of Student Learning

Assessment of Student Learning

University of Minnesota

DATE: February 14, 2003
SUBJECT: Assessment of Student Learning Committee Minutes
PRESENT: Dian Lopez (Chair), Katherine Benson, Stephen Burks, Nancy Helsper, Tim O'Keefe, Michelle Page, Rujira Rojjanaprapayon, Tim Soderberg, Sara Black, and Chris Heuther
ABSENT: Stephen Burks,

Lopez called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM in the Prairie Lounge.

Lopez asked for comments or approval of the ASL minutes dated 1/24/03. Both Helsper and Benson noted corrections in the GenEd section of the minutes. Motion by O'Keefe to approve the amended minutes, unanimously approved.

Lopez asked for additions or approval of the agenda. The agenda was approved as stands.

Lopez said that their TEL committee (including Dian Lopez, Kathy Benson, and Jenifer Cushman) is considering writing a grant to develop assessment tools on the web to help with course assessment. Lopez said that they learned of this grant just a few days ago. Michelle Page will also help with the grant.

Sub-committee Reports

Discipline Assessment
Soderberg reported that they met 2 weeks ago. Soderberg said that their goal was to have e-mail sent out by Lopez requesting assessment results of capstone courses by the week of finals. Lopez reported that the e-mail has not gone out because she wanted to wait until the examples were posted on the web.  Soderberg reported that examples from Computing Science, Chemistry, Elementary and Secondary Education would be posted to the web. Helsper said that she would be able to post this information next week. Helper distributed a list indicating which Disciplines have submitted assessment reports and capstone projects for 2002-03. The committee discussed the e-mail that Lopez will send out, Burks requested a change be made. Lopez said that if everyone submits a paragraph, it would be a good start for the disciplines. O'Keefe said that we should give concrete examples on what we are looking for. The committee discussed the location of this information on the web page. Helsper reported that the GenEd report would be posted after the Curriculum Committee is finished with it.

General Education
Helsper reported that the on-line survey instrument has been written. The survey will open next Tuesday, February 18 and run through March 7th. She said that she asked Grussing for the $5.00 incentive (UMM bookstore coupon) and it was approved. Helsper reported that this year the Registrar's office requested that the students not bring their confirmation page to their office for the coupon, that the student should go directly to the bookstore. She said, because of this request, a change was made. Helsper said a password is required by the Twin cities, the student's name is printed in the page URL, and said that the coupon would be printed directly on their confirmation page. Page questioned who would keep track of the students receiving the coupons. Lopez said that the bookstore should be given a list of what information to look for, so duplicate coupons were not issued. It was noted that Helsper has a list of the seniors, and that a master list will be made available for the bookstore to be used as a checklist.

Web Page
Helsper distributed copies of pages from the current ASL web site. O'Keefe commented that it is a great improvement.  Helsper asked if we should be asking the Disciplines for updated Assessment Plans, noting revisions were made to some in 2000.  Lopez said that we should first get the results, and next year can talk about updating the assessment plans. O'Keefe noted that we do not want outdated plans on the web, it is better not to have information posted, rather than information that is obsolete. It was discussed whether or not the old plans should be eliminated on the web, Burks suggested that this be moved to Unit Assessment Plan History. Helsper suggested unlinking the outdated plans and post only the results for now. Other web pages were discussed, and changes made. Helsper noted that committees are listed on the assessment page, and questioned if committees were to be assessed. It was agreed that the Committee box should be removed from the web page. Methods and Tools was discussed, Lopez noted that this is a good summary and it can be updated in the fall. Helsper said that the results of the GenEd 2001 survey would not be posted to the web because the report was incomplete. It was decided that the GenEd 2001 survey should be listed on the web as a pilot program and noted that the results were not released. Helsper said the results of the GenEd Survey 2002 will be posted after the Curriculum Committee has finished with it. Helsper said that some of the results would have to be scanned for the web page because not all were received electronically. Helsper reported that the web page background color for the assessment plans has been changed.

UMM Survey Working Group
Lopez asked Helsper to report on the UMM Survey Working Group that has been formed. Helsper send that this working group will monitor institutional surveys, will make sure there are no duplications, and that the surveys are happening on schedule, and compare results. Helsper said that they would be receiving a report from NSSE.

NCA Report
The committee began discussing the NCA report, noting that a progress report is due at the NCA office on July 1, 2005. Helsper said that the NCA report should be put on the top of the agenda for the next meeting. She said that our discussion should begin on page 32 and should go through the report line by line. Lopez said that in the report to the NCA, we should make sure each question is answered. Lopez said our goal for 2005 is to have a report from all disciplines. Helsper noted that the reports should be mandated by the Dean for those Disciplines not complying.

Lopez said the agenda for the next meeting; Friday, March 21 will be discussion of the NCA report.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson