A.1. I am a year student.

A.2. I am a member of the racial/ethnic group .

A.3. Do you know the name of your adviser?


A.4. Have you met with him/her?


A.5. How often?

A.6. What is(are) your major(s)?

A.7. What is(are) your minor(s)?

A.8. How many times have you changed your adviser?

A.9. How many times have you changed your major?



B.1. As a UMM student, from whom did you receive the most valuable advice on

• course selection

• degree planning

• directed study

• internships

• Morris Academic Partners/Morris Administrative Internships

• study abroad

• teaching assistant


• independent research projects

• appropriate careers

• graduate school

Your current adviser:

C.1. Is consistently available and on time for appointments with you.

C.2. Keeps regular and adequate office hours.

C.3. Takes time to become acquainted with you personally.

C.4. Is a person with whom you have a beneficial relationship.

C.5. Discusses your academic goals and progress toward these goals with you.

C.6. Provides you with the information you need.

C.7. Appears to have an interest in your academic performance.

C.8. Keeps you up-to-date on change in your course of study.

C.9. Refers you, when necessary, to the proper college representative, administrative staff member, or counselor.


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