Friday, April 16, 2004
Assessment of Student Leaning Committee Minutes
Katherine Benson (Chair), Stephen Burks, Nancy Helsper, Tim Lindberg, and Michael O'Reilly
James Hall, Paul Myers, Dwight Purdy, Ray Sibul, and Jessie Hass

Benson called the meeting to order at 9:45 AM in the Humanities Conference room #112, noting that there is not a quorum.

Benson asked for corrections, additions, or approval of the ASL Minutes 03/05/04 . Benson and Helpser noted corrections to the minutes. Motion to approve the minutes as amended (Lindberg/Burks). Minutes unanimously approved as amended.


Benson congratulated Tim Lindberg; he has been elected as President of the MCSA.

GRE SCORES - Approval of Draft letter (Benson)

Benson said she has contacted Dean Schwaller requesting the MCAT and LSAT reports. She distributed copies of the cover letter that will be sent to the faculty today and asked for comments or suggestions. Committee member reviewed the draft memo; changes noted. Benson will amend the memo and send to facpa today.

Discipline Report Discussion

Benson discussed the discipline reports on the Assessment Web page. She reviewed each Discipline and noted whether the discipline report was completed. Benson said many disciplines have made progress, some reports are complete, and others will be finished in early summer. She said she would contact the Geology Discipline to confirm that the report on the web is the current report. [It is. KAB]

Helsper distributed a preliminary report on the Spring 2004 GenEd Survey. She noted that the response rate was low. Burks questioned if moving the survey date had an effect on why there was a 12% lower response rate. Benson also noted there was no money incentive for the survey, as in the past years. One member commented that the lower response rate could be due to the fact there are so many surveys in the spring, or the fact there was no incentive to complete the survey. Burks is more inclined to believe it was attributed to the fact that there was no incentive offered. Burks commented the incentive should be brought back for next year's survey. Helsper said because of the budget cutback, it is unlikely that the incentive will be restored. Helsper said completion of the survey could be required for graduation. Helsper said students have commented that the 60-question survey is too long, and suggested developing a set of core questions. These questions could be rotated from year to year. Helsper said Dean Schwaller would write the report due to NCA in 2005. She suggested that we have one more year of complete questions for the survey and after the report is written and accepted by the NCA, we could begin rotating 20 core questions each year. The committee agreed to drop the 2001 survey results from report because of the small response rate and the fact that the sample was not representative, in all likelihood. Helsper said she would work on the report this summer and present it to the GenEd Sub-committee in the fall to determine if questions should be changed. Members discussed the summary of scores, and what should be done to raise awareness of International Programs. One member asked how different Majors affect International Programs. Discussion followed. Burks noted two areas to be addressed: 1) Students undervalue the importance of Liberal Education in general and more specifically the Liberal Education outside of their majors, 2) Students place especially low importance on the International Perspectives and Foreign Language categories of the GER.

Members discussed the problem of scheduling meetings, and it was noted that it was impossible for all members to meet due to conflicts this year. It was agreed that Benson would draft a letter to the Curriculum Committee addressing the Liberal Arts issues, as well as the issue of scheduling meetings. Benson will also include the Spring 2004 GenEd Report with the memo. Copies of the preliminary results of the Spring 2004 GenEd Survey will be sent to members not in attendance at today's meeting.

Benson recognized Helsper and Pederson for the work they did for the committee this year. The ASL meeting scheduled for April 28 is cancelled.

Meeting adjourned at 11:10 AM .

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson