Curriculum Committee 3/4/97

1. Approved alterations proposed for Music 3340-3450 by unanamous vote.
2. Schuman proposed the following timetable for discussions this year re. Semester conversion-

The Committee agreed not to meet twice a week unless it proves necessary.

3. Discussion on the GER continued; -Performance - must be in arts? role of creative writing? Is this a liberal arts skill (Korth) -Wellness - could be staffed with current faculty. Just a H.S. course? Should it be classroom or activity oriented? -Expanding Perspective requirements. Need more science (Whelan) -Global Village.
4. Next week, finish GE proposals (e.g., "C2," abolition of GEC, etc.) and begin Common Experience discussion.
Minutes scandalously foreshortened and recorded by SS.

Samuel Schuman
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean
University of Minnesota, Morris 320-589-6015

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