Assessment of General Education 2009

The 2009 General Education Survey was conducted online from February 16 through March 6, 2009. Of the 290 graduating seniors who were invited to take the survey, 102 completed the survey for a response rate of 35.2%.

General Education Survey Assessment Documents:

2009 General Education Survey Trends Report (PDF doc)

The General Education Survey asks student respondents to rate their level of achievement of each general education requirement and also to rate the importance of that learning objective to their education. Specifically, the above report looks at Spring 2009 and 2002-2009 Trends in:
  • Student Scores by Gen Ed Category

  • Student Scores by the Division of the Major

  • Student Scores by Years Spent at UMM

  • Student Scores by Number of Foreign Language Courses Taken at UMM

Frequency reports and comments for Gen Ed Surveys are linked below:


If you are interested in further details about the General Education surveys, please contact Nancy Helsper at 320-589-6012 or

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