2012-13 MEETING #10 Minutes

January 22, 2013, 9:00 a.m., MFR


Members Present:  Bart Finzel (chair), Charlie Abraham, Donna Chollett, Mark Collier, Pilar Eble, Pieranna Garavaso, Josh Godding, Sara Haugen, Leslie Meek, Peh Ng, Gwen Rudney, Jeri Squier

Members Absent:  Joe Alia, Carol Cook, Clare Dingley, Aaron Goemann, Zac Van Cleve

Visitors:  Nancy Helsper


In these minutes: Honors Program Changes, Latin American Area Studies course revision (LAAS 3201), Sport Management Minor Program Change


Approval of Minutes – November 29, 2012

MOTION (Meek/Rudney) to approve the November 29, 2012 minutes.  Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.


Honors Program Revisions

Finzel explained that the Honors Program is proposing the addition of two new courses, as well as the change in the title of the capstone project, which compels a change to the Honors Program.  The new courses are:


            IS 3241H: Worldviews (Sci, 4 cr)

            IS 3242H: Two Cosmological Poets: Dante and Lucretius (IP, 2 cr)


Also proposed is a change of the course name IS 4994H: Senior Honors Project to IS 4994H: Honors Capstone Project.  Ng asked if the new courses will be offered online.  The ECAS form is not clear whether it is online.  Finzel replied that neither course is online.  Squier added that she will check to ensure that it is clear.


MOTION (Ng/Meek) to approve the proposed changes to the Honors Program.

The motion passed unanimously (10-0-0).


Latin American Area Studies (LAAS) Course Change

Finzel stated that LAAS is proposing a change to the course LAAS 3201: Bibliographical Tools and Journals in Latin American Area Studies.  The course will be expanded and will increase to 2 credits.  Chollett noted that the course will be offered only one semester, and not fall and spring, as shown on the ECAS form.  Squier suggested that it be changed instead to “periodically fall/spring” to give the instructor the option.  Chollett agreed to the change and offered a friendly amendment to the change.  Squier noted that the change of credits increases the range of credits required in the major (from 30-33 to 30-34).


MOTION (Ng/Meek) to approve the proposed changes to LAAS 3201 (increasing credits to 2 and listing frequency as periodically fall/spring).

The motion passed unanimously (10-0-0).


Sport Management Minor Program Change

Finzel stated that the Sport Management Minor is proposing the addition of grade wording to match that of the major: “No grades below C- are allowed.  Required courses including electives must be taken A-F, unless they are offered S-N only.”


MOTION (Rudney/Garavaso) to approve the proposed change in the Sport Management Minor program.

The motion passed unanimously (10-0-0).



Finzel noted that he anticipates a discussion of the general education program later in the semester.  The chair of the Assessment of Student Learning Committee (ASLC) will be invited to speak about that committee’s plans regarding general education.  There is an Institute on General Education and Assessment conference in Vermont in June, to which he hopes to bring a team of people from UMM.  There will be experts in the field of Gen Ed assessment planning at the conference.  We will take a skeleton of our Gen Ed assessment plan to the conference, where the team will work to align it with our campus goals.  The team will include 4-5 people, including someone from the Curriculum Committee as well as the ASLC.  Admission to the conference is competitive and includes an application process and admission proposal due February15.  Ng asked if the conference is the same as one that a UMM cohort had attended in New Orleans.  Finzel replied that it was a conference on assessment with a more passive format, in which attendees listen to people talk about aspects of assessment and what others have done.  The conference in June is a hands-on, team model.  For 3-4 days, our attendees would work on our UMM Gen Ed assessment plan, fleshing it out with the guidance of colleagues around the country.


Meek asked about the status of addition of electives outside of catalog changes.  Finzel assured her that the addition of an elective would be considered an editorial change that should be submitted to the Registrar.


Submitted by Darla Peterson