2013-14 MEETING #9 Minutes

April 17, 2014, 10:00 a.m., MFR


Members Present: Bart Finzel (chair), Joe Alia, Donna Chollett, Mark Collier, Carol Cook, Clare Dingley, Pilar Eble, Pieranna Garavaso, Hector Garcia, Sara Haugen, Peh Ng, Gwen Rudney, and Emily Sunderman

Members Absent: Eric Gandrud, Zach Johnson, Leslie Meek, and Jeri Squier

Visitors: Nancy Helsper and Kellie Meehlhause


In these minutes: Creative Writing Sub-plan for the English Major proposal and Course Approvals in the Division of the Social Sciences and in Interdisciplinary Studies




Dean Finzel thanked the members for their work this year on the committee.  The Online Task Force will happen, but the chair of the task force has asked that the work begin in the fall.  The WLA revisions will come forward for discussion and vote at the April 29 meeting of the Campus Assembly.  The campus received a Margaret A. Cargill Foundation grant supporting funding in the areas of sustainability and leadership.  A large amount of the grant will fund curricular development.  He proposed that the funding will be handled much the same as EDP funding, rolling the call for courses relating to sustainability, environmental studies, leadership, and rhetoric into the EDP call, with one or two additional criteria added.  The details will be discussed more in the fall.


Approval of Minutes


MOTION (Cook/Garavaso) to approve the March 27, 2014 and April 3, 2014, minutes was passed by unanimous voice vote.


Creative Writing Sub-plan for the English Major


Finzel stated that the proposed programatic changes will be effective with the 2015-17 Catalog.  Rudney asked if the language that mentions the CW requirement is included as a bridge that will be removed later.  Finzel answered that some students will still be eligible to count 1011-College Writing as the CW requirement in 2015 and would not be under the WLA requirement.


MOTION (Rudney/Garavaso) to approve the Creative Writing Sub-plan for the English Major was passed by unanimous voice vote (10-0-0).


Dingley reminded the committee that policy states that the Sub-plan and proposed minor cannot be advertised until the Regents have approved it.


Course Approvals


Division of the Social Sciences


     ANTH 1813 ‑ Culture on TV: An Introduction to Anthropology (IC; 2 cr) new

     ANTH 2204 ‑ Anthropology of Education: Learning and Schooling in Ethnographic Perspective (SS; 4 cr) new

     ANTH 3502 ‑ Latinos in the Midwest (SS; 4 cr) new

     ANTH 3704 ‑ Anthropological Genetics (4 cr) new

     ECON 3011 ‑ Cost-Benefit Analysis (ENVT; 4 cr) new

     ECON 4141 ‑ Empirics of Economic Growth (IP; 2 cr) new

     HIST 2557 ‑ History of Southeast Asia (HIST; 4 cr) reactivate

     HIST 2609 ‑ History of Brazil: From Sugar to Sugar Cars (HIST; 4 cr) new

     HIST 3177 ‑ Virtue and Vice in Amsterdam: From the Golden Age to the Global Age (IP; 4 cr) new

     HIST 3213 ‑ Modern Britain: Society, Culture and Politics (HIST; 4 cr) new

     HIST 3465 ‑ History of the American Family (HIST; 4 cr) new

     MGMT 3102 ‑ Financial Institutions (SS; 2 cr) new

     POL 1812 ‑ Political, Social, and Military Conflict in American Film (IC; 4 cr) new

     POL 3231 ‑ Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights (HDIV; 4 cr) reactivate

     POL 3232 ‑ Constitutional Law: Governmental Powers and Constraints (SS; 4 cr) reactivate

     PSY 2612 ‑ Environmental Psychology (ENVT; 4 cr) new

     SOC 1814 ‑ Water Unites, Water Divides: Sharing Water in the 21st Century (IC; 2 cr) new


Chollett explained that all of the courses have received provisional approval and are being brought forward now to be included in the next Catalog.  Dingley suggested that the abbreviated wording in the short title for ANTH 1813 be changed from “Culture on TV: An Intr to Anth” to “Culture on TV: An Intro to Anth.”  The long title includes the word “Introduction” and the addition of the “o” after “Intr” in the short title adds clarity.  Helsper suggested removing the word “An” as well.  Both suggestions were accepted as friendly ammendments.


Dingley asked why ANTH 3704 has no Gen Ed designator.  Chollett stated that there is no Gen Ed because the Gen Ed would be satisfied by the Gen Ed in place on the prereq.  Dingley then asked why the Gen Ed has not been removed from ECON 4141.  Finzel answered that it should have been removed because the prereq ECON 3501 carries the Gen Ed.  The change was accepted as a friendly ammendment.


MOTION (Ng/Garavaso) to approve the course changes in the Divison of the Social Sciences (noting the changes to ANTH 1813 short title and the removal of the Gen Ed of IP from ECON 4141) was passed by unanimous voice vote (10-0-0).


Interdisciplinary Studies


     IS 1816 ‑ Why We Eat What We Eat (IC; 2 cr) new


Finzel explained that this IC course is a welcome addition to the IC courses because we are short of IC courses from the Division of Science and Mathematics.  This course was provisionally approved and was filled immediately during student registration for fall semester.


MOTION (Ng/Garavaso) to approve IS 1816 was passed by unanimous voice vote (10-0-0).


Dingley announced that our curriculum has two types of prerequisites: 1) those listed on the ECAS box denoting enforced prerequisites that are automatically enforced by the registration system; and 2) those that appear in the course description text only and are not enforced by the registration system.  With the move to a new PeopleSoft systm in the fall, the enforced prerequisites will be seen.  Finzel asked how people can communicate to the Registrar’s Office if they want prerequisites enforced.  Dingley responded that the change should be entered into the appropriate box in ECAS and sent forward for approval.  He is concerned that faculty presume that all prerequisites are enforced.  He asked the Division Chairs to mention it to the faculty in their divisions.


Sunderman asked if permission numbers will override a prerequisite.  Finzel answered that the registration system will allow the override.  Ng asked if co-requisities are still allowed.  Dingley said they are allowed. 


Finzel closed the meeting by thanking the members of the committee for the work that was accomplished this year.


Submitted by Darla Peterson