Cover Memo on Assessment of Students' Learning Planning Exercise and Survey


To: UMM Faculty
From: Task Force on the Assessment of Student Learning
Subject: Assessment of Students' Learning Planning Exercise and Survey
Date: December 9, 1996

Please review the attached questionnaire and, with your discipline/program colleagues, complete as much of it as possible by January 17, 1997. In doing so, please consider the "unit" to be your discipline's major program. On January 17 return whatever you have completed to Bert Ahern, Chair of the Task Force.

In keeping with the proposed plan for assessing student learning, all academic programs will articulate the learning goals which they have for their students and a process for determining how well students are meeting those goals. At this time, we need all disciplines to offer preliminary statements of their assessment approach. The attached questionnaire provides a vehicle for that purpose. On the last page of the questionnaire you will find a description of "Areas of Assessment and Examples of the Applicable Assessment Instruments" and guidelines to assist you in that process. In addition we encourage you to refer to the Proposed Plan of Assessment [Campus Assembly agenda, 11.18.96] and the two documents from the North Central Association distributed by Dean Schuman on October 25, 1996.

We recognize that the deadline for this exercise is tight. At the same time, you are already giving attention to some version of these questions as you are completing your proposals for the semester conversion. Moreover, you will have ample opportunity to refine and elaborate your plan as our work continues.

Your completion of this form will serve several ends. Most generally, it will help assure that the UMM Assessment approach reflects widespread faculty involvement. Additionally, by informing the Task Force of current practices at the discipline level, it will assist the development of an effective set of guidelines for program assessment. You will gain a bit more of a familiarity with the vocabulary and parameters of student learning assessment. Your Responses will inform both the Task Force and the Campus Assembly in its direction about the overall Assessment plan. Some programs will be able to complete the questionnaire with some confidence and, thus, present examples to others of how to approach assessment.

We thank you in advance for your assistance in this challenging and important task. If you have any questions and concerns please contact Engin Sungur (Interim Director of Assessment), Bert Ahern (Chair of the Task Force) or other members of the Task Force (Eric Bass, Eric Bauer, Edith Borchardt, Jim Cotter, Nat Hart, Tom Johnson, Carol Marxen or Sam Schuman).

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