DATE: Wednesday, April 26, 2000

4:45 PM in the Behmler Conference Room

SUBJECT: Assessment of Student Learning Committee Minutes


PRESENT: Vicky Demos (Chair), Tim O'Keefe, Engin Sungur, Nathan Thooft , Eric Klinger

ABSENT: Stacey Parker Aronson, Michael Jones, Jacqueline Edmonson, Dian Lopez, Jenny Nellis


Vicky Demos began the meeting with announcements.

The ASL Minutes of 4/5/00 were distributed and approved.

Electronic Learning Profile/Portfolio Program

The committee discussed the Electronic Learning Profile/Portfolio pilot program. Committee members discussed what they experienced with viewing or creating a portfolio. O'Keefe stated that the portfolio was very easy to use, however, he felt that the portfolio contained too many links for so little information. He also stated that appearance is very important to the portfolio and it should be viewed as an HTML document, not viewed as in-put information as it is now.

Thooft created a portfolio, he felt it was very easy to use. He was concerned with who would be able to view it. As of now, the only University of Minnesota people have access. Thooft was also concerned about the amount of space allowed for the portfolio, and the length of time the portfolio will remain on the web after the student has graduated. In addition, he questioned whether or not companies will use it.

Klinger stated that it is impossible to edit one's documents from within the portfolio site. It is possible only to edit the information keyed into the information slots provided by the program. The "edit" button needs to clarify what can be edited.

The committee decided that an Electronic Learning Profile/Portfolio test group will be set up for next year. This group will consist of: Dian Lopez's - 2 common courses and 10 juniors who will be seniors in the coming academic year. With respect to the latter, specific disciplines will be asked to recommend juniors who may be interested in this program.

2000-01 ASL Committee

Dian Lopez will chair the 2000-01 ASL Committee. Committee members have been selected.

The committee discussed suggestions for next year's committee. They are:

Demos thanked all committee members for their valuable service to the committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 PM.