2012-13 MEETING #3 Minutes

September 20, 2012, 1:00 p.m., MFR


Present:   Bart Finzel (chair), Charlie Abraham, Joe Alia, Donna Chollett, Clare Dingley, Pieranna Garavaso, Josh Godding, Aaron Goemann, Sara Haugen, Leslie Meek, Peh Ng, Gwen Rudney, Jeri Squier, Tisha Turk, Zac Van Cleve

Absent:   Carol Cook

Visiting:  Melissa Engleman, Terri Hawkinson, Nancy Helsper


In these minutes: Additional Education catalog course changes, Social Sciences catalog course changes, and Interdisciplinary Studies catalog course changes


Approval of Minutes – September 13, 2012

MOTION (Rudney/Turk) to approve the September 13, 2012 minutes.  Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.


Catalog Course Changes

Finzel explained that the Humanities Division courses will be reviewed at the September 27 meeting, rather than today.  The Educational Development Program (EDP) will be on the agenda of the October 4 meeting.  Following that meeting, the committee will begin reviewing the program changes.  The Division of the Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies will present their course changes today.  But first, there are two courses that are being brought back for consideration from the Division of Education.


Division of Education Catalog Course Changes

Sport Studies and Athletics (SSA)

Rudney explained that SSA 4101 and SSA 4102 both carried the SS general education designator.  At the last meeting, Finzel had requested that SSA consider dropping the GER on the two 4xxx-level courses.  Rudney announced that the SSA program agreed to drop the GER.  An additional change to those two courses is the addition of the prereq SSA 2302.

MOTION (Rudney/Ng) to approve the two Education Division proposed course changes.

The motion passed unanimously (12-0-0).


Division of the Social Sciences Catalog Course Changes

Anthropology (Anth)

Meek presented the changes for the anthropology program.  There were nine courses with changes.  Two courses (1811 and 2604) are provisionally approved courses seeking regular approval.  Four courses (2453, 2501, 3451, and 3452) are being deactivated.  Two courses (3455 and 3603) are changing the frequency offered to periodically.  One course (4901) is removing the GER designator.


Economics (Econ)

Meek presented the changes for the economics program.  There were eight courses with changes.  Two courses (1951 and 3023) are being deactivated.  Six courses (4102, 4111, 4112, 4121, 4131, and 4501) are 4xxx-level courses removing the GER designator.


Geography (Geog)

Meek presented the changes for the geography program.  One course (3501) is changing its frequency offered to periodically.  Geol 2461 teaches GIS, and there is a summer course offered with GIS components.  At some point someone may want 3501 taught, so instead of deactivating it, it will be periodically offered.


Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies (GWSS)

Meek presented the changes for the gender, women, and sexuality studies discipline.  There is one new course proposed (3001: Gender in African Cinema).  This course will be an elective for the GWSS major and an elective for the African American studies minor.


History (Hist)

Meek presented the changes for the history program.  There were 24 courses with changes.  Two courses (1111 and 1402) are changing the course title to more accurately reflect the content of the courses.  The course number of 2001 is being changed to 3181 with permission by instructor added, to encourage only juniors and seniors to take it.  Hist 2361 is also changed to 3361.  One course (4501) is removing the GER designator and adding permission by instructor.  Twelve courses (1814, 2554, 2557, 3001, 3009, 3012, 3156, 3210, 3301, 3608, 3609, and 3611) are being deactivated.  Hist 3301 is being replaced by a new course (3304), which builds on 3301 and adds new content.  Three courses (2003, 3176, and 3612) are provisionally approved courses seeking regular approval. Four new courses are proposed (2608, 3304, 3613, and 3614).  Hist 2608: History of Cuba: From Colony to Revolutionary State will replace an old course and will be useful to the history major as well as the Latin American area studies major.  Hist 3613 and 3614 are courses in Latin American history.


Management (Mgmt)

Meek presented the changes for the management program.  Mgmt 2800 is being deactivated due to staffing limitations, but it will hopefully be offered at some time in the future.  Mgmt 3123 is so similar to Econ 3201 that no credit can be given for both courses.  Nine courses (4101, 4201, 4202, 4501, 4502, 4505, 4601, 4602, and 4603) are removing the GER designator.


Political Science (Pol)

Meek presented the changes for the political science program.  There were 19 courses with changes.  Three are being deactivated (3502, 4221, and 4264).  Three courses are making changes only to the course description (2001, 3201, and 3355).  Four courses are changing when offered (1101, 3211, 4301, and 4302).  Two courses are removing the Gen Ed designator (4266 and 4905).  Seven courses include multiple changes: 3401 changes when offered; 3411 changes course description, prereq, and when offered; 3453 changes course number from 4453 to 3453 with a revised course description; 3461 changes the course title, description, and when offered; 3501 changes the prereq and when offered; 4451 changes the course description, when offered, and removes the GER; and 4452 changes when offered and removes the GER.


Psychology (Psy)

Meek presented the changes for the psychology program.  There were 18 courses with changes.  Three courses are being deactivated (1811, 3414, and 4970).  Psy 2411 is removing the statement regarding electives, to be consistent with other course listings.  Psy 1081 is changing to 2581.  The reason it will be taught at the 2xxx-level is that it can then be counted as an elective for the major.  Adding the prereq of 1051 won’t affect many students since a lot are education students who have already taken 1051.  The course content will remain the same but without a lot of the introductory material that was in 1081.  The course description of 3313 has been updated.  Two new courses are proposed (3315-Parenting and Family Therapy, in response to a student demand for greater diversity of offerings in the area of clinical/counseling psychology; and 3404-Culture and Human Development, which capitalizes on the expertise of a new faculty member and will contribute to the multicultural aspect of the psychology curriculum).  Eleven courses are removing the GER (4101, 4301, 4770, 4896, 4910, 4920, 4930, 4940, 4950, 4960, and 4970).  Psy 4960 also adds the prereqs of 3201 and 3211, and 4970 is being deactivated.


Sociology (Soc)

Meek presented the changes for the sociology program.  There were four course changes.  Two courses (3122 and 3141) will change the term when taught to fall.  Rudney noted that moving 3122 to fall semester would adversely impact the schedules of education students.  Meek stated that the schedule of the faculty member was a major factor in the change.  It was decided that 3122 would be tabled at this time and will be brought back to the committee at a later date.  [Note:  The faculty member later decided to not change the term when 3122 will be offered.]  Two courses are being deactivated (3451 and 3452) because the instructor is no longer at UMM.  Soc 3452 is same as AmIn 3451, and Soc 3452 is the same as AmIn 3452.


MOTION (Meek/Chollett) to approve the social sciences division proposed course changes (omitting Soc 3122).

The motion passed unanimously (12-0-0).


Interdisciplinary Studies Catalog Course Changes

American Indian Studies (AmIn)

Finzel presented the changes for the American Indian studies program.  Three provisionally approved courses are proposed for regular approval: AmIn 1801-American Indian Song and Dance, AmIn 2011-Intermediate Anishinaabe Language I, and AmIn 2012-Intermediate Anishinaabe Language II.  One new course is proposed (3452-American Indian Women).  This course is the same as Anth 3452 and Soc 3452.  One course (2311) is being deactivated due to faculty turnover.

A proposal to remove the prereqs of Anth 1111 or Soc 1101on three cross-listed courses (AmIn 3402, Anth 3402, and Hist 3402) was discussed.  Meek stated that she understood the reason for AmIn to remove the prereqs.  The course was originally taught by an anthropology instructor who taught Anth 1111 and could draw students into the AmIn 3402 course.  The current instructor is a historian, and believes a lot more students would take AmIn 3402 if the prereqs were removed.  The committee agreed that more discussion in the division will need to take place among the programs before these changes are considered at the Curriculum Committee level.


MOTION (Meek/Garavaso) to approve the American Indian studies proposed course changes (1-4 only).

The motion passed unanimously (12-0-0).


Environmental Studies (EnSt)

Finzel presented the changes for the environmental studies program.  One course (EnSt 1201-Mapping the Environment, is a provisionally approved course seeking regular approval.  Once course (EnSt 2111) is being deactivated.  It will be replaced with a new course in philosophy, Phil 2114.  Once course (EnSt 3001) is updating the year offered.  EnSt 4101 is being changed to 3101 to make it more accessible.


MOTION (Garavaso/Ng) to approve the environmental studies proposed course changes.

The motion passed unanimously (12-0-0).


Latin American Area Studies (LAAS)

Finzel presented the changes for the Latin American area studies program.  One course (LAAS 1311) is being deactivated; it has never been taught.  A second proposal, to change the number of credits, and grading system of LAAS 4101 was discussed.  Chollett explained that this course has other changes, including a title and description change to make it in line with a senior capstone.  Those proposed changes did not make it to the agenda.  Dingley asked why there wasn’t a proposal to deactivate the course and create a new capstone course with the number 4901, to be in line with other capstone course numbers.  Dingley assured Chollett that the alternative course would be allowed in lieu of 4101 for students during the transition.  Finzel stated that the new course proposal and deactivation of 4111 will be acted on next week.


MOTION (Goemann/Rudney) to approve the proposed deactivation of LAAS 1311.

The motion passed unanimously (12-0-0).


Interdisciplinary Studies Courses (IS)

Finzel presented the proposed changes to IS courses.  There are nine proposed course changes.  The first change is actually not an IS course (ESci 2103) but is being presented at this time.  It is being deactivated because it was never offered.  Four IS courses are being deactivated (1322, 2037, 3020, and 3705).  One course (1061) has a revision to the course description.  IS 1041 is currently offered fall and spring, every year.  It is proposed that it be offered only in the fall due to staffing limitations.  Meek asked if it could be reinstated in the spring if there is a student need for it.  Squier noted that it has also been offered in the summer.  Dingley stated that if summer is added to the proposed change, students can plan for it.  Finzel accepted a friendly amendment to include summer.  IS 3710 is removing its prereq and changing the grading to S-N only.  One provisionally approved IC course is proposed for regular approval: IS 1809-Working it.


MOTION (Turk/Rudney) to approve the interdisciplinary studies proposed course changes.

The motion passed unanimously (12-0-0).


Adjourned 1:46

Submitted by Darla Peterson