of Student Learning

Friday, October 28, 2005
Assessment of Student Learning Committee Minutes
Katherine Benson (Chair), Nancy Helsper, Donna Chollett, James Togeas, Nathan Swanson and Cassie McMahon,
Paul Myers, Matt Senior and Mark Fohl

Benson called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM in the Student Activities Conference Room and asked for a brief introduction of all ASL committee members.

Benson distributed a copy of the UMM Campus Assembly Membership and Powers of the ASL Committee to the members, and read through the document. It was noted that one additional member will be named to the committee at the next Executive meeting in November.

A power point presentation “An approach to problem solving” was presented by Benson. Her presentation was based on the book, Leadership Without Easy Answers by Ronald A. Heifetz. Benson said she thought Heifetz's approach is very helpful. She said the charge of the ASL is to oversee the assessment of student learning at UMM; assessment will reveal problems for which we will try to find solutions, and Heifetz presents a framework for viewing problems and solutions.

Benson discussed the duties of each sub-committee, noting reports from all Disciplines have been received and are posted on the ASL website. The following subcommittees have been formed, with first reports from all sub-committees due on December 2.

GenEd/Importance of Liberal Arts Sub-committee
Members will include: Nancy Helsper (convener), Paul Myers and James Togeas

NSSE/Survey Results Sub-Committee
Members will include: Katherine Benson (convener), Nancy Helsper and Cassie McMahon

Discipline Assessment Sub-Committee
Members will include: Donna Chollett (convener), Nathan Swanson and Matt Senior

Spring Semester ASL Meetings
Benson requested committee members to submit spring schedules to Pederson at the Faculty Center

Benson said Mark Fohl and the committee member (TBA) will be assigned to a sub-committee at a future ASL meeting.

NCA Report
Members reviewed the NCA report prepared and submitted by Benson. Helsper noted items that needed revisions, Benson said she will clarify the information and make the needed corrections. Helsper said UMM has received a response from NCA; but does not have access to the report until it is reviewed by the Chancellor. She did, however, inform the committee of a few comments in the letter from NCA. Helsper said NCA has accepted the report, but said an additional report is due November 1, 2007 with examples that include data points. Benson asked for approval of the NCA report as amended. Motion (Swanson/Chollett) to approve the NCA Report as amended; unanimously carried.

ASL Website
Helsper is updating the ASL website using the templates and would like members to review the website and send comments to her. Helsper will send the URL link to both the new website and old website to ASL members for review and comments.

ASL Minutes 4/04/05
Benson asked for corrections or additions to the ASL Minutes dated April 4, 2005. Helsper noted revisions to the minutes, members agreed to the changes. Motion: (Helsper/McMahon) to approve the minutes as amended; unanimously carried.

The ASL will meet on Friday, November 4 and Friday, December 2 at 4:00 PM in the Prairie Lounge.

Meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM.

Submitted by:
Linda Pederson