TO:Dean Sam Schuman, Chair

Curriculum Committee

FROM:Assessment of Student Learning Committee
DATE:October 27, 1997
SUBJECT:Assessment of General Education Program

The UMM Plan for the Assessment of Student Learning includes the following procedure for the assessment of the general education program: "...To ensure that the general education assessment plan is developed and owned by the faculty, approved general education learning objectives will be sent to the individual units and faculty in charge of teaching general education courses in each area and these units will be asked to elaborate learning objectives, produce expected outcomes, and suggest appropriate assessment methods and tools. The input from individual units will be integrated and analyzed by the General Education Committee. The (Assessment of Student Learning Committee) will work closely with the General Education committee. Since the UMM is in the process of switching to the semester system in the fall of 1999, learning objectives which will continue to exist and those that are not currently in place (but eventually to be implemented) will be included in the assessment areas."

To proceed with the approved plan, the Assessment of Student Learning Committee is seeking your control and input over the proposed process. This committee respects your judgment in determining the most appropriate way to involve the faculty in shaping expected outcomes and assessment methods for the learning objectives of the General Education component. For some components, for which the faculty are diverse, for example, you might wish to propose expected outcomes and assessment methods seeking their modification and approval, as opposed to asking them to start from scratch. We would also observe that assessment is an evolving system and that your committee might wish to focus on those components which you judge to be of highest priority and/or most susceptible to effective assessment.

Thank you for your attention to this request. This committee stands ready to assist you in this important task.

Wilbert H. Ahern

Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of History

University of Minnesota, Morris

4th and College

Morris, MN 56267

(320) 589-6183

Fax (320) 589-6117