2010-11 MEETING #11 Minutes

February 9, 2011, 8:00 a.m., 113 Imholte


Present:  Cheryl Contant (chair), Janet Ericksen, Mark Fohl, Tara Greiman, Michael Korth, Pareena Lawrence, Leslie Meek, Ian Patterson, David Roberts, Gwen Rudney, Jeri Squier, Elizabeth Thoma, Tisha Turk

Absent:  Clare Dingley, Molly Donovan, Sara Haugen

Visiting: Nancy Helsper, Heather James, Jeff Ratliff-Crain


In these minutes: Course approvals in Psychology and History, Request for General Education Designator on Directed Study, Sport Management Major and Minor Proposals


1.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES ­ November 29, 2010


MOTION (Thoma/Patterson) to approve the November 19, 2010 minutes.  Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.



Psy 3261: Human Sexuality (SS; 4 cr)

Psy 4102: Intro to Prof Conduct, Legal Constraints, Ethics in Human Services (E/CR; 2 cr)

MOTION (Thoma/Patterson) to approve the two revised courses in Psychology.

Discussion: Lawrence explained that Psy 3261 is moving from a 1000-level course for non-majors to a 3000-level elective course for majors.  Thoma asked how the course would change to make it a 3000-level course.  Meek answered that the course had not been taught for a while and had consisted of lectures and viewing a lot of movies.  The newer 3000-level course would include changes in pedagogical techniques and will include discussions as well as a lot of outside readings.

Lawrence explained that Psy 4102 was an IS course for the LAHS major that has been taught by a psychologist for decades.  They thought it made sense to make it a PSY course so it could be applied toward the psychology major as well as the LAHS major.

VOTE: Motion passed (11-0-0)

Hist 3561: The Pacific War in East Asia (Hist; 4 cr)

MOTION (Thoma/Patterson) to approve the new History course.

Discussion: Lawrence explained that the new course was created by a new tenure-track faculty member with an expertise in that area.  When the catalog changes came through in the fall, a course taught by the faculty memberŐs predecessor was deactivated, so this does not add to the number of courses.

VOTE: Motion passed (11-0-0)




IS 1993-Compost Engineering (Sci-without lab)

Discussion:  Ericksen questioned whether the explanation for needing to do this for a directed study is sufficient.  It would be more convincing if the student was a double-major or had studied abroad, or was a transfer student.  Requesting a GenEd in the senior year because the student doesnŐt have time to take a course that offers it doesnŐt appear to be an acceptable rationale.  Fohl added that we have other studio art majors who donŐt need an exception to meet their requirement.  Korth stated that, in addition to thinking there is not a very good rationale for using a GER designator on a directed study, the studentŐs response is taken from the language describing the GER goal in the catalog, with the addition of a few words at the end.  Also, the list of books that would likely be read did not increase his confidence that the goals of the category would be addressed.  Turk agreed that reading a book on composting would be great, but questioned whether it was worthy of a Sci-without lab GER.   Lawrence suggested that the Committee return the request to the student and ask for more explanation.

Greiman stated that it is not asking too much to request that the student explain how the course fits the Gen Ed requirements.  Contant proposed that the student be asked to provide a deeper and richer discussion of how the directed study addresses the goals of the category.  The Committee could request a better answer as to the reason why the student needs to the do directed study, but the student gave an honest answer.

Ratliff-Crain stated that the student could have taken the course elsewhere or online.  This, however, is something of particular interest to the student and there are some positives to this choice as well as negatives.  There are weaker ways to fulfill a GER.  He asked if any criteria existed for approving a GER.  Korth replied that the second question on the form asks for a reason.  That means that the Committee is expecting a good one.

MOTION (Thoma/Patterson) to table the proposed directed study GenEd designator, as requested, pending further explanation from the student.

VOTE: Motion passed (10-1-0)


MOTION (Rudney/Thoma) to approve the new Sport Management Major and Minor proposals.

Discussion:  Contant stated that the new program in Sport Management was presented at the November 15, 2010 meeting of the Curriculum Committee for discussion.  It is now coming forward for approval.

Rudney stated that, based on the discussion of the Committee at the November 15 meeting, she has since consulted with the coordinator of the CMR discipline who spoke very much in favor of adding a speech course to the list of foundation courses in the new major.  They also discussed the proposed communication goal and came to the conclusion that it would require a lot of courses that current resources could not support.  After consultation with the Division of Education, she has added public speaking but removed the part of the goal that would be most difficult to meet.  The course list also changed the names of courses from WSS to SSA.

Lawrence asked what the total number of credits will be.  Rudney answered that she will check on it.  Ericksen stated that there is concern about majors that require so many credits.  If this major ends up with as many as 56 credits, she asked Rudney to be prepared to address the issue of it decreasing the liberal arts emphasis of our campus.  Rudney answered that it is an interdisciplinary studies major, meeting many of the GERs, and it accesses courses across disciplines as well as divisions.

Meek asked what other objections will be raised if it goes forward.  Rudney answered that there is the objection that it is not a liberal arts major.  She acknowledged that it is an applied major.  But, it is also a very good major.  The students are here and want it.  The inclusion of some of these courses will make it a wonderful major that is distinctly UMM in its design.  We have the capacity to do both the sport piece and the management piece.

VOTE: Motion passed (11-0-0)

Contant gave a quick update on the Student Learning Outcomes.  She will be meeting with the Assessment of Student Learning committee soon to discuss them.  In the next couple of months, a study will come out on the validity and reliability analysis of the rubrics being used by close to 1,000 schools.  She will report back to the Committee if anything comes out of it.


Adjourned 8:49 a.m.

Submitted by Darla Peterson