University of Minnesota, Morris
Morris, Minnesota

February 4, 1997; 3:00 p.m.; Education 211

Present: Ballou, Farrell, Frenier, Hansen, Kuechle (for Kissock), Imholte, Korth, J. Lee, Schuman, Thielke, Whelan

Absent: Barbour, Davis, Ellis, M. Lee, Vickstrom

Guest(s): None

Mooney distributed copies of a table showing all currently approved general education courses with three or more GER designators. Schuman indicated that the table was being provided for information, since a question had arisen during the discussion of ArtH 3600 about the number of courses with three GER designators. Korth pointed out that the list included some courses with Process designators; his concern has been limited to courses with more than two Expanding Perspectives designators.

Schuman said CC members should be "tickled and proud" of how easily the curriculum and semester conversion materials were approved in Campus Assembly on February 3. It was a vote of confidence in the Curriculum Committee.

Schuman distributed two items: 1) copies of a memo from Jason Kohler, President of MCSA, which says that MCSA favors a four-day final exam schedule for semesters; and 2) sample three- and four-day final exam schedules with dates and times. The four-day schedule could exclude a study day (reading day) and go Wednesday through Saturday or it could include a study day and go Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday. The CC should choose one of the following options:

J. Lee wondered if a study day could be included some years. Thielke said that, because Labor Day always falls on a Monday, the final exam schedule will always fall on the same days of the week. Schuman wondered how important study day is. He thought it was important.

Whelan wondered how many students would actually have finals in all of their courses. There will be pressure on faculty to schedule finals at a time other than Monday if the Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Monday schedule is chosen. Farrell said faculty should not be influenced by pressure from students. Schuman said that the study day could be eliminated if students want to finish the term as early as possible.

J. Lee wondered if it would be possible to schedule the majority of the final exams early in the four-day schedule. Thielke said she would prefer to schedule fewer exams on the first and last day. There are 13 exam slots in the schedule. That number does not fit nicely into either a 3-day or 4-day schedule. The proposed schedule starts exams at 11 a.m. on Wednesday and has the last exam at 11 a.m. on Saturday. Should we have 3 or 4 exam slots each day? Ballou suggested starting with 4 exam slots each day and cutting back later if possible. Farrell noted that some universities have 3-hour exams. Ballou said final exams are 2-hours across the University of Minnesota. Will that be the case after conversion? Schuman said he would inquire. There hasn't been any discussion of final exams in the semester meetings that he attends.

Schuman said it seemed to him that CC members were favoring the 4-day schedule, starting midway through Wednesday and ending early on Saturday. Whelan said he would prefer to have 2 exams on Wednesday, 4 each on Thursday and Friday, and 3 on Saturday. The exams should start at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday and have the last one beginning at 1:30 on Saturday. That would give students a one-half day study slot. Farrell said if he were a student he would prefer to have the exams start early on Wednesday. Korth was concerned about having 4 exam slots in one day; currently we have only 2 slots. Thielke said we currently have 3 slots and they are all used. Several CC members felt the noon slot was rarely used.

Schuman thought that the CC was beginning to get into micro-management. He suggested concentrating on general principles, e.g., start on Wednesday, do not go over Sunday, end as early on Saturday as possible, etc. Imholte thought it must be added that students will not have more than two exams in one day. Schuman said that policy will be continued as it currently stands, but with a 4-day schedule, there should not be as many problems.

Schuman asked if CC members were ready to vote on the following final exam schedule option: -- 4-day schedule -- not going over Sunday -- starting after noon on Wednesday -- 13 exam slots

VOTE: Unanimous in favor (8-0-0).

Schuman thought this was the last of the semester calendar issues to be decided.

The next meeting of the Curriculum Committee will be on Tuesday, February 11, at 3:00 p.m. in Behmler Conference Room. The February 18 meeting will be canceled due to President Hasselmo's visit that day. Shortly after 2/18, the common experience and general education proposals will probably be ready for CC discussion.

Meeting adjourned 3:25 p.m.
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