2012-13 MEETING #7 Minutes

October 18, 2012, 1:00 p.m., MFR


Members Present:  Bart Finzel (chair), Charlie Abraham, Joe Alia, Donna Chollett, Carol Cook, Clare Dingley, Pilar Eble, Pieranna Garavaso, Josh Godding, Aaron Goemann, Sara Haugen, Leslie Meek, Gwen Rudney, Jeri Squier, Tisha Turk, Zac Van Cleve

Members Absent:   Peh Ng

Visitors:   Melissa Engleman, Jayne Hacker, Nancy Helsper


In these minutes: catalog program changes in the Division of the Humanities


Approval of Minutes – October 11, 2012

MOTION (Meek/Rudney) to approve the October 11, 2012 minutes.  Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.


Division of the Humanities Catalog Program Changes

Art History

Garavaso stated that the only change to the Art History major and minor is the name change to some studio art courses in the list of required course choices.


Communication, Media, and Rhetoric

Garavaso stated that because the Humanities course changes will not be approved by Campus Assembly until November 14, courses that were added to both the major and minor did not show up on the PCAS (3123, 3202, and 4122).



Garavaso noted that three courses should be considered as electives (3017, 3168, and 3169).  She asked whether a course can be offered that is neither an elective nor a required course.  Dingley answered that there are courses that don’t count toward a major or minor but have other uses.  When courses are listed as an elective or required course, a hotlink directs student to them, but if a course isn’t listed, it is buried in a separate place.



Garavaso noted that, again, the PCAS form would not accept the course changes.  There were a lot of course number changes, and Squier had found a course number that should be taken out of requirements.  There was some disagreement as to whether Fren 3022 should be deactivated.  Squier will check on that.


German Studies

Garavaso stated that there are no changes to the German Studies program.  A new tenure-track faculty member in German Studies has inherited the program and, although he has a lot of good ideas, he has wisely decided to wait for students to finish their major or minor before making changes to the program.



Hacker explained that the additional required credits for the major (3.5) and minor (2) are the result of changing the concert attendance requirement for majors and minors (7 and 4 semesters respectively), from 0 credits to .5 credits per semester.  The Form A states that Mus 1049 is also offered as an IC course (MUS 1801).  Hacker stated that Squier had sent her a message asking whether students can receive credit for both courses.  If not, course equivalencies should be added to both in the catalog.  Dingley stated that they are equivalent, but not interchangeable.



Garavaso stated that two course changes that did not get onto PCAS were the addition of two electives (2161 and 3112).  There is a typo on the Form A, with the spelling of the name of the discipline.



Garavaso stated that Spanish has totally changed their catalog description.  They have also added a statement that advises majors and minors to meet with a Spanish faculty member to advise them, even if they have an adviser in another discipline.  They also recommend Latin American area studies courses to complement the Spanish major.


Studio Art

Garavaso stated that Hacker had checked the numbers, and the last line in the box that reads 44, 34, -10, should be 4, 4, 0.  Hacker noted that 4881 and 4901 are not listed as inactivated on the PCAS.  Squier stated that they should be; they are no longer offered.  They were left on the books but nobody registers for them anymore.  Dingley noted that the course numbers changed a few catalogs ago to 4902 and 4903.



Garavaso stated that she was concerned that the IC course-Myth: From the Page to the Stage, was not included in the catalog as a “when feasible” option.  There was some disagreement on whether that course had received regular or provisional approval on 11-9-11.  Also, Squier noted that this is a “HUM” course, not a Theatre course.  Meek noted that there are also some number corrections needed on the Form A.  Finzel stated that the Theatre program changes will be tabled until the next meeting.


MOTION (Meek/Rudney) to approve the Division of the Humanities program changes (with the exception of Theatre, which was tabled).

The motion passed unanimously (13-0-0).


Finzel stated that next week’s meeting will cover the Division of Education program changes, but the two members of the committee from Education will not be able to attend the meeting to present the program changes.  He asked Rudney to comment on the Education changes.


Rudney noted that most of the changes have gone through the ECAS system and were discussed with the course changes.  Changes have been made to licensure in Elementary Education and Secondary Education.  Most of the changes are the result of ECAS changes in other disciplines, for example French.  Changes were made to the pre-primary endorsement.  Some courses were moved to electives and other things were moved around.  Another change was the insertion to the narrative of the language about passing the MTLEs; these are required before going to student teaching.  The third change had to do with the 5-8 general science endorsement.  There is one endorsement, so the set of courses students take for that endorsement is the same whether it comes through Elementary Education or Secondary Education.  Finally, the Secondary Education path has a course or two fewer, and Elementary Education has added one course.


Finzel stated that at the meeting next week, there will be a clean-up of changes so that everything can move on the next Campus Assembly.  Also, the Division of Education and the Interdisciplinary Studies program changes will be on the agenda.


Submitted by Darla Peterson