Assessment of Student Learning

October 23, 1997
To:Andy Lopez, Chair

Campus Resources and Planning Committee

From:Bert Ahern, Chair

Assessment of Student Learning Committee

Subject:Agenda items re: assessment of student learning

The Assessment of Student Learning Committee would like to propose two items for your agenda:

Mission Statement:

Last year, in the process of developing discipline plans for assessing student learning, we sent a survey to the faculty. One item asked the disciplines to "describe how our unit mission/goals relate to the institutional mission." Several disciplines responded indicating that the current mission statement did not include adequate attention to student learning. Upon review of the mission statement this committee concurs. Since the mission statement falls within the purview of the Campus Resources and Planning Committee, we request that your committee revise the statement to include attention to student learning.

Planning/Resource Allocation and Assessment of Student Learning:

The UMM Assessment of Student Learning Plan asserts that planning and resource allocation will reflect assessments of student learning. To that end, we recommend that the Campus Resources and Planning Committee explicitly address the manner in which planning and resource allocation decisions will incorporate assessment results. For example, the committee might decide to say that all relevant proposals must include a statement about how they incorporate results from the assessment of student learning.

Thank you for your attention to these items. This committee stands prepared to assist you as you deem appropriate.

Wilbert H. Ahern

Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of History

University of Minnesota, Morris

4th and College

Morris, MN 56267

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