course description for SeEd 4104 has been updated.  MusE 4123 has increased from 3 to 4 credits to be consistent with other methods courses, with expanded course content.


Motion passed (10-0-0)




MOTION (Thoma/Patterson) to approve the wellness and sport science discipline program changes, including changing the name to Sport Studies and Athletics.


Wellness and Sport Science (WSS) proposed to change the name of their area to Sport Studies and Athletics.  The new name better captures what they do and the program they offer.  Course changes include the deactivation of 7 former CE courses that will no longer be offered, and 2 courses are updating when offered.  Regular approval is proposed for the IC course, WSS 1801.  The title of the coaching internship is changed to coaching practicum, and the title of WSS 3101 changes its name from Sports Industry Analysis to Sport Industry Analysis.  One of the new courses, WSS 3172 is moving from Mgmt 3172 to WSS 3172.  Lawrence noted that the management discipline approves the course being picked up by another discipline.  Three new courses are proposed in preparation for the Sport Management major, which will be proposed later this academic year.  Contant stated that with the tight schedule to meet the catalog deadline, she had asked divisions do submit new courses for yet-to-be approved new programs so they are ready to be offered if the new programs are approved.  If the new programs are not approved, the courses will not be offered.


Motion passed (10-0-0)




Ericksen asked for an update on the progress of the GenEd group.  Contant answered that she was waiting for input on the member selection from a colleague and would hopefully have an update at the next meeting.


Adjourned 12:27

Submitted by Darla Peterson