of Student Learning

Assessment of Student Learning

University of Minnesota, Morris

DATE: March 21, 2003
SUBJECT:  Assessment of Student Learning Committee Minutes
PRESENT: Dian Lopez (Chair), Nancy Helsper, Tim O'Keefe, Michelle Page, Rujira Rojjanaprapayon and Tim Soderberg
ABSENT: Katherine Benson, Stephen Burks, Sarah Black and Chris Huether

Lopez called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM in the Prairie Lounge.

Lopez asked for comments or approval of the ASL minutes dated 2/14/03 Motion: O'Keefe/Page. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Lopez reported that they (Lopez, Benson, and Page) are working on a grant for assessment, noting that this grant is coming from a technology group. She said she would be meeting on Monday with Roger Wareham. She said the initial funding would be for developing pilot programs and technology-enhanced assessment tools for the campus. Lopez said that the grant, if approved, would be very beneficial to the campus. Lopez will keep the committee apprised of the progress.

Sub-committee reports

General Education

Helpser reported that the 2003 GenEd surveys are completed with a 57.4% response rate. She said there were 182 completed surveys out of a possible 317. More will be reported after the IRR in the Twin Cities completes the report.

Helsper said that the Curriculum committee would meet next week to discuss the 2002 GenEd Survey report.

Web Page
Helsper reported that all discipline assessment reports are loaded, noting that she has received 50% or less of the reports from disciplines. Helsper noted that she has received the Advising report for 2003, and also reported that campus wide surveys and assessment have been loaded with new results. Helsper said that the GenEd 2002 report would be loaded on the web after the Curriculum committee has reviewed the results.

Helsper discussed with the committee the NSSE survey. Sandy Olson-Loy will be invited to the ASL meeting on April 18 to make the NSSE Report presentation. Helsper said that they plan to participate every other year in the NSSE survey to see the comparison.

Helsper said that she had a request for the Assessment Report 1998, noting that she has only one copy on file. She questioned if the report should be posted on the web page. After discussion, it was decided that this report should not be posted to the web site, but that committee members should be aware of the URL and have access to it. Helsper will e-mail committee members with the URL.  Page commended Helsper for all the fine work that she has done for assessment, Lopez added that the ASL web site is very impressive.

Discipline Assessment Soderberg reported that the sub-committee has not met since the last ASL meeting. He said that notifications have been sent out requesting assessment results in the spring. He also noted that several samples have been posted to the web.

Lopez said that a reminder for assessment reports would be sent to the Discipline Coordinators in the next few weeks.  Some suggestions for the memo included:

  1. Stating that we are collecting data and ask for any suggestions they have for making improvements to their discipline for next year.
  2. Send reminder to the discipline assessment person identified in earlier e-mails.

Helsper suggested contacting the Division Chairs for the names of the assessment person in each discipline.

Committee members discussed who would review the assessment results. Helsper replied that the Assessment Committee, the Curriculum Committee or both should review the assessment results.

NCA Report
The committee members discussed the NCA 2000 report, and what changes could be made. Some comments included:

  1. O'Keefe suggested as part of our unit report that the units modify their curriculum to meet their assessment objectives.
  2. Page said a good source of data would be from Discipline meetings. She suggested minutes or documentation of these meeting be kept, noting that these meeting would offer valuable information.
  3. Capstone reports, do certain goals meet its function?
  4. Soderberg said that for now, each discipline is evaluating at least one course and what changes are being made to it.

Helsper said that a list should be made of everything that needs to be done for the NCA 2005 report. She said this list would be used as a checklist; 1) what work has been done, 2) what needs to be addressed, and start working on it. Helsper and Lopez will meet to make a list of what needs to be done for the NCA 2005 report; this list will be distributed to committee members for ideas and suggestions. Lopez noted that the review list could be done by e-mail.

The next meeting will be April 18, 8:00 - 9:00 AM in the Prairie Lounge. The agenda item will include the NSSE Report Presentation.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson