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October 12, 1999; 4:00 p.m.; Behmler Conference Room

Present: Carlson, Evans, Farrell, Finzel, Kissock, Kolle, Korth, Neuharth, Richardson, Urness
Guest: Mooney
Absent: Busch, Gooch, Haugen, Lee, Thielke

[In these minutes: curricular change forms from social science and education, University College courses and the UMM tuition band, A-F and/or S-N grading option.]

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Korth asked if there were any comments regarding the revised format of the September 14, 1999 minutes. There were none.

MOTION: (Understood) To approve the revised minutes of the September 14, 1999 Curriculum
Committee meeting.

VOTE: Unanimous (9-0-0)

CURRICULAR CHANGE PROPOSALS: Korth asked the Curriculum Committee (CC) if they preferred to discuss the curricular change proposals individually or only discuss the proposals that they had questions about. The presumed consensus was to only discuss an individual proposal if there was a question.

Finzel offered to summarize the proposals from the Social Science Division, stating that the changes proposed were mostly minor changes to existing courses. The economics Form B adds substitution possibilities for the math requirements. The economics Form Cs include the elimination of two 2-credit economics courses, replacing them with a four-credit course, Econ 3113. The Form Cs also switch the course descriptions for Econ 3121 and Econ 3122, and add an honors course.

The history forms include the elimination of a non-credit course and the addition of an honors course. The management Form A is a proposal to add a four-credit course, Econ 3113, to the requirements for a major. This would conform to the requirements of several years ago under quarters and is a commonly required course in other institutions. The remainder of the social science forms were thought to be self-explanatory.

A committee member wondered if the elimination of the two 2-credit economics courses caused the creation of the four-credit course added to the management major, or if the four-credit course prompted the elimination of the two 2-credit courses. In response, it was explained that all the requirements for the management courses are four-credit courses, so the discipline created a four-credit course from the two 2-credit courses to conform to the structure.

In response to a question about when the management major requirement would be effective, it was stated that this proposal was effective with the next catalog.

Kissock summarized the curricular change proposals from the Division of Education. He stated that graded, A-F versions of ElEd 4205 and SeEd 4205 are offered as a service for students from other institutions who are enrolled in UMM's Global Student Teaching program. Some of the other institutions require an A-F letter grade for student teaching. UMM students will not be registering for Global Student Teaching under this course number.

MOTION: (Kissock, Finzel) To approve the following curricular change proposals for economics,
history, management, psychology, sociology/anthropology, UC/ElEd, and UC/SeEd:

Economics Form B
Economics Form Cs:
Econ 3111 and Econ 3112 - Money and Financial Markets, Money and Banking (delete
the courses.)
Econ 3113 - Money, Banking, and Financial Markets (add course)
Econ 3121 and Econ 3122 - Public Economics I and II (switch course descriptions.)
Econ 3132 - Honors: Comparative Economic Systems (add Honors version)
History Form B
History Form Cs:
Hist 0101 - Competence Evaluation (delete the course.)
Hist 3454 - Honors: Minnesota History (add Honors version.)
Management Form A (add course to the major.)
Management Form B
Management Form C:
Mgmt 4896 - Internship
Psychology Form Cs:
Psy 1052 - Honors: Introduction to Psychology (add Honors course.)
Psy 1061 - Introduction to the Development of the Child and Adolescent (add
Anthropology/Sociology Form Cs:
Anth 2303/Soc 2303 - Honors: Women in Latin America (Add Honors course.)
Anth 2402 - Variable Topics in American Indian Cultures and Societies: American
Indian Ethnography (add course.)
Anth 2403 - Variable Topics in American Indian Cultures and Societies: American
Indians in the Cinema (add course.)
Division of Education Form Cs:
SeEd 4205 - Directed Student Teaching in the Secondary School (add A-F graded
ElEd 4205 - Directed Student Teaching in the Elementary School (add A-F graded

A committee member wondered about approving the course proposals for the Honors courses before the
CC had discussed agenda item number four, specifically the question regarding the use of the S-N grading option with Honors courses. Korth felt the CC should vote on approval for the proposed courses now, since the issue of Honors grading was a much broader issue.

VOTE: In favor 9
Opposed 0
Abstained 1

UC COURSES AND THE UMM TUITION BAND: Korth defined the UMM tuition band as 15 - 20 course credits without additional tuition expense. He explained that there are a few UC courses included in this band. The courses that are included are chosen because of the expected clientele for those courses. If the course is aimed at regular UMM day school students, then it is included in the band. If mostly regular UMM day school students are not expected to register for the course, it is not included. A committee member stated that a course would also be included in the tuition band if UMM requested that UC offer a particular course. The goal is to provide needed courses for the day school students without the students being disadvantaged.

A committee member noted the inconsistencies of the list of courses included on the agenda with what was listed in the 1999-2000 Class Schedule. It was pointed out that there are more courses listed in the class schedule than were listed with the agenda. Korth acknowledged that there was some inconsistency in what was listed in the class schedule, but the five courses listed on the agenda are the only five courses included in the tuition band.

Another committee member expressed frustration in the fact that all the UC courses are not listed in the UMM bulletin. A member mentioned that all the UC courses are on the Web and the UC does publish a course list of currently offered courses. In response, it was noted that everyone does not have access to the Web.

A committee member noted that it is important for students to know if a course would or would not be included in the tuition band. The member asked if this information was going to be indicated in the UMM catalog in the future. It was pointed out that the information is already indicated on the Web. The information is recorded in PeopleSoft, so in the future it will also be included in the catalog. The information for the catalog is identical to that in PeopleSoft and all parenthetical information will be included. Korth pointed out that no one is trying to hide any information from UMM students. The information will be publicized in all the UC bulletins and on the Web.

A-F AND/OR S-N GRADING OPTIONS: Korth mentioned that most UMM courses have grading options of A-F and/or S-N. The question before the committee at this time is whether the grading options are an issue. Should Honors courses and courses in programs such as education be required to be A-F only?

A committee member mentioned that a number of Honors courses are offered now as A-F and/or S-N. This is an important option, since students in an Honors course are not necessarily Honors students. It was noted that the Honors Program, as described in the catalog, states that an Honors student must receive A's for half of their UMM credits. There is no statement that says all Honors courses must be A-F only.

Korth mentioned that a couple of individuals on the CC last year felt there should not be an S-N option, that all UMM Honors courses should be A-F only. The individuals were concerned about the lack of effort exerted by students taking the S-N grading option. The issue initially arose when it was noted that the Form C was changed. In the past, there was no grading option choice on the form. Now there are three options: A-F only, S-N only, or A-F or S-N. There is concern that some faculty members are checking "A-F only" as the default option since "A-F only" is the first option listed.

Discussion followed as to methods to clarify the grading options on the form. There was debate as to whether the form was at fault or whether those filling out the form needed to be more detailed and accurate in completing the form. Korth recommended that the CC do nothing with the form for now. He suggested accumulating suggestions regarding the form. If there are significant improvements needed, the CC could revise the form later this academic year so it would be ready for use by division offices this spring.

Meeting adjourned 4:40 p.m.
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