of Student Learning

Assessment of Student Learning

University of Minnesota, Morris

DATE:  May 3, 2002
SUBJECT:  Assessment of Student Learning Committee Minutes
PRESENT: Dian Lopez (Chair), Tim Soderberg, Stephen Burks, and Nancy Mooney
ABSENT: Tom Johnson, Tim O'Keefe, John Schwaller, Michelle Page, Nick Maxwell, and Grant Noland

The Assessment of Student Learning committee meeting began at 5:00 PM in the Prairie Lounge.  Lopez said that the purpose of this meeting was to brainstorm on what we can do, and what we can accomplish next year.

Lopez asked for corrections or approval of the ASL minutes dated 4/16/02. Two corrections were noted. The minutes were approved pending the corrections to the minutes.

Lopez summarized with the committee the Assembly Meeting in regards to the Student Opinion of Teachers Survey (SOTS). Lopez also noted that there was concern raised about the ratio of 4 faculty and 2 students to write the additional questions for the student evaluation survey. It was suggested that the working group should consist of 4 faculty and 4 students, one from each discipline to write the questions. Lopez said that the material presented at the Assembly meeting was for informational purpose only, nothing was passed - it will be brought up for a vote next year.

Soderberg questioned the status of the electronic web survey. Mooney said because there was a poor response, Schwaller doesn't want to do it again at this time. Burks suggested that we make it mandatory, but have a box that the student could check to opt out of the survey. It was suggested that the survey could be done with the same Professors and same classes as before. Mooney noted that there is an up-front charge each time we change the form for scantron. Lopez said that with the suggestions we have, she feels that the SOTS are ready to use, Mooney noted that it is not approved yet.

Assessment of Discipline Report
Lopez reported that slightly over half of the reports are back which target on how Senior Seminar, Research, and Capstone Projects are assessed. She noted that some are small reports now, but bigger reports will be received in the fall from the Disciplines. Mooney suggested that the better responses from a couple of Disciplines should be put on the web, and said that she could compile this information during the summer. Lopez said that she would collect the information and suggest how it could be put on the web to show the results of the assessment report. Lopez said that assessment is very individual, it indicates how well the discipline is doing and how it can improve. Lopez said that we have a good start.

Lopez said that an end of the year report is due from the Assessment Committee, noting that she will meet with Mooney and Pederson to write the report later this summer.

GenEd Survey
Mooney said that today was the last day of the GenEd Survey, noting that there were 287 invitations to complete the survey. At present, there are 137 completed surveys, a 48% response rate. Mooney said that many of the students got hit with 3-4 surveys to complete, Mooney suggested that the survey could be done at a different time, maybe mid-February or early March. Lopez questioned if it is necessary to do the other surveys every year. Mooney said that they have a survey schedule, they do have some control of the surveys that are to be administered, but also noted that some surveys just pop up. Mooney noted that it is too easy to do a survey on the web without checking with someone. She said Schuman had notified the campus that surveys are to be cleared with Mooney before they are administered, but that is not happening.

Lopez said that the committee has accomplished quite a lot this year, and that the major goal for next year would be Unit Assessment. The committee agreed that the goal for next year should be to receive a 75% response rate on the Unit Assessment report, and discussed what should be done with the report. Lopez said that our job is to:

Mooney questioned who is responsible to oversee the assessment in the Disciplines. Lopez replied that there is now a person assigned to assessment in each discipline. Lopez said that the Disciplines all have goals in place, i.e. senior cap-stone/research projects. She said that we are doing alot, and that we should have more reports by the time the report is due in 3 years.

Burks asked it the results of last year's GRE could be ordered? Mooney said that there is a cost of approximately $75 for the report, the report says who is included, and that one copy has been ordered. It was questioned if there was an electronic database for the report, Mooney said that the order form did not indicate an electronic database.

It was decided that the agenda for next year should include:

  1. Continue with the GRE and campus-wide assessment outcomes, look at books/articles/web.
  2. Unit Assessment - Assess our assessment. See what we are doing, how can we do better.
  3. Assess our entire assessment program, make it better - look at all results.
  4. GenEd - Organize Results

Mooney will send results of the GenEd survey to the committee members. Lopez said that copies of the re-sults should be brought to the first meeting in the fall to compare results from the survey done in the previous year. Mooney noted that there was some coding problems with the first survey and that some answers were not recorded.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson