University of Minnesota, Morris
Morris, Minnesota

November 23, 1999; 4:00 p.m.; Behmler Conference Room

Present: Carlson, Evans, Farrell, Finzel, Gooch, Kissock, Kolle, Korth, Lee, VanEps
Guest: Mooney, Jeri Mullin, Matt Senior
Absent: Busch, Neuharth, Richardson, Thielke, Urness

[In these minutes: Honors Form Delta, curricular change forms for Engl 1107, Engl 3002, Engl 4005,
IS 1041-UC, and Mus 3400, EDP, appointment of EDP Subcommittee.]

MISCELLANEOUS: Korth welcomed Sharon VanEps who is replacing Sara Haugen on the Curriculum Committee (CC) for the remainder of the year.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Korth asked for additions or corrections to the minutes of October 26, 1999.  Minutes were approved by a voice vote.

     MOTION:  (Understood) To approve the minutes of the October 26, 1999 Curriculum Committee meeting.

     VOTE: Unanimous in favor (8-0-0)

ANNOUNCEMENT OF VOTE: Korth stated that the curricular change forms sent out
November 11, 1999 were approved by an electronic vote.

     MOTION:  (Understood)  To approve the curricular change forms for Mus 1310 - University Choir, Mus 1220/3220 - Recorder, and
                        Mus 1340 - Orchestra.

     VOTE: Unanimous in favor (8-0-0)

HONORS FORM DELTA: Korth referred CC members to the copy of the Honors Form Delta sent with the agenda.  Korth introduced Matt Senior, Honors Program Director, who was present to discuss the form.

Senior was aware that the Twin Cities campus had a form called an Honors Contract, whereby a student could request that a regular class be counted as an Honors course with extra effort agreed upon by the instructor and the Honors Program Director.  In discussing the Twin Cities campus form with VanEps, he discovered that the UMM campus already had a rarely used form in existence.  Since the form had already been used at UMM, Senior assumed that the form and the process it enabled had been approved.  He was surprised to discover that both were unknown to the division chairs and the registrar.  Senior was present to inform the CC of the existence of the form and to seek formal approval of its use.

Senior said the form is for exceptional cases, possibly as few as one to two students seeking approval per year.  The requirement would still exist that most of the Honors coursework completed by the student would be regular Honors courses.  Senior stated that the additional work assigned would be defined on the form and agreed to by the student, the instructor, and the Honors Program Director.  He mentioned he would like to amend the form to include qualitative language, similar to the language in the Twin Cities campus form.  Senior was also open to discussion about whether the division chairs should also approve this form.

Discussion ensued around four areas of concern regarding this form: protection for faculty member's workloads, assurance of quality curriculum, oversight of the process, and flexibility for the students.

A suggestion was made that UMM try this process for a limited period with the Honors Program Director reporting to the CC with evidence of how the procedure was going.  It was agreed that the CC would need to send the recommendation on to Campus Assembly for final approval.

     MOTION  (Kissock, Kolle) To endorse a process whereby a student can petition to have a maximum of one regular course designated as an
                      honors course subject to instructor and Honors Program Director approval.  This process will be in effect through spring 2001, at
                      which time the Honors Program Director will report to the Curriculum Committee on the usage of the process.

     VOTE: Unanimous in favor (9-0-0)

CURRICULAR CHANGE FORMS: Korth asked the CC if there were any questions or concerns regarding the curricular change forms sent with the agenda.  He noted there were three forms for English courses, one for music, and one for IS.

A committee member felt the Form C for Mus 3400 should state that it is repeatable to four credits rather than the eight credits as reported on the form.  Mooney and Korth mentioned they had double-checked this with the instructor and the instructor wanted the course description to read "repeatable to 8 credits."  It was pointed out that the course was only offered once per year, so four credits would be the maximum a student could take in four years.  Form C for Mus 3400 was changed at the request of Jim Carlson and Fred Farrell to read "repeatable to four credits."

There was no further discussion regarding the curricular change forms.

     MOTION:  (Understood)  To approve the curricular change forms for Engl 1107 - Variable Topics in Literature:  Novel into Film;
                       Engl 3002- Honors: Advanced Expository Writing;  Engl 4005 - Honors: British Fiction from 1900-1930; IS 1041-UC: Health
                       Sciences Terminology; and Mus 3400 -Opera Workshop.

     VOTE: Unanimous in favor (9-0-0)

EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (EDP): Korth mentioned this was a continuation of the discussion from the October 26 CC meeting, specifically the draft of the request for proposals.  The question under discussion concerned the use of EDP funds to purchase equipment.  Korth referred members to the draft sent with the agenda dated October 22, 1999.  This draft states, "EDP funds will not normally support the acquisition of equipment.  A very strong case must be made to justify such expenditures."

A committee member mentioned that some projects would not be feasible without the purchase of additional equipment.  The statement may discourage faculty from applying for EDP funds if their proposal included any equipment costs.  In response, it was noted that funding equipment was not disqualified.  It simply needed to be supported by a strong case to justify the expenditure.

     MOTION:  (Gooch, Farrell)  To eliminate the statement in the EDP solicitation letter regarding the acquisition of equipment with EDP funds
                       and modify the next sentence to reflect that the purpose of EDP funds is to stimulate curricular development.

     AMENDED MOTION:  (Korth, Gooch)  To substitute the last two sentences of the second paragraph in the EDP solicitation letter to read,
                       "Requests that include the acquisition of equipment must clearly justify that acquisition as essential to a curricular development

     VOTE Unanimous in favor  (9-0-0)

Discussion followed concerning the remainder of the EDP solicitation letter, specifically the portion of the paragraph that read, "As a guideline, for a major development project by a single individual, a salary request of $2000 (plus fringe benefits) will be considered.  If multiple people propose a project together, this amount should be divided among them.  For a more modest (but no less important) project, the salary request should be smaller."

A CC member that had formerly served on the EDP Subcommittee mentioned the difficulty in selecting the projects that were to receive the EDP funds.  All the proposals were good proposals, so smaller awards were granted to more projects.  The question was, should fewer proposals be awarded so the awards could be larger, or should more proposals receive a smaller award?

A CC member stated that small allotments could be discouraging to faculty.  It would be preferable to award larger amounts and emphasize that the awards are intended to purchase the faculty's time spent in developing curriculum.

Another CC member questioned the wisdom of including the statement about a project that involved multiple people.  Should the amount be divided among everyone, or should the amount be increased to grant an award to each individual involved in the project that was equivalent to the award given a single individual?  Another CC member agreed, urging the CC not to discourage collaboration.  A suggestion was made that the EDP Subcommittee consider that they are, in effect, purchasing a course and do what can be done to encourage collaboration.

Korth appreciated the input from the CC members.  He stated he would consider the comments and rewrite the solicitation letter.  Korth will email a draft of the letter to the CC members for response.

EDP SUBCOMMITTEE APPOINTMENT: Korth requested volunteers for the subcommittee, which normally consists of three members: a division chair, a faculty member, and a student.  EDP Subcommittee members for 1999 - 2000 are Jillian Evans, Fred Farrell, and Bart Finzel (chair.)  Korth requested that the subcommittee submit a priority emphasis for this year's EDP proposals to the CC by February 1, 2000.

Meeting adjourned 5:00 p.m.
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