University of Minnesota, Morris Morris, Minnesota

October 15, 1996; 3:00 p.m.; Behmler Conference Room

Present: Ballou, Frenier, Imholte, Korth, Kissock, J. Lee, M. Lee, Schuman, Thielke, Whelan

Absent: Barbour, Bass, Davis, Ellis, Farrell, Vickstrom

Guest(s): None

Schuman passed around copies of a sheet he had distributed at Campus Assembly on October 14 entitled "Bulletin Information for Semester Conversion: Course numbering system."

SEMESTER CURRICULUM FORMS (continued discussion):
Schuman said this would be the last meeting for discussion of the semester curriculum forms. Mooney distributed copies of a set of redrafted forms.

Form A
Schuman wondered if the bottom of Form A, as modified, was acceptable to everyone now. There were no objections. Thielke noted that people might find problems when they begin to use the form. Schuman thought that was inevitable because this is a big, complicated change. There will be substantial fine-tuning of many things during the semester conversion process. If we need to, we can change the forms again later.

Form B
Schuman noted that Form B was essentially unchanged. There were no comments on it.

Mapping Form
The Mapping Form is new. Mooney created the form and picked a discipline at random to use as a sample. Kissock wondered about showing the number of credits under quarters and semesters. It was decided to add the credits for each course in parenthesis behind the course title for both quarter and semester courses. CC members seemed to think that the mapping form would be useful. Much appreciation was expressed to Mooney for preparing this document.

Form C
Schuman noted that the Form C gives the particulars on individual courses. He thought the question about frequency of offering would be important.

Whelan thought the first question in Part A would be obvious from the course number. Mooney said it would be redundant if the course is numbered correctly; it will serve as a reminder to people that we have a new numbering system. Schuman said having the question will assure us that people understand the new system.

Schuman said he had asked Mooney to retain Part A.I to give the new description or show changes from the previous quarter bulletin. Part A.II has been restated. Whelan said he would expect to see the new description in Part A.I. Schuman said that some course descriptions will not change much from the quarter bulletin. No one has to show the changes, but we should leave the question so that they can do it that way.

Schuman commented that Part B is a narrative of what is on the mapping form. Part C is his interjection because he knows that we will need the information for NCA assessment. Dr. Cecilia Lopez from the North Central Association will be on campus October 24 and will meet with the Curriculum Committee from 1:00-2:00. A message will go out on electronic mail concerning her visit.

Schuman noted that Part D concerns financial implications of the proposal; it is obvious what we are looking for with this question. Korth suggested that Part D should be answered at the program level, not the individual course level. There is a third piece as well: How many students will be served? Schuman agreed that Part D should be moved to Form A. The third piece could be left on Form C, in Part A, as "Estimate enrollment and no. of sections."

Schuman said that we do not know yet what will happen with the general education program in semesters. If people fill out the semester forms before a decision is made, they should leave Section II blank. Korth suggested that we trust faculty proposing general education categories and not have a section on general education. Schuman thought it would be best to wait and see what happens to the semester general education program. He said that Korth's point was well taken.

Schuman said Section II.F is just a reiteration of the routing process. He suggested making it more clear by adding "sends to" at each level.

Kissock said he hoped that Campus Assembly would not get the full packets with all of the forms. Mooney suggested that all faculty get the top three forms (A, B, and the Mapping Form). The Form C's could be copied and left on reserve in the Division Offices, as we did during the last bulletin year. Kissock also suggested eliminating the course summary on Form A since that information is available on the Mapping Form. There seemed to be agreement with his suggestion.

Whelan wondered if all of the curriculum forms could be made available to faculty electronically. Mooney said the easiest way to do that would be to dump them on the Macserver, if there is sufficient room on that computer.

The Curriculum Committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 22, has been cancelled. The next meeting of the Curriculum Committee will be on Tuesday, October 29, at 3:00 p.m. in Behmler Conference Room.

Meeting adjourned 3:50 p.m.
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