University of Minnesota, Morris
                                                                                             Morris, Minnesota

March 22, 2000; 10:30 AM; Behmler Conference Room

Present:   Carlson, Evans, Farrell, Finzel, Gooch, Kissock, Korth, Lee, Neuharth, Urness
Guest:     Mooney
Absent:   Busch, Kolle, Richardson, Thielke, VanEps

[In these minutes: EDP grants for 2000 - 2001; GER designations for Anth 2404 and 2405, Biol 4001 and 4002, Econ 3002, Hist 3302, 3357, and 3455, and Hum 1054; curricular change forms for Hist 3152H, Th 3001, Phil 1111,1121, 2131, 2150, 3111, and 4121, and Mus 1042, 1101,1102, 1103, 1104,2101, 2102, 2103, and 2104.]

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Korth asked for approval of the February 23, 2000 minutes.

     MOTION:  (Understood)  To approve the February 23, 2000 minutes as written.

     VOTE:   Unanimous in favor   (8-0-0)

EDP GRANTS: There were four applications for EDP grants for the 2000-2001 academic year.  Finzel reported that the EDP subcommittee recommended full funding of all four applications.  He noted that in a competitive year, the language faculty's request for the CD ROM equipment would have been a problem.  This year there was limited competition, so full funding of all four requests was possible.

It was mentioned that two of the four EDP requests did not include the fringe benefit costs.  A CC member recommended that the fringe benefits be added to the requested amounts rather than subtracted from the salary the faculty members would receive.

A CC member noted that Keith Brugger's request totaled $2,548 rather than $2,458 as typed on the form.  The CC member recommended that the request be approved for the $2,548 as probably intended.

     MOTION:  (Understood)  To add fringe benefits to two proposals and approve full funding of all four EDP requests.

     VOTE:  Unanimous in favor   (9-0-0)

GER DESIGNATIONS:  Korth requested that the CC consider the amended list of courses handed out at the meeting rather than the list that was sent with the agenda.  Korth noted that there were three history topics courses that were not on the original list.  One history topics course on the amended list, Hist 3356, had since been withdrawn.  The CC was not approving the existence of these courses since they were topics courses, but rather they were to approve the GER designation and the prerequisites in the two biology courses.

     MOTION:  (Understood)  To approve the GER designations and the prerequisites for the following topics courses:

                        Anth2404-Introduction to the Peoples of North America
                        Anth 2405-American Indian Education
                        Biol 4001-Developmental Biology
                        Biol 4002-Freshwater Biology
                        Econ 3002-Urban and Regional EconomicsII
                        Hist 3302-African American History to 1865
                        Hist 3357-African American History since 1865
                        Hist 3455-Immigration
                        Hum 1054-Greek Myth in Literature

     VOTE:   Unanimous in favor   (9-0-0)

CURRICULAR CHANGE FORMS:  Korth noted that Hist 3152H would create a new Honors course for fall semester and Th 3001 would be a new course for Intersession.  He noted that both are topics courses, so the Honors designation in the history course and the GER designation in the theatre course are the only details to be approved on these change forms.

The forms for Phil would change the course titles and/or the date of offering the courses.  A CC member mentioned that philosophy is the only discipline that lists the year offered rather than when not offered in the course catalog.  Should there be some standard?  In response, it was noted that UMM is the only campus to state when the course is offered, including the fall and spring semester notation.  It was decided that this issue should be discussed by the CC at a future meeting.

Philosophy is also changing Phil 3111 to Phil 2112.  A CC member wondered if the content of the course was changing, or was the change simply a more appropriate reflection of the introductory nature of the course.  The answer was that the change was to reflect a more accurate alignment with the course levels used under the semester system.

The curricular change forms for music reflect a number of combinations of music courses, the consequent changes in credits for the combined courses, and a change in the term that Mus 1042 is offered.

     MOTION:  (Understood)  To approve the curricular change forms for the following courses:

                      Hist 3152H - Middle East from Imperialism to Independence
                      Th 3001 -Theatre Scene Painting Studio
                      Phil 1121 - Inroduction to Philosophy of Religion
                      Phil 2131 - Introduction to Philosophy of Science
                      Phil 2150 - Introductory Topics in Philosophy
                      Phil 4121 - Philosophy of Lnaguage
                      Phil 1111 - Philosophical Skills
                      Phil 2112 - Professional Ethics
                      Mus 1101 - Music Theory I
                      Mus 1102 - Music Theory II
                      Mus 1103 - Core Studies I: Keyboard Proficiency Lab I
                      Mus 1104 - Core Studies I: Keyboard Proficiency Lab II
                      Mus 2101 - Music Theory III
                      Mus 2102 - Music Theory IV
                      Mus 2103 - Core Studies II: Keyboard Proficiency Lab III
                      Mus 2104 - Core Studies II: Keyboard/Comp. Prof. Lab IV
                      Mus 1042 - Fundamentals of Music

     VOTE:   Unanimous in favor   (10-0-0)

Meeting adjourned 10:50 a.m.
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