of Student Learning

November 4, 2005
SUBJECT: Assessment of Student Learning Committee Minutes
PRESENT: Katherine Benson (Chair), Donna Chollett, Mark Fohl, James Togeas, Nathan Swanson and Cassie McMahon
ABSENT: Nancy Helsper, Paul Myers and Matt Senior

Benson called the ASL meeting to order at 4:00 PM in the Prairie Lounge.

Benson asked for corrections or additions to the ASL Minutes dated October 28, 2005. Benson noted a revision to the minutes. Motion: (Swanson/Togeas) to approve the minutes as amended; unanimously carried.

Mark Fohl will serve on the GenEd/Importance of Liberal Arts Sub-Committee.

Benson requested members to submit their spring 2006 semester schedules to Pederson; meeting time/dates determined at the next meeting.

The committee discussed the remaining agenda items from the October 28 meeting.

NCA Report
The NCA report was discussed and approved at the October 28 meeting with revisions. Benson discussed the letter with the committee. A progress report is due to NCA November 1, 2007. The assigned task for the Discipline Assessment subcommittee is to find out which disciplines have exact data, and to prompt other disciplines for exact data and submit it to the ASL. Benson believes the NCA wants data from all disciplines. Members discussed if accessing examples is available from other schools; Benson noted she has a link, Middle States Commission on Higher Education: Best Practice on Outcomes Assessment on her website; the URL is Benson noted the Higher Learning Commission assesses UMM. Chollett will contact NCA (Barbara Pollard Taylor) and ask if examples are available on their site. It is a consensus to amend the NCA report, but not to submit it to NCA ourselves.

NSSE Report
Benson discussed the results of the NSSE report with the committee. Some areas of concern included how much time students spend on homework and written papers. Benson said the Heifetz approach could be used to determine whether it is a technical or adaptive problem. Benson noted that 40% of seniors and freshman completed the survey; some results have fallen compared to the 2002 NSSE results, although in some areas we excel. Students will take the survey in April, 2006.

Benson distributed copies of the Institutional Benchmark Report, November 2004, to members for review and discussion, highlighting issues and concerns of the report.

“Liberal-Arts Importance” Issue and General Education

Discipline Assessment
All disciplines have reports filed; the data vary. The task for the Discipline Assessment committee is to find examples in Science and Arts.


The ASL Committee will meet Friday, December 2, 2005 in the Prairie Lounge, 4:00-5:00 PM.

Motion (Swanson) to adjourn the meeting at 4:50 PM.

Submitted by:
Linda Pederson