2012-13 MEETING #8 Minutes

October 25, 2012, 1:00 p.m., MFR


Members Present:  Bart Finzel (chair), Charlie Abraham, Joe Alia, Donna Chollett, Clare Dingley,

Pilar Eble, Pieranna Garavaso, Josh Godding, Aaron Goemann, Sara Haugen, Leslie Meek, Peh Ng, Jeri Squier, Tisha Turk, Zac Van Cleve

Members Absent:   Carol Cook, Gwen Rudney

Visitors:   Jayne Hacker, Nancy Helsper, Tricia Rohloff


In these minutes: course clean-up in the Division of the Humanities; course clean-up in the Division of the Social Sciences; catalog program changes in the Division of Education; catalog program changes in Interdisciplinary Studies; and General Education Requirement Change in Catalog


Approval of Minutes – October 18, 2012

MOTION (Meek/Garavaso) to approve the October 11, 2012 minutes with minor revisions.  Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.


Division of the Humanities Catalog Course Clean-up

Communication, Media, and Rhetoric

Garavaso stated that the change of the title of CMR 3202 from “Presidential Inaugurals” to “Rhetoric of Presidental Inaugurals” more clearly identifies that the course meets rhetoric electives.


Studio Art

Hacker noted that ArtS 4881 and 4901 are deactivated and have been replaced by ArtS 4902 and 4903, respectively.  Because of those deletions, the number of courses with no General Education designator have been revised on the Form A to four (a net change of -2).


Theatre Arts

Theatre was tabled at the last meeting because there was a discrepancy in the numbers on the last line of the Form A.  The course that had been counted earlier was confirmed to be Hum 1805, and not a Theatre course.


MOTION (Turk/Ng) to approve the Division of the Humanities course clean-up.

The motion passed unanimously (12-0-0).


Division of the Social Sciences Catalog Course Clean-up

American Indian Studies, Anthropology, and History

Meek stated that after a conversation in the division, the course that had been triple listed as AmIn/Anth/Hist 3402–Representations from the Field: American Indian Ethnography and Ethnohistory will now be double-listed only as Anth/Hist 3402.  It was agreed that the prereqs of Anth 1111 or Soc 1101 would be removed.  The removal of the prereqs will make the course more accessible, particularly for transfer students.  The change is in line with other courses offered in the History discipline, which does not have prereqs on any of its courses.  AmIn 3402 is being deactivated.


Liberal Arts for the Human Services

Meek stated that there had been a concern about the number of credits required for the major (62), which had been increased from 58 due to the addition of a four-credit research methods requirement.  It was taken back to the discipline for discussion and a compromise was reached to require 60 credits by decreasing the required elective credits by two, to 38.


MOTION (Chollett/Garavaso) to approve the Division of the Social Sciences course clean-up.

The motion passed unanimously (12-0-0).


Division of Education Catalog Program Changes

Finzel stated that, unfortunately, the two representatives from Education could not attend the meeting, but Tricia Rohloff, who prepared some of the paperwork, is sitting in.  Rudney had prepared a summary of the changes, which Finzel read:


Changes in Education are due to:

1.   Changes in licensure requirements (for SeEd, ElEd, and endorsement areas) relate to changes in courses, new courses, or scheduling. For example, all of the changes in French were changed in the licensure requirements for French. In the pre-primary endorsement area, new courses were added to electives, and to make the endorsement more accessible, some courses were moved to electives.

2.   Insertion of MTLE requirement for student teaching into the narrative. Already passed for courses.

3.   Changes in the 5-8 science endorsement so that the requirements are mostly the same whether the students go through the ElEd path or the SeEd path.


Squier explained that the way Elementary Education was set up before, licensure requirements were grouped in with the requirements for the Elementary Education major.  The only way to avoid double-dipping of courses was to make the licensure a subplan.  Finzel added that this will allow people to more easily do their major requirements and separately track the licensure requirements.


MOTION (Ng/Meek) to approve the Division of Education catalog program changes.

The motion passed unanimously (12-0-0).


Interdisciplinary Studies Catalog Program Changes

African American Studies

Finzel noted that the changes in the African American Studies minor program only reflect changes in other areas that have courses offered in the minor.


American Indian Studies

Finzel stated that the changes in the American Indian Studies major are a bit more substantive.  There are no changes in the number of courses required in the major or minor.  Changes in the program reflect staffing changes that have led to the inactivation of a few courses taught by faculty who are no longer here, and the addition of some that reflect the capability of new staff.  The catalog description has been revised in a way that improves its clarity.


Environmental Studies

Finzel noted that the main change in the Environmental Studies program is the addition of a required one-credit pre-internship experience and a one-credit post-internship.  The required internship (ENST 3996) has been dropped from the major.  This change increases the number of courses in the major by one, and the total credits required for the major is decreased.  Additional courses have been added to relect changes since the last catalog cycle, now that there is a new full-time faculty member.


Honors Program

Finzel noted that no substantial changes have been made to the program.  Four courses have been added to the upper-level electives offered.  Meek asked why the number of elective courses show as a +3 increase.  Squier explained that one course (IS 3211H) was inactivated and then reactived, but it was already in the 15 count, so although it appears to have a discripancy, it does not.  Finzel noted that a statement has been added in the catalog “To qualify for a degree with honors, a student must have completed 60 or more semester credits at the University.”  Garavaso asked if students had been able to take a degree without the 60 credits on campus.  Dingley answered that it does not happen at Morris.  It is an all-University policy that is enforced when degree-checking is done, so it makes sense to state it in the catalog.  Finzel noted that one new course is proposed: IS 3240H–The American 1950s, which will be taught by Professor Guyotte.


Latin American Area Studies (LAAS)

Finzel stated that there are some course deactivations due to a retirement in this area.  Some changes to courses also reflect changes elsewhere, e.g., History has a new hire in this area.  Otherwise, no changes were made to the courses required.  Chollett noted that there is a typo in the summary box on the Form A and in the pink box on the PCAS form (replace should be replaced.)  The corrections were accepted as a friendly amendment.  Finzel asked Chollett why the number of courses required for the major has decreased by one.  Chollett replied that a required course was moved to the electives list.  Also, a cross-listed course (1311) was deactivated.  Squire noted that there isn’t actually a decrease in the number of required courses.  The numbers in column A were incorrect.  Columns A and B should be 30-33.  The correction was accepted as a friendly amendment.


MOTION (Garavaso/Chollett) to approve the Interdisciplinary Studies catalog program changes.

The motion passed unanimously (12-0-0).


General Education Requirement Change in Catalog

Finzel explained that the General Education writing requirement, WLA, which will be satisfied with the new course Engl 1601-Writing for the Liberal Arts, will be brought forward at the next Campus Assembly meeting, requesting the catalog edits shown.  Turk had provided the language in both the course description and the General Education requirement description.  Finzel asked Turk to comment on the Gen Ed aspect of the course.  Turk stated that the course we are replacing will not be radically different from College Writing, but will include an emphasis on information literacy.  The language in place with College Writing has existed for a while and no longer reflects what the course has evolved to be.  There was not enough emphasis on analysis and argumentation.  And in particular, the new course will lay a foundation for learning conventions specific to disciplines.  The course will not teach everything students need to know about writing, but it will prepare them with the essential basics.  Finzel noted that the transition to the new Gen Ed requirement will be several years in the making as course transfer requests are evaluated.  There was some discussion about removing the asterisk at the bottom of the Provisions i, II. Skills for the Liberal Arts subsection of the Specific Provisions section in the catalog.  The asterisk reads “This requirement may be fulfilled through exemption.”  It was discussed and concluded that it would be removed from the Writing requirement as well as asterisk on the M/SR requirement in the same section.  Garavaso noted that the Foreign Language requirement in II.B. shows a list of asterisked items that should be bulleted.  It can be confusing and should be corrected in the catalog.


MOTION was made and seconded to approve the proposed General Education Requirement changes in the catalog.

The motion passed unanimously (12-0-0).


Finzel stated that the committee would not be meeting again until November 29.  The EDP subcommittee will report on their recommendations at that meeting.


Meeting adjourned 1:33 p.m.

Submitted by Darla Peterson