2012-13 MEETING #2 Minutes

September 13, 2012, 1:00 p.m., MFR


Present:  Bart Finzel (chair), Charlie Abraham, Joe Alia, Donna Chollett, Carol Cook, Clare Dingley, Josh Godding, Aaron Goemann, Leslie Meek, Peh Ng, Jeri Squier, Tisha Turk, Zac Van Cleve

Absent:   Pieranna Garavaso, Sara Haugen, Gwen Rudney

Visiting:  Julie Eckerle, Nancy Helsper


In these minutes: Science and Mathematics catalog course changes, and Education catalog course changes


Approval of Minutes – September 6, 2012

MOTION (Cook/Ng) to approve the September 6, 2012 minutes.  Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.



Catalog Course Changes

Finzel explained that the committee decided last spring to try a change in the presentation of materials this catalog cycle.  First, course changes will be presented by divisions, discipline-by-discipline.  Program changes will be presented at later meetings, after the courses have been approved at Campus Assembly. The Division of Science and Mathematics and the Division of Education will present their course changes today.


Division of Science and Mathematics Catalog Course Changes

Biology (Biol)


Ng presented the changes for the biology discipline.  Six courses have modifications, 17 are removing the GER requirement because it is met by prereqs for those courses, and two courses are being deleted.


There was discussion about the change to Biol 1051-Wildlife Biology.  The words “no credit for students who have received credit for 1801” are added, but “no credit for students who have received credit for 1051” has not been added to Biol 1801.  That is an oversight that will be corrected before going before Campus Assembly.  Also, Chollett pointed out that the description “one 120- or 180-min lab or field study” might not be clear from a student perspective.  Goemann added that if students are expected to block out three hours of time in their schedule for the potential field study, then it should say from 120 minutes to 180 minutes.  The committee agreed on the following revision: “one 120 to 180 min lab/field study.”


Chollett stated that the change to Biol 3121 is not clear.  The words “plus arranged” are added to the lab time because the instructor requires students to occasionally return to the lab for additional work.  Godding stated that in that course you have to do a lot of outside lab time.  The committee agreed on the following revision “plus additional lab time arranged.”


Chollett pointed out a typo in the course number of Biol 4141 on the Multiple Course Revision Form that will be corrected before going forward to Campus Assembly.


Chemistry (Chem)

Ng presented the changes for the chemistry discipline.  There were 18 courses with changes.  Eight of the courses are increasing the number of credits from three to four.  Alia explained that the workload for the class is equal to a four-credit class.  Currently students, who need to take upper-level chemistry courses, have difficulty making full-time status for financial aid eligibility.  Cook asked what the increase in credits means to the faculty work load.  Alia answered that many of the electives are offered alternate years.  Finzel asked how it would affect the forty-credit cap in the discipline.  Alia answered that there are different options within the major, with some options requiring more credits.  For example, the American Chemistry Society (ACS) requires that students take more credits.  Finzel asked how many electives a typical chemistry major takes.  Alia answered that biochemistry requires one, and regular chemistry requires two.  Finzel stated that students will continue to take that number of electives.  This is the most significant change.


Squire noted that Chem 3401 is increased from three to four credits, but the equivalent course, ESci 3401 is not presented with that same change.  Ng noted it should have come forward at this time as well.  The committee agreed to consider the revision to ESci 3401 at this time as well.


Computer Science (CSci)


Ng presented the changes for the computer science discipline.  There were 34 courses with changes.  All but one remove the M/SR Gen Ed designator from 4xxx-level courses.  The exception was CSCI 3601-Software Design and Development.  It also included the removal of the M/SR designator as well as the addition of “grade of at least C- in 2101.”  The rationale for the change was that students cannot succeed in this course without a minimum grade of C- in 2101.


Geology (Geol)


Ng presented the changes for the geology discipline.  There were nine courses with changes, and two courses deleted.  Chollett asked why the course name for GEOL 3111-Introduction to Invertebrate Paleontology removed the word “Invertebrate, when that still seems to be the focus of the labs.  Goemann answered that it was being removed because it was too specific.


Mathematics (Math)


Ng presented the changes for the mathematics discipline.  The Gen Ed designator of M/SR are removed from ten 4xxx-level courses.


Physics (Phys)


Ng presented the changes for the physics discipline.  Physics is proposing five new courses, including a new IC course (PHYS 1801‑Energy Science).  Four of the new courses are upper-level courses that are part of a series of 2-credit courses designed to expand the offerings of electives in the major (PHYS 3151‑Solid State Physics; PHYS 3152‑Particle and Nuclear Physics; PHYS 3153‑Cosmology; and PHYS 4902‑Senior Thesis II).  Physics is also proposing nine course revisions, and the deletion of four courses.


Statistics (Stat)


Ng presented the changes for the statistics discipline.  Two courses will be offered in the fall only; the summer offering is removed.  The other seven course changes involve the removal of the Gen Ed designator of M/SR because the prereq fulfills it.


MOTION (Turk/Goemann) to approve the science and mathematics division course changes.

The motion passed unanimously (11-0-0).



Division of Education Catalog Course Changes

Education (Ed)


Cook presented the changes for the education discipline.  Five courses are being deleted. Three have not been offered for a number of years and two (ED 1111-Introduction to Deaf Education, and ED 2011-Intermediate Sign Language) are courses that have moved to the Humanities Division.  Eckerle stated that she will check to see if they should be added to the Humanities Division course changes in this cycle.


Elementary Education (ElEd)


Cook presented the changes for the elementary education discipline.  There are 13 course changes, six of which are changes to the prereq for directed student teaching courses.  Passing scores on The Minnesota Teacher License Exam (MTLE) basic skills test will be required, to ensure that the students have basic skills in reading, writing, and math before they begin student teaching.


Dingley asked why Gen Ed designators were not removed from any of the 4xxx-level courses.  Cook explained that the division discussed it and would like to offer some Gen Ed courses in elementary education.  Also, the prereqs on their 4xxx-level courses do not carry the same Gen Ed designator.


Secondary Education (SeEd)


Cook presented the changes for the secondary education discipline.  The four course changes involve the prereq for directed student teaching courses.  Passing scores on The Minnesota Teacher License Exam (MTLE) basic skills test will be required before students can student teach.


Sport Studies and Athletics (SSA)


Cook presented the changes for the sport studies discipline.  There are five course changes.  The first two are coaching courses that will be taught every other year, to increase enrollment.  The third is adding a spring offering because enrollment is high in that course; the last two have added a prereq that these courses build on.  Finzel noted that the last two courses are 4xxx-level courses, and asked whether the division had considered removing the Gen Ed designators of Social Science (SS), since the prereqs carry those Gen Ed designators.  He asked that those two course changes (SSA 4101 and SSA 4102) be brought back to the division.


MOTION (Chollett/Ng) to approve the education division course changes, with the exception of SSA 4101 and SSA 4102.

The motion passed unanimously (11-0-0).



Adjourned 1:51

Submitted by Darla Peterson