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FOR 1999-2000

The Curriculum Committee (CC) held 10 regular meetings during the academic year 1999-00.  There were five (5) meetings during fall semester, and five (5) meetings during spring semester.


Educational Development Program (EDP): Korth reported that Schuman has agreed to increase the EDP fund to $10,000, but that the 1999-2000 fund will remain at $7,500.  EDP grant recipients that received an award in spring 1999 actually received 1999-2000 funds.  Therefore, the grants the CC awards in 1999-2000 are actually from the 2000-2001 fiscal year.  Korth reported a difficulty in tracking EDP funds through the years, so the recommendation was made that the CC contact the recipients to see how much they have received of their awarded grants.

The CC discussed the use of EDP funds for equipment purchases.  It was noted that some projects could not occur without equipment purchases.  Note was made of the requirement in the guidelines to justify the need for equipment purchases and documentation of attempts to purchase the equipment through other means. 

Passed: To substitute the last two sentences of the second paragraph in the EDP solicitation letter to read, "Requests that include the acquisition of equipment must clearly justify that acquisition as essential to a curricular development project."

EDP Subcommittee members for 1999-2000 are Jillian Evans, Fred Farrell, and Bart Finzel (chair).

University College Semester Catalog Copy: The CC discussed the UC course catalog, specifically what determined if a course is to be listed in the UC.

Clarification of Foreign Language Requirement: The CC discussed the lack of clarity in the foreign language requirement statement in the current catalog.  The statement should be changed to make it clear that the two foreign language courses must be in a single language.

Passed: To revise the foreign language statement on page 56 of the catalog as follows:
1. General Education Requirements
II. Skills for the Liberal Arts
B. Foreign Languages (FL) - Two courses in a single language.

Assessment of Student Learning Committee:  Korth reported that Vicky Demos, chair of the Assessment of Student Learning Committee (ASLC), was in the process of organizing a joint subcommittee of ASLC and the CC.  Mike Korth and Christy Kolle volunteered to serve on this subcommittee.

UC Courses and The UMM Tuition Band: The CC discussed the UMM tuition band and the occasional UC course that is included in this band.  UC courses that are included in the UMM tuition band are included because they are aimed at regular UMM day school students.  A UC course would also be included in the tuition band if UMM requested that UC offer a particular course.  The goal is to provide needed courses for the day school students without the students being disadvantaged.  The Web and all future course catalogs will state whether or not a course is included in the UMM tuition band.

A-F and/or S-N Grading Options: The CC discussed issues regarding A-F or S-N grading. Was the S-N grading option exploited by some students, allowing them to exert less effort in their coursework?

Another issue was whether Honors courses and courses in programs such as education should be required to be A-F only.  The committee decided it was important to have the S-N option for the students since not all students taking an Honors class, for example, are in the Honors program. 

Another question was whether the revised Form C was causing some faculty members to check "A-F only" as the default option since "A-F only" is the first option listed.  The CC discussed methods to clarify the grading options on the form.  The decision was made to accumulate suggestions for the form, revising the form only if evidence shows improvements were needed.

Honors Form Delta:  Matt Senior, Honors Program Director, introduced a form used on the Twin Cities campus whereby a student could request that a regular class be counted as an Honors course with extra effort agreed upon by the instructor and the Honors Program Director.  Senior noted that UMM had a similar, albiet rarely used form, in existence, but the form had never been approved by the CC.  He was present to inform the CC of the existence of the form and to seek formal approval. 

Passed: To endorse a process whereby a student can petition to have a maximum of one regular course designated as an honors course subject to instructor and Honors Program Director approval.  This process will be in effect through spring 2001, at which time the Honors Program Director will report to the Curriculum Committee on the usage of the process.

Fall Semester Curriculum Proposals

Passed: To approve Ed 1111-UC: Introduction to Deaf Education.
Passed: To approve the computer science course proposals for CSci 1001-Introduction to Computer Science; CSci 1211-Introduction to Problem Solving with Java; CSci 1301-Problem Solving and Algorithm Development I; CSci 1302-Problem Solving and Algorithm Development II; CSci 3901- Seminar,
Passed: To approve the following curricular change proposals for economics, history, management, psychology, sociology/anthropology, UC/ElEd, and UC/SeEd:

Economics Form B
Economics Form Cs:
Econ 3111 and Econ 3112 - Money and Financial Markets, Money and Banking (delete the courses.)
Econ 3113 - Money, Banking, and Financial Markets (add course)
Econ 3121 and Econ 3122 - Public Economics I and II (switch course descriptions.)
Econ 3132 - Honors: Comparative Economic Systems (add Honors version)

History Form B
History Form Cs:

Hist 0101 - Competence Evaluation (delete the course.)
Hist 3454 - Honors: Minnesota History (add Honors version.)

Management Form A (add course to the major.)
Management Form B
Management Form C:

Mgmt 4896 - Internship

Psychology Form Cs:

Psy 1052 - Honors: Introduction to Psychology (add Honors course.)
Psy 1061 - Introduction to the Development of the Child and Adolescent (add prerequisites.)

Anthropology/Sociology Form Cs:

Anth 2303/Soc 2303 - Honors: Women in Latin America (Add Honors course.)
Anth 2402 - Variable Topics in American Indian Cultures and Societies: American Indian Ethnography (add course.)
Anth 2403 - Variable Topics in American Indian Cultures and Societies: American Indians in the Cinema (add course.)

Division of Education Form Cs:

SeEd 4205 - Directed Student Teaching in the Secondary School (add A-F graded version.)
ElEd 4205 - Directed Student Teaching in the Elementary School (add A-F graded version.)
Passed: That the CC approve the courses, but request IS 3010-UC: Intersession in Russia to complete the assessment portion before the course proposal is forwarded to Campus Assembly.  Also, the CC requests that IS 2101 - UC: Geology and theHuman Experience in the American Southwest submit a statement to indicate if the course is a three-week course or simply a ten to fourteen-day field trip.  In addition, a note should be sent to all the instructors that the CC is concerned about the quality of proposed Intersession courses. The courses approved are as follows:
IS 2101 - UC: Geology and the Human Experience in the American Southwest
IS 3010 - UC: UMM Intersession in Russia
IS 3020 - UC: Italy and Austria: Brunnenburg and Beyond
IS 3110 - UC: Applied Field Project: Center for Small Towns
Pol 3461 - UC: Diplomatic Negotiations
Psy 2401 - UC: Stimulating Infant Development
Passed: To approve the curricular change forms for Engl 1107 - Variable Topics in Literature: Novel into Film; Engl 3002 - Honors: Advanced Expository Writing;  Engl 4005 - Honors: British Fiction from 1900-1930; IS 1041-UC: Health Sciences Terminology; and Mus 3400 - Opera Workshop.


Reinstatement of "H" Suffix on Course Numbers: The decision to eliminate the "H" suffix on Honors courses in the semester course catalog has been reversed; UMM is now required to convert Honors course numbers to include the "H" suffix effective for fall 2000.  A course offered as honors and non-honors would be listed in the catalog twice.

Timelines and Procedures for New Catalog Production: Korth informed the CC that the deadline for the divisions to submit curricular changes for the next two-year catalog to the Curriculum Committee would be October 1, 2000.  The approval process must be completed by the end of October. 

Revision of the Form C: A subcommittee including Mike Korth, Bart Finzel, Todd Neuharth, and Nancy Mooney was formed to revise the Form C, eliminating what was perceived as excessive detail and including all the pertinent information needed for the catalog and institutional data records.  The subcommittee revised the forms and submitted them to the CC for approval.

Form A had no changes other than the elimination of the instructions previously imbedded in the form.  The subcommittee proposed that the CC ask for this form only in a year in which UMM is doing a catalog or if a new major is introduced.

Form B was changed to include the statement "Note: All changes become effective the fall semester following Campus Assembly approval."

Form C is now two forms, form NC and Form RC.  Much of the information needed on the new-course form is not needed on the revised course form.  The revised-course form has consequently been streamlined. There is room for five course revisions on one Form RC.  The hope is that several changes will be submitted on one form to reduce the paperwork.  The Form NC has been trimmed to a minimum of information with no repetition of requested information to the new version of the form.

Passed: To adopt the revised curricular change forms and instructions.

Discussion of Service Learning and IS 2021: The CC invited David Fluegel, Karen Ellis, Tom Mahoney, Anne Farrell, Engin Sungur, Carol McCannon, and Gary Donovan to discuss service learning and its place in the UMM curriculum.  Also invited, but unable to attend were Judy Kuechle, Roger McCannon, and Tom McRoberts. 

Service learning was described as being integrated with the course; it is not a course in and of itself.  It is designed to take the theory of the course work as taught in a classroom and apply that theory to a real world setting.

It was pointed out that the proposed course, IS 2021-UC: Service Learning and Mentoring, was not service learning per se, but was an education course designed to teach students the process of service learning.  It was decided that the intent of the course would be clearer if the course description were "analysis of service learning."  The course proposal was returned to the instructor for rewriting to reflect the new understanding of the course.

EDP Request for Proposals: The EDP subcommittee did not recommend a priority for use of the EDP funds this year.  The EDP subcommittee requested proposals be returned to the subcommittee by March 17 and planned to make their recommendations on awards to the CC at the March 22 meeting.

Passed: To endorse the EDP subcommittee proposal regarding EDP funds.

EDP Grants: There were four applications for EDP grants for the 2000-2001 academic year.  The EDP subcommittee recommended full funding of all four applications.  It was noted that two requests did not include the fringe benefit costs.

Passed: To add fringe benefits to two proposals and approve full funding of all four EDP requests.

UC Curriculum: Roger McCannon, Tom McRoberts, and Karen Ellis joined the CC for a discussion of the relationship between University College courses and the UMM curriculum.

Request for Endorsement of Accreditation Initiatives: Two accreditation processes will be taking place on the UMM campus during the 2000-2001 academic year, on e for the Teacher Education Program and one for the Athletic Training Education Program.  The CC was requested to support the accreditation process to aid in the work with the external agencies.

Passed: To endorse the two accreditation activities.

Spring Semester Curricular Proposals:

Passed: To approve the curricular change forms A and B for ElEd and SeEd, which would allow students to substitute an in-depth alternative to Psy 1061, namely, Psy 3401 and 3402 (both would be required in a substitution).
Passed: To table the permanent application for IS 2021-UC: Service Learning and Mentoring until discussion has been held with appropriate guests regarding service learning and its place in the UMM curriculum.
Passed: To send IS 2021-UC: Service Learning and Mentoring back to Judy Kuechle to rewrite to conform to the new understanding of service learning.
Passed: To send WSS 1200 - Variable Topics in Wellness Skills course proposal back for rationale for the increase in credit allocation.
Passed: To approve the GER designations and the prerequisites for the following topics courses:
Anth2404-Introduction to the Peoples of North America
Anth 2405-American Indian Education
Biol 4001-Developmental Biology
Biol 4002-Freshwater Biology
Econ 3002-Urban and Regional EconomicsII
Hist 3302-African American History to 1865
Hist 3357-African American History since 1865
Hist 3455-Immigration
Hum 1054-Greek Myth in Literature
Passed: To approve the curricular change forms for the following courses:
Hist 3152H - Middle East from Imperialism to Independence
Th 3001 -Theatre Scene Painting Studio
Phil 1121 - Inroduction to Philosophy of Religion
Phil 2131 - Introduction to Philosophy of Science
Phil 2150 - Introductory Topics in Philosophy
Phil 4121 - Philosophy of Lnaguage
Phil 1111 - Philosophical Skills
Phil 2112 - Professional Ethics
Mus 1101 - Music Theory I
Mus 1102 - Music Theory II
Mus 1103 - Core Studies I: Keyboard Proficiency Lab I
Mus 1104 - Core Studies I: Keyboard Proficiency Lab II
Mus 2101 - Music Theory III
Mus 2102 - Music Theory IV
Mus 2103 - Core Studies II: Keyboard Proficiency Lab III
Mus 2104 - Core Studies II: Keyboard/Comp. Prof. Lab IV
Mus 1042 - Fundamentals of Music
Passed: To approve Geol 2301 - UC: Geology of Minnesota.

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